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    Follower Quote List by Coduan

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    -----------------------Unchained Blades: Follower Quotes-----------------------
    ---------------------------------By Andrew Lake--------------------------------
    I noticed that the Followers in Unchained Blades have certain things they say 
    after a battle, and giving the same response will always have the save result. 
    I started keeping track of the quotes and the results from the various 
    responses, and I thought other people might appreciate the information.
    There are four general responses to every statement. An exclamation mark 
    represents a response that shows surprise about what the Follower said. The 
    swirl that comes next represents an angry response to the comment. A heart 
    represents agreeing with the Follower and responding in a positive way (which 
    is not always the best choice). The water drops essentially represent being 
    struck speechless by what the Follower said. Each response has good results at 
    different times.
    Most frequently, you will get these Follower conversations following a battle. 
    However, there are also some conversations that occur when entering a town. You 
    will notice that neither table is complete, it just includes as much 
    information as I have been able to record so far.
    My original version of this chart is in Microsoft Excel. If you are interested 
    in that version of it, then email me and I would be glad to send it to you.
    Here are the abbreviations used in the tables for the various results:
    C^ : Character's CHA stat increased
    Cv : Character's CHA stat decreased
    M^ : Follower's Mood improved
    Mv : Follower's Mood worsened
    $  : Follower gives you money
    I  : Follower gives you a Brave Jewel
    ---: Follower makes a statement with no other changes
    ---Follower Quotes After a Battle---
                             Quote                            !   Swirl Heart Sweat
                             -----                          ----- ----- ----- -----
    >Yawn< Hmm. Maybe I slacked off a little too much that 
      battle.                                                 Mv    I   Cv/Mv   C^
    Aha ha ha! Winning sure is fun!                           C^    Mv    M^    Cv
    Ahn, I am a much better woman today.                      Cv    Mv    C^    I
    All items we find belong to you, Master.                  I     M^  Cv/Mv   Mv
    Augh! Enough thinking! Let me do what I want!             Mv    C^    Cv	
    Battle certainly lets me get some good exercise.          Mv    Cv    C^	
    Did you know I change my tactics depending on the 
      opponent?                                               M^    Cv    Mv    C^
    Do you like strong women?                                 Mv    M^    M^    Mv
    Even little kids have a lot of things they have to worry 
      about.                                                  M^    C^    Mv    Cv
    Everyone follows you faithfully, master.                  Mv    I     C^    Mv
    Everyone, please protect me!                              M^    Mv    C^    Cv
    Graaah! HNGRAAAAAAH!!                                     M^    Cv   ---    I
    Ha ha! Look at how much stronger I've gotten!             M^    Cv    Cv   ---
    HAAAH!! I'm overflowing with power!                       C^    C^    Mv    Cv
    Hee hee . . . I won!                                      Mv    M^		
    Hee hee! I feel really great today! Don't I look it?     ---    M^    C^    Mv
    Hey, did you see me do that? Did you?                     Cv   Mv/$		
    Hey, don't do that! It hurts!                             Cv			
    Hey, Master? Are you tired?                               Cv    I     Mv    C^
    Hey, sorry for the blunt question, but are you really 
      better than me?                                         C^    Cv    C^    Cv
    Hey, why do we have to put up with all this crap?         C^    Mv    M^    Cv
    Hm, perhaps I will try cheering everyone on with song, 
      next.                                                   M^    Mv    C^    Cv
    Hmph. Is it me, or is fighting totally pointless?         Mv			
    Hrm. Offense or defense. Is it my offense I should 
      improve...?                                             Mv    Cv    C^    C^
    Hunh. I think we've seen those guys somewhere before.     C^    Cv		
    I believe it is important to hone one's knowledge of 
      battle.                                                 CV    C^    Mv    M^
    I know I have a long way to go, but I shall try my 
      hardest.                                                Mv    C^    Cv    M^
    I shall follow you no matter where you lead, master.     ---			
    I think I've gotten a little better.                      M^    Cv    C^    Mv
    I was real useful back there, wasn't I!                   Cv    C^		
    I'm always studying my opponents so I can fight with 
      confidence.                                             C^    Mv    M^    Cv
    Is there anything you want right now, master?             I     Mv    Mv	
    Isn't that enough for today? Let's go home before we get 
      hurt!                                                   Cv    I     Mv    C^
    I've become powerful enough that you respect me, right 
      Master?                                                 C^    Mv    M^	
    I've had enough of this. I don't want to fight anymore.   C^    Mv		
    Just because you're small doesn't mean you're weak, 
      right?                                                 ---    Cv    C^    M^
    Let us all work together and do our very best.            M^    Mv    C^    Cv
    Let us all work together as a unit when battle begins.    I     Mv    C^    Cv
    Let us check our inventory. Proper preparation is vital.  Mv    Cv    M^   ---
    Life is a very precious thing, don't you think?           C^    Cv    Mv  C^/M^
    Look, I found this on the ground. Can I keep it?        Cv/Mv   Cv		
    Man, I'm hungry! Can't we go back to town for a bit?      Cv    I     Cv	
    Master! Master! Can I have that item, too?                I     Mv    Cv    M^
    Master! You've got lots and lots of items, right?         I			
    Master, how are you feeling today?                        C^    $     Cv    Cv
