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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Molivious

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 06/25/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. Version History
    2. Controls
      1. General Controls
      2. Battle Controls
      3. (Battle) While Waiting for Next Turn
      4. (Battle) While enemy is moving
      5. Online Manual
    3. Delay, Waiting Time & Scramble
    4. Mastery and Specialty
    5. Overclock
    6. Battlefield
      1. Base Points
      2. Retreat Points
      3. Collect points
      4. Gem Crystals
      5. Treasure Chests
      6. Objects
      7. Siege Weapons
    7. In-Game Stats
    8. Terminology
    9. Notice
    10. Walkthrough
      1. Scene 1 - Caravan Raid
      2. Scene 2 - Esperanza Training
      3. Scene 3 - In Defense of Espada
      4. Scene 4 - Ambushing the Gate of Lament
      5. Scene 5 - Battle at Maleca Village
      6. Scene 6 - Encounter in the Forest of Tranquility
      7. Scene 7 - Liberation of Carozza Prison
      8. Scene 8 - Assault on Victrion Stronghold
      9. Scene 9 - Battle at the Vast Fissure
      10. Scene 10 - Siege on Golgotha Fort
      11. Scene 11 - Escape from Victrion
      12. Scene 12 - Battle with Corpses
      13. Scene 13 - No Combat
      14. Scene 14 - Encounter in the Desert of Ruin
      15. Scene 15 - No Combat
      16. Scene 16 - Battle at the Northern Permafrost
      17. Scene 17 - Fending off the Mountain Bandits
      18. Scene 18 - Battle at Port Azzurri
      19. Scene 19 - Recapturing Victrion
      20. Scene 20 - Battle with the Corpses
      21. Scene 21 - A Stand at the Vast Fissure
      22. Scene 22 - Showdown on Golgotha Fort
      23. Scene 23 - Battle at Cannavaro
      24. Scene 24 - Breaking Through Van der Dalt
      25. Scene 25 - The Capture of Daltanica
      26. Scene 26 - Showdown at Heidelgard Castle
    11. Recommended Links
      1. General Info
      2. Weapons/Specialty
    12. Frequently Asked Questions
      1. Why can't I perform a Beat with anyone else?
      2. What do I get when I perfectly clear a mission?
      3. Are treasure chests worth my time?
      4. Why didn't I get *** even though I've done X mission under the required time?
      5. Are there any hidden or unlockable characters/items for this game?
      6. How many endings are there?
      7. Alissa died in battle, but I used Retry to bring her back. Will I still get A+ ending?
      8. Can I recruit/hire Pamela/Isabelli/monster units?
      9. Could I get weapons/drops from skeletons?
      10. How do traps/grams work?
      11. Are there any missables in this game?
      12. Are you planning to add guide images for some parts of the walkthrough?
    13. Credits
    14. Contact Details
    15. Legal Stuff

    Version History

    v1.0 [06/22/2012] - First Release

    v2.0 [06/29/2012] - A few corrections, additions, and revisions.

    Sq = Square Button

    Crc = Circle Button

    Tri = Triangle Button

    Crs = X button

    Start - Help

    Up/down/left/right - Move Cursor/Change Selection

    Crs - Proceed/Confirm

    Crc - Cancel/Enter/Skip cutscenes

    L/R - Speed up text/game speed

    Tri (Cursor placed over a unit) - Unit Data

    Select (Cursor placed over a unit) - Status Screen

    Tri - Quick Stat View

    Sq - View Map Geography

    L/R - Cycle Units

    Crs - Overclock

    Analog - Zoom in/Zoom out/Rotate View

    L - Stop the Clock

    R - Speed up enemy/unit action/clock

    Crs - Speed up Clock

    Crs (While clock is Stopped) - Scramble

    L/R/Crs - Speed up enemy/unit Action

    Online Manual


    WT(Waiting Time) affects how long a unit should take before he'd be "ready" again. If you move a unit before he is ready, he loses Vit and losing vit means losing Max H.P temporarily, but will slowly replenish as the battle proceeds. However, a unit that moves with 4 WT or lower will not receive any Vit loss. You can use this to your advantage, paired with the effects of overclock.

    The number of WT you take when just moving and not doing any action is half of your WT. If you perform an action (attack/ support) then full WT is applied

    WT is affected by Capacity/Weight - Each piece of equipment has it's own Capacity value which you can check in their respective stats screen

    WT = Capacity / 4

    Delay = Initial Delay + Movement Delay + Act Delay

    Now to cite an example of what DEL stat exactly does:

    • a character with Mov 4 and 2 DEL
    • if that character moves 1 tile, it adds 1 to the Movement Delay
    • if that character moves 2 tiles, it adds 2 to the Movement Delay
    • now if that character moves 3 or 4 tiles, it only adds 2 to the Movement Delay - not 3 or 4.

    So what does this mean? A unit with low DEL can move at maximum movement range WITHOUT being penalized for the extra tiles they take.

    Initial Delay is stapled at 3. However, when you choose an Ace, the "- Del" bonus is directly subtracted from a unit's INITIAL delay.


    Furthermore, to view how much your Act Delay is:

    Before attacking an opponent, you get a view of your equipment first, right? Press Select on the selected equipment/consumable then you will see Act delay and CT(Casting Time), including Tactics power, Attack Type, Attack Affinity, etc.

    You can also view action details by pressing Tri once on your forces/equip menu then press Right once to go to your Weapon attacks/main actions.. from there, you can press Select to view a weapon's details.. where you would see your attack type, CT, Delay cost, Basic power, tac power, etc.

    Accessible only when you stop the time and press X (and meet the prerequisites), Scramble is a feature that allows you to immediately start your turn, disregarding all Delay you currently have - provided that you pay the amount of tactics points equivalent to the Delay on your timer plus 2.

    So if your current WT is 8, then the required Tactics points to Scramble is 10. This is why you cannot spam or abuse it continuously.

    This can be helpful in situations like when a Sorceress casts a spell in an area where you have a dying unit. You can Scramble before the spell is cast, move that unit out of the way, then heal on a safe spot where the spell wont hit you.

    Mastery refers to a unit's proficiency on a certain weapon. The more Mastery a unit has for one weapon, the more bonus damage he will be able to acquire.

    Mastery also unlocks new main actions for your weapons. Let's say you have a weapon with three listed attacks such as:

    I - ???
    II - Avalanche
    IV - ???


    The closer you are to mastering a weapon, then the closer you are to unlocking these new moves. Not all weapons have multiple moves, though. There are those with only one, while there are some that even have as much as 4.

    Mastery is Maxed at 50/50, which means 50 uses for that weapon.

    There are two types of Specialties:

    • Weapon Specialty - which refers to the main actions given for each weapon. There are four Specialties for every weapon: I, II, III, and IV
    • Character Specialty - refers to a one-and-only proficiency a character has for a certain weapon

    Having a unit with a character specialty of IV doesn't mean he will deal less damage with a III main action, and deal more with IV main actions. No.

    Having a unit use a main action with the same number as the character's specialty allows him to gain Specialty points during battles. Specialty points build up, and allow you to gain more stats if you happen to fill up the gauge. Nothing else. There is absolutely no bonus or loss for attacking with a Weapon Specialty different to your character's own specialty.

    Overclocking gives you the opportunity to manually control your clock during your turn. You can use overclocking to plan your future attacks, without having to make a unit uselessly wait around. Why not wait instead? Because if you recall in the previous sections of this guide, doing no action still adds time to your WT. And moving before you are ready will decrease your Vit.

    Allowing some enemy units to go ahead of you could help when you want your spells to hit them without giving the chance for evading the spell (because they just spent their turn, hence their delay timers will be reset), or simply if you wish to use a same unit soon after he moves.

    When you land on a base point, it gets captured - and gives you a few benefits along with it. Capturing bases increase your max tactics gauge by 2 - for a maxed amount of 20, and the opposite happens if ever an enemy unit captures lands on your base point. Capturing bases also increase damage for weapons. The higher a weapon's "tactics power" is, the higher the bonus you get from capturing bases.

    Some War gods are also affected by your TP. Einherjar for example, increases damage as you spend more tactics points for the summon. The formula for Einherjar's damage would be: (TP spent*3) + (Gungnir's Level * 2) = %damage to current HP

    So with 20 TP, you will be having at least 62% damage, and as much as 78% damage with a +9 Gungnir. Not bad, is it?

    Base points also allow you to change equipment in the midst of battles, for a cost of a few TP and delay. You can use this to make an advantage on the battlefield. For example, if you run out of Medical herbs, you could simply restock from a base point. You can also send out a unit mainly just to tank(not equipping weapons at all and focusing on pure defense) the first few waves of enemies while your ranged units take care of them from behind, then immediately switching to an offensive set as soon as you get rid of your enemy's frontline. If you plan it well, you can easily control the flow of the battle. Do keep in mind that you cannot switch equipment at the same time you capture a base, you have to wait on a captured base first before you get the option to swap equipments.

    Waiting on retreat points allow you to have the option to swap that unit for another unit from your party. This can be useful if you have a unit that has lost a lot of health or vit, and is pursued by ranged and melee units alike. You can instead send him to a retreat point and have him replaced with a fresh new unit who might perform/survive better in that current situation. The process will appear like your deployment screen, so you will be allowed to swap equipments on the go - except for the units who are already deployed in the field.

    Collect points give you various items that you can throw or enemy, or use in battle. Some may heal, while some may damage and even cause burn. Although not very useful at all times, there can be specific strategies to make them work. To pick up an object from collect points, the unit must have enough capacity to carry the item as well as have an extra equipment slot where it should take place. At the end of the battle,

    You will see these floating crystals in various stages, and their main purpose is to give you more gems for improving your weapons. Whenever you hit the crystal, tiny gems fall on the floor which you can pick up. The amount and color of the gems will depend on how much affinity your character has, and to what attack he/she deals to the crystal.

    Treasure chests can be found in every stage, and spawn at different locations. Depending on these locations, specific items will be dropped - although the drops early in the game are not very important/useful. The number of chests that spawn in a map increases as you gain higher ranks/results in your results from the previous battle. If you perfectly cleared a previous mission, you will be having three additional chests that would spawn on your current battlefield - which, later in the game, would allow you to reload/restart less when you want to get specific drops (like 4* weapons).