    Master, I found this. Does it belong to you?              I     C^    Cv  Mv/Cv
    Master, I truly look up to you.                           Mv    C^    I     Mv
    Master, will you hear my secret?                          C^    Mv    Cv	
    Master, would you like an item to make you feel better?  ---  C^/M^
    Master, you are irresistible. I guarantee it.             Cv    C^		
    Must we fight on forever?                                 Cv    C^    M^  C^/M^
    My, I think I have gotten a bit stronger today.           I     C^    Mv    Cv
    My, that was a very close battle.                         Mv    C^    M^	
    My, this place is certainly filled with an air of 
      mystery.                                                C^    Mv    M^   ---
    My, watching everyone else try so hard has made me want 
      to, too.                                                C^    Cv		
    Ooh, I won! Yes! And it is all thanks to you, master.     C^    Cv    M^    Mv
    Ooh, that was so much fun!                                M^			
    Ooh, you're so strong, master. I just love strong 
      leaders.                                                Mv    Cv    C^    M^
    Ouch! I just got hurt!                                    Mv    M^    C^    Mv
    Ow! That hurt! Ugh, I am getting so sick of this!         M^    Mv    C^	
    Practice is important. I never neglect my training.       Mv    Cv    C^    M^
    That last battle was certainly a close one, wasn't it.    C^    Mv    Cv    M^
    That was beautiful, master! I will follow you anywhere.   Mv			
    The darkness of night is very beautiful, don't you think? C^    Mv    Cv	
    There. Today, I have become a stronger warrior.           C^    Cv    Cv    I
    Ugh! I just broke a nail!                                 C^    Cv    Mv    M^
    Ugh, I have had it up to here with fighting.              Mv    M^		
    Ugh, what a creepy place this Titan is.                   Cv    C^    Mv    M^
    Ugh. I hate that you can hardly ever see the sky here in 
      a Titan.                                                Cv    I     Mv  C^/M^
    Ugh. Why do the Titans have to be this creepy?            Cv    C^    M^  Mv/Cv
    War is such an empty, meaningless thing. It always 
      creates a loser.                                       ---    C^    Cv    Mv
    Well? What do you think? How did I look that battle?      C^    M^    Cv    Mv
    When I grow up, I'm going to be just as powerful as you, 
      Master!                                                 Mv    C^    C^    Cv
    Which Titan will we visit next? I will follow you to any 
      of them.                                                Cv    M^    Cv    C^
    Who allowed Master to be harmed? That is inexcusable!     Cv    C^    Mv    M^
    Wow. You really have to think about a lot of things in a 
      fight.                                                  Mv    Cv		
    Yeah! I need me some more battle! Gimme another brawl! 
      C'mon!                                                  Cv    I     $     Cv
    Yeah! I'm way better than I was yesterday!                I     Cv    C^    Cv
    Yes! I did it! I did it! I won!                           Cv    Cv    M^    C^
    Yes! Master, look! I won!                                 M^   ---    C^    Mv
    Yes, I know I'm laid back. But I am much quicker than you 
      think.                                                  M^    C^    Cv    Mv
    Y'know, it's important to get faster so you can dodge 
      better.                                                 Mv    C^    C^    Cv
    Y'know, it's really been worth it to fight along side 
      you.                                                    C^  Cv/Mv   Cv    I
    You look like you're in a good mood today, master.        Cv    Mv    M^    C^
    You may order my participation, but war is still a 
      terrible thing.                                         C^			
    You must not let a single victory go to your head. Always 
      stay calm.                                              Cv    C^    Cv    C^
    ---Follower Quotes When Entering a Town---
                             Quote                            !   Swirl Heart Sweat
                             -----                          ----- ----- ----- -----
    All right, where's the bar? I wanna start a brawl.        M^    C^    Cv	
    Always keep your blade sharp, so you can be prepared for 
      anything.                                               M^    Cv		
    Can I have a sword, too?                                  M^			
    C'mon, I'm done preparing! Take me to the Titan 
      already!                                              M^/C^   $		
    Fights aren't only about muscles. You gotta have 
      brains, too.                                          M^/C^   C^    Mv    Cv
    Hey, Master! Y'know that item you just used? Can I 
      have one?                                               Mv    C^    Cv	
    I'm not feeling well. I think I'll rest today.            Mv			
    My sword is looking for something to cut.                 Cv			
    Shh! Quiet. Do you hear anything?                         M^    Mv    M^	
    The smaller and faster you get, the harder you are to 
      hit.                                                    Cv			
    There are some things that can only be learned through 
      experience.                                            ---    Cv    M^    C^
    This town is peaceful. What say wer forget fighting 
      and stay here?                                          C^    Cv    M^	
    What? Are you saying we can go shopping or something?     M^			
    Would you buy me a new sword, please?                     Mv    C^		
    Wow, it's really bright out here. It's almost blinding 
      me.                                                    ---  C^/M^		
    Wow, Titans are really big! Were you surprised when 
      you saw one?                                            I			
    Yay! Now we can go play for a while!                      M^			
    ---Legal Information---
    This document Copyright 2001 by Andrew Lake.  This document is intended for 
    entertainment use only, in helping others to learn about and enjoy the game 
    Unchained Blades.  No parts of this document may be copied and put in any other 
    document, unless with the express permission of Andrew Lake.

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