    Just like treasure chests, there are destructible objects in every stage. More often than not, specific objects hold some of the best equipments/items you can find in the game. Although unlike treasure chests, objects have a fixed area where they "spawn" - they do not increase as you perfectly clear previous battles, either.

    Cannons, Ballistae, Catapults. These weapons deal damage in a diamond-shaped area around it's main target. Catapults deal geo damage, ballista deal neutral, and cannons deal fire. Cannons aren't controlled by any unit, and can move around on its own. On the other hand ballistae and catapults are fixed at a certain location, and can only be fired by specific units.

    The catapults and ballistae can be used both by the player and the opposing army by stepping on the tile behind it - provided that the unit's class is a Trickster. Special characters such as Valerie, Paulo, Robertus and Ziyad can use siege weapons as well.


    Important Notes:
    • Base points, Retreat points, Collect points, and Siege weapons cannot be captured or used if a unit casts a spell above it
    • Treasure Chests and Objects have to be destroyed before they would drop any loot bag

    In-Game Stats

    This can be accessed in the Forces menu, then pressing Select or via pressing Select button over units during battles

    VitCurrent condition of character's Maximum HP (If a character moves before a WT of 5 or more, his/her Max Hp and Vit is reduced; Vit regains gradually during the battle)
    GuardChance of blocking frontal melee attacks, decreases at side (or reduced to 0 from back)
    DefPercentage decreased from an enemy's original attack damage
    M.DefDamage reduction from enemy magic spells
    Res.Resistance to Ailments; The higher the number, the lower chance of being afflicted by Ailments
    CounterWeapon Specialty to which a character can counter with (see in-game tutorial for more info)


    IndexAffects how much damage a character deals or takes depending on map Geography and/or enemy weapon/armor
    AffThe element which the selected character is attuned to. Requires at least +3 on that element to be listed in Aff
    Eq. Wt. Lv/Eq. Wt.Capacity taken/Max capacity of weight a Character can carry
    MstWeapon Mastery


    Mov. TypeMovement type of character (Walk/Fly/etc)
    Mov.Number of tiles a character can move with
    JmpMaximum elevation difference of which a character can jump to
    WTWaiting time for which a character is allowed to act again without Vit penalty after a previous action
    DelRefers to how much delay a character has after selection
    TacMaximum amount of Tactics Points a character can gain after maximum movement
    HitBonus Accuracy for ranged weapons
    CasDecreased Casting time for weapons (percentage); Cas +35 = 35% Casting time reduction


    Boost(support)Bonus which a character gets by equipping certain Hand Accessories
    BeatSpecial Effect when a character participates in a Beat command
    PassivePassive Abilities
    FreRepresents your Chance of inflicting ailments (Shaded Tri - High; Tri - Good; Double Crc - Decent; Crc - Low)


    KIA - Killed in Action

    NUL - No Unit Loss

    AOE - Area of Effect. Term used when a single attack hits a multiple tiles of a targeted area. Sometimes will be referred as the Spread attack type.

    Swath/Cleave - Attack type, attacks a horizontal row of 3 tiles in front of you.

    Pierce - An attack type where you are able to attack a vertical row of 2 or 3 enemies in front of you.

    Tick(s) - Refers to each revolution/number on your clock/timer. This is how I will be differentiating Delay (referring to the amount of time before your next turn comes) to prevent misunderstanding it as the Del (stat).

    TP - Tactics Points


    • This guide may or may not include major plot spoilers, but I will not be responsible for any discontent of the reader. My goal is to inform you of whatever is necessary, and to you - my dear reader, minor spoilers (at the least) should be expected. However, I will try my best to keep it as spoiler-free as possible.
    • I will not give a full tutorial of every single element in the game. There is an in-game tutorial(which can be accessed by pressing 'O' in the preparation screen or while it is your turn in battle), and it explains this and that excellently.
    • The official online manual can also be found here: http://www.atlus.com/gungnir/GungnirManual.pdf
    • I sincerely apologize to crazycolorz5 for misinforming him on his question about Lances in the Answers section of GFaqs. There are a total of 4 Lances - one of which cannot be acquired, while the other 2 can be acquired from Scene 22(Oni Lance, Robertus drop) and Scene 23(Shangri-La, Knight Statue).

    Scene 1 - Caravan Raid

    Location - Eastern Wilds
    Goal - Defeat the Enemy
    Start Time - AUDBLA 11983 / 14:30
    Time Limit - AUDBLA 15983 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 10:00, No Retry/NUL


    This fight is fairly easy. Basically, what you just have to do here is get yourself familiar with the controls.

    Bring Giulio down and start taking out the enemies one by one. Do not mind your allies as you cannot control any of them at this point yet. After you kill one enemy, or perhaps attack three to four times successfully, you will learn a new weapon specialty - Root Blade. If you have chosen Advanced mode as your difficulty, then this will definitely be handy in acquiring your Clear Reward.

    Root Blade is a Type-2(II) specialty where you are allowed to attack a horizontal row of enemies (of 3 spaces) in front of you. These specialties save you a lot of time and if planned well, it can lead to you getting a good advantage over a mob of enemies because of the overall damage. Be warned though, allies can also be damaged through these attacks. And if you kill too many enemies at the time, best chances are that another enemy will try to grab one of the bags that have fallen. So be sure you keep an eye on enemy timers as well.

    thanks to Lineropethread and youfailzored for their in-depth guides for weapon specialty: Recommended Links

    At the end of the Battle, and after a few dialogues, you will be given a decision whether or not you would let the merchant go. The answers you give in these decisions will reflect what ending you will get as you finish the game, and sometimes even affect some conditions in battles. (or even unlock some hidden stuff~ more info @ Frequently Asked Questions)

    Final Spoils are determined by a random selection of the equipment of the enemy you killed last.

    Scene 2 - Esperanza Training

    Location - Espada Slums
    Goal - Defeat Noah
    Start Time - WODAN 7983 / 9:00
    Time Limit - WODAN 11983 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 5:00, No Retry/NUL


    This is easier than your last fight. In this Battle, you will be able to choose your Ace for the first time. Aces/Characters affect how some Initial Delays will be deducted. This you shall remember if ever you wanna stick with a few classes and want to prioritize their use on the field.

    Anyhow, I suggest that you do not touch Teresa or train her at all. You will know why later on. You could choose Teresa as your Ace, so that you could deploy Giulio in the front, where he could reach Noah instantly in one turn. Choosing him as Ace and spawning at the back wastes 2 tiles worth of moving, and you won't be using Teresa anyway, so.. yeah. This would save you some time. If he happens to get closer to your Brute ally, the better - makes killing him faster.

    You will start with Teresa and Giulio, along with a Gunner and a Brute, which makes this a lot easier. You can keep retrying this mission just so you could gain a few levels but it's not like you really need it at this point anyway. So just ignore what I just said and kill Noah as fast as possible, then get your reward.


    Part 1

    Location - Espada Slums
    Goal - Defeat the Enemy
    Start Time - AUDBLA 10983 / 20:00
    Time Limit - ASGAR 13983 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up / Alissa Dies
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 30:00, No Retry/NUL


    Yet again, I suggest that you just leave out the others, and focus on training Giulio. Although you WILL eventually need to use the other units.

    Okay, so if you chose to "Let her go" in the previous decision, Alissa will be with you in this battle - where she does nothing and only asks for a beating. On the other hand, stopping Alissa will not let her participate in battle, which saves you the worry of her being dead, although that is less likely to happen.

    The "leader" here is named Taille (although the goal is to defeat everyone) and he drops a pretty good axe (Slasher) so you might wanna keep an eye on that. The two Tamers here could drop Thorn Whips or Corsets, lucky you for having a choice if ever they leave their corpse around. And finally, the thrower and archer would drop a Pilum and (if you're lucky) a Hard Leather, respectively. Hard leather gives you a bit more of defense, which can save you a few cash later. You can purchase it right after this match, though, so no need to worry about missing one or two.

    Now the Tamers will be going down (and hurting themselves a bit on the process) to approach your team, avoiding the bridge. If Alissa is here, she will be their main target - including Taille. If you do have Alissa with you, have your ranged units take over the guys in the bridge. Do not worry, Taille will (most of the time) drop down and head towards Alissa, so that leaves both Noah and Claude a clear path towards the enemy archer and thrower. In that case, have Giulio take down Taille as well as both Tamers (hopefully you can get the Tamers side-by-side and make use of Root Blade at least twice). But if you do not have Alissa, Bring a melee unit/Giulio to the bridge and hack your way through, preferrably accompanied by at least one unit whom he can perform Beat with. Do not waste time walking towards the Tamers, let them approach you - then kill them.

    At the end of the battle, you will have no results just yet - and that's because...


    Part 2

    Location - Espada Slums
    Goal - Defeat Pierre
    Start Time -
    Time Limit - ASGAR 13983 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 30:00, No Retry/NUL


    Tadaa~! Your timer for the Perfect Clear Conditions will stop here. This battle wont affect your "time" whatsoever, so if you wanna try grinding a few levels and spending 10 minutes/hours doing so(tho it can be difficult, since you are outnumbered), then feel free to do so.

    All you have to do here is to get your Ace killed. Yes, killed. Do not worry, it will not affect your Perfect Clear conditions, neither would getting another unit killed. Of course, you may want to train a bit.. so give a few hits, heal if you want, and surrender when you are done. Whenever you kill anyone here, they will instantly be respawned on the upper left corner of the map - where Pierre and the guards came from. Don't bother killing Pierre, as he will just revive over and over, no matter how many times you kill him.

    Really, all you need to do is get your Ace killed, and if your other units are in danger, JUMP into the river! (not like you really have to jump though) but yeah, if you dont want them dying on you... hopefully, they will not be followed. Careful of the Sorceress though, they can still reach you with their spells. You might want to keep an eye on Bronze Swords though, they can be handy later on thanks to their knockback effect.

    So in the end..you will see why I've been telling you not to train Claude, Teresa and Noah.. cause they... they.. eep~! but wait.. we aren't done yet.


    Part 3

    Location - Espada Slums
    Goal - Reach the Spear
    Start Time -
    Time Limit - ASGAR 14983 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up / Pierre must not obtain Gungnir
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 30:00, No Retry/NUL


    Your timer for Perfect Clear Conditions start counting again, but this is nothing to worry about. This part can be easily done within 4 turns. Don't Worry about Elise, either, as she can handle her own skin. Just focus on getting the spear, and all you need to do is:

    • head towards the northwest part of the map
    • Climb the steps, jump up the ledge
    • Ignore the knight, head towards the spear
    • Take the spear

    That's it for being a timesaver. Now let's move on to the final showdown.


    Part 4

    Location - Espada Slums
    Goal - Defeat Pierre
    Start Time -
    Time Limit - ASGAR 14983 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up / Pierre must not obtain Gungnir
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 30:00, No Retry/NUL


    This is a breeze, especially when all enemies already took a good amount of damage from Einherjar. If you wanna end this quickly, slice away the knight on your path (climb the ledge to your left) towards Pierre, then head directly to Pierre - hack him away. He will then retreat, and this slaughter finally ends.

    And for clearing such a bloody mess, you get a chance for the best prize early on: Flamberge+9 dont worry if you miss it though, you get another chance later - and it's not really that special, aside from being +9.


    Scene 4 - Ambushing the Gate of Lament

    Location - Gate of Lament
    Goal - Defeat Pierre
    Start Time - VANAN 20983 / 23:30
    Time Limit - VANAN 24983 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 27:00, No Retry/NUL


    Pierre...again. This stage can be quite tough, but only when you get surrounded by the enemies - and are spammed with sleep ailment. If you have deployed Paulo, you can easily throw in an AOE spell and hit the 4 knights aligned perfectly. Although, do take note that they will start moving the moment after you deal damage to them - just try to hit Pierre, just so it would only be him that would move. So if you target your next AOE spell at exactly the same region again (after damaging them earlier), your targets probably would have already gone away from the area before your spell is cast.

    While Paulo or your archer is busy with chipping out Pierre's HP, have your other units try and take out the Trickster and the Assassins to your left. Careful though, the enemies will try to Beat you for every time possible - and the assassins here have weapons that induce sleep. If your unit is asleep, you cannot move, attack, perform a beat, or do anything at all. If I were you, prioritize the assassins first.

    Starting from here, enemies equipped with healing items can get annoying. If you leave them at around 100-ish hp, and their turn comes.. they will walk away and heal themselves - which would mean that you've wasted a lot of turns when you took their hp down. If you're planning to kill anyone, make sure that you take them down or at least not get them on the red zone before their turn.

    The trickster in charge of the ballista can give you a headache. It's maximum range is 4 or 5 tiles on a straight line, damaging units in a diamond-shaped area around the primary target. Even if she has to target her allies - as long as one of your units are in the area, that trickster will not take any second thoughts on firing the ballista.

    Knights - and even Pierre - will usually drop down the ledge instead of passing through the steps to easily reach you.. This can be a trouble if you took too long to kill the Assassins earlier, as they will start Beating you up constantly, in tandem with each other. Careful though, they would most likely target your soft units if they see anyone in range.

    As long as you get rid of the Assassins first, or additionally take Paulo with you.. this will be not too hard. Especially when Paulo can also heal your party from a range.

    Final Spoils can be as good as a Flamberge +9, or a Basilisk Shield (Which only appears on shops after going through 2/3 of the game). Not bad for final spoils.


    Scene 5 - Battle at Maleca Village

    Location - Maleca Village
    Goal - Defeat Rodrigues
    Start Time - MIRDZ 10983 / 16:15
    Time Limit - MIRDZ 15983 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 27:00, No Retry/NUL


    This stage is quite huge and the enemies are more forgiving compared to the last battle's show. This should be your first time to split teams, too. But don't worry, it's not hard at all. A bridge to the west and a narrow ground to the east... Bulky characters on the west, but more (squishy) opponents in the east..

    The east path is where you should focus your main force. One bulky character from your roster (like Raguel) is enough to hold off enemies from the west bridge until you clear the stage - just make sure that you spend a turn for him to block the bridge. Anyhow, you might be overwhelmed at first in the east, due to the number of opponents you have to deal with - including Griselda. But if you have a decent caster, like Paulo, you can easily (and safely) aid your units from a range across, or along the river. You can hold off the east bridge by having one unit step on the base tile while having a caster or archer snipe enemies from the top of the buildings. Try not to stay behind the unit blocking the bridge, though, as the enemy tamers have pierce attacks that could also reach 2 tiles away.

    Since the battlefield is rather small, and that the bridges are easy to hold, it shouldn't be a tough battle. Not much enemies to deal with, either - if you had blocked the other bridge. A good thing to note is that Harpies have no Guard at all, and is a soft unit, so a few hits or beats can take it down quickly. Not to mention that you aren't even required to kill it - although you can use a Tamer equipped with a Rope to "capture" the harpy, disallowing it to do any further action towards your team.. Remember, all you have to bring down is Rodrigues.

    Loot here isn't valuable enough to keep an eye on, aside from the Iron armor that Rodrigues drops. This piece of steel will be useful to you until half past the game.

    Note: In stages where there are monsters(Harpy, Wampyre, Undines, Sprites, Drakes, etc), and with conditions that require you to "Defeat All Enemies" you are not required to kill these monsters at all. You can just ignore them, and focus on the human units instead.

    Part 1

    Location - Forest of Tranquility
    Goal - Save the Woman
    Start Time - MIRDZ 27983 / 19:30
    Time Limit - MIRDZ 30983/ 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up / Guest dies
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 27:00, No Retry/NUL


    Your first rescue mission - and is incredibly easy, compared to rescue missions from other games you might know. All you have to do here is end a turn in any tile next to the Guest. In another rescue mission I've experienced, the "event" didn't trigger when I was in a lower elevation... so you might not want to be too high or too low from the target.


    Part 2

    Location - Forest of Tranquility
    Goal - Defeat the Imperial Army
    Start Time -
    Time Limit - MIRDZ 31983/ 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 27:00, No Retry/NUL


    Now your guest can actually kick ass, and even pull her own weight, probably even better than how you'd pull the weight of your generics, so you shouldn't worry about her that much until around halfway..where she might be weakened after being barraged by enemy attacks - you can scramble away and heal her with a medicinal herb equipped on Giulio. Giulio and the woman are strong enough to take on the mob just up north, you can have them handle that part while you focus your other units on assaulting the southern part, then aiding team Giulio right after from the side.

    Among the southern enemies is an Assassin equipped with a Carnage claw - which can deal cleaving attacks. So it may be wise to keep your units diagonally positioned, and not beside each other. Keep an eye on sorceress though, they could already be casting spells on you.

    If you are having a hard time on the northern part, it would be reasonable enough to send someone (like a healer or a mage) to aid team Giulio. But since Giulio can deal cleaving damage, plus a bit of lifesteal.. he should be able to handle himself well. Besides, you should probably have a Medicinal Herb equipped on him. Use both Giulio's swath attack and his items wisely, so you could save a lot of time. Thankfully, paladins in this stage do not deal damage instantly - they need to "cast" their attack first, which allows you enough time to evade them.

    If you could pull off Ragnarok here, the battle can be a lot quicker - especially if you are playing in the Advanced/Nightmare modes. It also causes casters to be stunned for a short period, giving you less worry and more time to beat up the frontlines.

    The best loot you can get from these goons are a pair of Guard-reducing Gloves (Savage Hunter). These gloves are very useful for enemies that have high guard rates. You should really aim to get one of these. They would still appear on shops later, though, so don't you worry if you miss the chance to get one of them.


    Scene 7 - Liberation of Carozza Prison

    Location - Carozza Prison
    Goal - Defeat Bacchus
    Start Time - SVART 3983 / 10:45
    Time Limit - SVART 7983 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 47:00, No Retry/NUL


    In this battle, Valerie is your ace, and that means that you have to keep her safe as well. She can take quite a few hits tho, so you shouldn't worry much about her dying on you. As you can see, you have a lot of time for a Perfect Clear. That means you don't have to rush, and that you can just play safe and heal when you need too.

    Bread or Medicinal herbs will really help you in this fight, so don't forget to equip some of them. Do take not though: Bread can only be consumed by the user, unlike potions that can be thrown or Medicinal herbs that can be used on an adjacent ally.

    The archer that is near Bacchus will never go down, and will only target your weakest character from the range it can reach. One less unit to worry about.

    First of all, you WILL want to get rid of the mages first, and that's not really hard to do when Valerie already begins with a Piercing ranged weapon. Along with them, go for the Brutes who are most likely in your way right now. They are bulky and deal considerable damage, so consume those Medicinal Herbs whenever you need to. If you have purchased some of those bronze swords earlier, or have used Cutlass (dagger - used by assassins and tricksters) for quite some time now, you will have access to the most useful special effect of all - Knockback. Knockback can push enemies off from high places, or even cancel spells from being cast, but the best use for it would be to knock enemies out of the map - or having them fall into endless pits. If you do this, they instantly "die", saving you the bother of killing them.

    Bacchus will come down after being damaged, or when all the units from below have been killed (except for the brute blocking the way). But don't run after Bacchus, let him go to you. If you have spare time, you could just take some whack on the treasure chests or the Floating Gem on the field for extra stuff. Don't worry, you have a LOT of time to do this stage.

    By the time Bacchus arrives, you should already have a good amount of accumulated TP... try to surround Bacchus then perform the Beat all at the same time. If not, use all your TP to summon Einherjar, which will take a considerable chunk of HP from Bacchus. If you are having a hard time dealing with Bacchus, you can send a unit to block the pathway leading down the staircase. With a chance to guard, and only one (or two - if there's an archer) unit can attack him at a time allowing you time to heal him more easily. If you do this, you can just throw in magic and arrows at him. Take note, though: if there is no unit beside him during the time that he is on the red zone of his health, he will use his Elixir - bringing back his HP to full again. Cursing him could prevent him from doing this. (Gungnir's Ailment)

    One of the witches here could possibly drop a broom, so having one of those early will allow you a chance of hiring a mercenary Witch early. And one drop worth taking note of is the MG gaunt, which would be useful if your team is composed of archers.

    If you are lucky (and kill Bacchus before he uses it), you can get an Elixir which heals all hp in one drink. But the better use of it (cause you wont really need it this early in the game) is to refine it for 10 null gems. Perfect if you are fond of keeping your weapons in shape.


    Scene 8 - Assault on Victrion Stronghold

    Location - Victrion Stronghold
    Goal - Defeat Pierre
    Start Time - AUDBLA 17983 / 10:00
    Time Limit - SVART 24983 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 60:00, No Retry/NUL


    An Archer,Witch or a Mage can get through the height difference of Pierre at this stage. Like your last battle with Pierre in the Gate of Lament, he will start moving the moment he is hit - as well as the Knights around him. If you want to keep him at bay before he even comes down, you will want to bring a Sorceress equipped with an Icicle Rod to somehow keep him in place.

    All the Tamers here have cleaving attacks, so if you want to create a blockade on the east, it's best to do it on a diagonal position, and not side-by-side. Careful not to stand beside the ledges though, the wampyre in here will attack you with a Knockback. Drowning might be what you would like the least for this match. Similarly, you can use the same tactic against your opponent, knocking them back to the pool or out of the map to save you the time of wasting a few turns just to kill them. If you have bronze swords or cutlasses that have knockback, you can easily do this.

    If you maintain a blockade, there are less chances that Rodrigues would be a threat to you, and that is because only a maximum of two enemies would be attacking you at the same time. Be quick with Griselda, though. If she starts changing her stance to the "tired" mode (stance when a character is weak/has low hp), she will most likely use a healing item... regaining back at least half the damage you just dealt.

    The west side is a little bit easier, cause the tamers wont really deal much damage if your units are scattered. It's quite easy to Beat em up too. Careful of the Wampyre though, she can cause a lot of trouble. Using Einherjar (that would only target your opponents, hopefully) will definitely cut the battle time in half. If you haven't noticed til now, Einherjar deals damage to it's target equal to half their max hp. So that really would help in stages with several bulky enemies that you would only want to spend a few time killing.

    The Thunder chain +7 that Griselda could drop is a nice find, that is, if you have tamers. Rodrigues's weapon too, comes out later in the shops, so keep an eye on those stuff.

    On the other hand, a new dagger (and rather useful) weapon is dropped by the wampyres - Main Gauche. These Knockbacking weapons can help you a lot on dropping your enemies from high cliffs, pushing them towards your Trickster's traps, drowning/ringing them out or cancelling an enemy's spell. Getting them this early will surely be useful for the next few stages.

    Same stuff from Pierre, but now what's only left to get is Onyx. In my past observations, whenever a boss holds an item, you will have a really high chance to get that item. Examples are the Onyx Pierre is holding - which offers 10 Null gems for refinement - or future Elixirs held by other bosses.

    Note: You can easily manipulate the targets of your summon by overclocking (Hold X on a non-occupied tile, and wait for the clock to make one full revolution) once. Everytime your clock turns, the targets of your summon may change, so if you are lucky enough.. none of your units would be hit at all

    Scene 9 - Battle at the Vast Fissure

    Location - Vast Fissure
    Goal - Defeat Albert
    Start Time - NIZVER 25983 / 15:15
    Time Limit - NIZVER 30983 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 36:00, No Retry/NUL


    Now this is where you can really make use of all those Knockback effects. Since there are hellholes and low-ground areas, you should either be killing or dealing extra damage while saving time for killing the other units as well.

    All the paladins here have knockback, too. So you better watch your own back. If you have a priestess, she could be extremely useful here, cause you can heal and aid an ally even without crossing the bridges.

    One of the tricksters here will keep an eye on the ballista, so you might want to be extra careful when going around the middle area of the middle isle. It's really gonna be painful for your level - and aside from that, it hits an area too.

    The throwers and the archers will really get annoying if they spam Beats on you and they're gonna hit you from the northern isle, or from the side (Paladins/enemies that have crossed the bridge). Just make sure you bring herbs or a priestess/Paulo no matter what, and try not to get into spots where several ranged units could target you.

    36 minutes, a lot of time to use for healing and whacking. Not a difficult battle if you're careful, but the spoils aren't very noteworthy...


    Part 1

    Location - Golgotha Fort
    Goal - Defeat Wallace
    Start Time - JOTUN 3983 / 11:30
    Time Limit - JOTUN 8983 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 40:00, No Retry/NUL


    A very tough battle, and the time limit is quite short too. For starters, you would want to focus on destroying the Cannon first. It deals a painful amount of fire damage AND inflicts burn as well - which hurts really bad over time. If you have purchased some Fire boots, this is probably the time to exclusively equip them. Archers, Mages, or Throwers should be able to take it down easily. Boost them up with Wrecker gloves (bonus damage against obstacles) and you can probably get it done in two or three turns. Gunners wouldn't be able to hit them.

    Now the Knights here can be really painful, especially when they start Beating you up. If you've brought a mage, you could chip off a good amount of damage to two or three knights at the same time without being worried about them guarding at all, but if you don't have any caster, you might want to focus on one and use all your TP for a kill. Anyone equipped with the Savage Hunter hand equipment will easily allow you to get through the guards of these knights.

    The enemies here come in waves: The knights will meet you first, then comes the trickster, then the other trickster and followed by an archer. Another knight should follow before Wallace finally comes to meet you - and Wallace himself is not that hard to kill.

    Make sure you take down the Priestess down as soon as you can, she can be even more annoying than the knights you have just fought when she starts healing with her AOE healing spell.

    Einherjar can be majestically useful at the beginning, especially if you're lucky enough to have none of your units targeted by it. Although it can be used later on, the tactics points you built up to that moment might actually be better off spent on beating a unit twice or thrice to get him down easily.

    Take some time to heal whenever you need to, you have a lot of time to spare - no need to rush into death.

    Usually, when under a huge mob of enemies, try to position your characters in a "V" position:



    W - WallT - tankE - Enemies
    U - other melee unitsR - Support/Ranged unitX - Unit who is equipped with Savage Hunter/Healing items/Priestess with AoE heals)


    Tank unit should be really bulky(High HP/Guard/Defense), and able to take massive amounts of damage. Have them equipped with the best defensive armor you have. If you got the Iron Armor from earlier, this could make things easier.

    If the enemies are positioned that way, you could let your caster cast a spell targeted at T so you could damage the three units around him at the same time - of course, with a small amount of sacrifice. Later on, when you get armor such as Dragonia armor (Absorbs 35% pyro damage), this will be a perfect tactic as it heals your T unit as well. R unit, like Paulo can also help heal T in case he gets into trouble.. and since Paulo is also equipped with a Grimoire, so he wouldn't need a potion, reserving more capacity for lesser WT.

    Also, the purpose of this setup is to minimize damage that the other units (U) take, and to prevent other units from getting to your X and R units. From the way they are positioned, the enemies should always be in front of them and have a smaller opening for Beat attacks


    Part 2

    Location - Golgotha Fort
    Goal - Defeat Wallace
    Start Time -
    Time Limit - JOTUN 8983 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 40:00, No Retry/NUL


    Like the case back in Scene 3 - In Defense of Espada, this battle cannot be won (Hint: take a peek at Robertus's level). Yes, he's a zombie guy too. But if you're up for grinding, (and retrying) this is a perfect chance for you. Otherwise, just do as much as you can. Mastering weapons and leveling up would always be welcome.

    A death here won't mean losing your perfect clear either, so feel free to make sacrifices.


    Part 1

    Location - Victrion Stronghold
    Goal - Protect Alissa
    Start Time - JOTUN 31983/ 18:00
    Time Limit - NIVL 3984 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up / Alissa dies
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 14:00, No Retry/NUL


    This escort mission breaks no sweat.

    The opponents wont move until the next day so you can just focus on blocking pathways/killing a few units on the way (and making sure they wont be surrounded) while Alissa breezes through the first stage. If you have bought Move/Jump ampules earlier, it could help Alissa get to the escape tile earlier.

    If a sorceress or gunner would target her.. there's not much to worry about.. she could survive at least 3 hits on her own. And by the time she's being targeted, she should already be just 1 turn away from the green tile.

    You could actually let your other units escape, as well - even before Alissa does, but you cannot have an Ace escape before your guest. Save that for part 2.


    Part 2

    Location - Victrion Stronghold
    Goal - Escape the Field
    Start Time -
    Time Limit - NIVL 3983 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 14:00, No Retry/NUL


    Just have to get your units out of there, as fast as possible - if you hadn't let your other units escape from part 1, start by prioritizing your lowest HP unit. Even if it means sacrificing a few Vit for a turn.. all you have to do is escape, anyways.


    Scene 12 - Battle with Corpses

    Location - Forest of Tranquility
    Goal - Defeat Isabelli
    Start Time - MUSPEL 2984 / 13:30
    Time Limit - MUSPEL 6984 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 15:00, No Retry/NUL


    Cakewalk. Isabelli walks towards you and literally asks for death, how brilliant of a genius necrofreak. You can probably bring her down after 2 or 3 Beats. which is.. 3 or 4 turns? xD See that Stone Golem? You can actually step on it, too XD In Nightmare mode, though, you might need more than just 4 turns to take her down. Take note that she also has Sprites to bring her HP back up.

    You might want to take a short detour though... for some Orichalcum farming~! Both of the Sprites here hold one, and what do they offer? 30 gems. Yes, 30 GEMS FOR EACH TYPE!

    In the end, you shall be hopefully rewarded with a Chrono.. a really REALLY priceless (and unique - not sold in shops) bracelet you would wanna keep. It reduces casting time by 50%. This mission is Godsend, I tell you.

    A missable weapon held by Isabella may also be acquired, but there is no use for it since no one else - but her, can equip it. -

    Scene 14 - Encounter in the Desert of Ruin

    Location - Desert of Ruin
    Goal - Defeat the Bandits
    Start Time - AUDBLA 16983 / 16:30
    Time Limit - AUDBLA 20984 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 27:00, No Retry/NUL


    Allowed with only 4 units to deploy, this mission can be messy. But worry not, if you have a Witch, Archer, Thrower, Gunner or any unit with 3 jump, this mission will be easier than you think.

    Like mentioned in a previous note, you do not have to kill any of the monsters here, though you might want to put some focus on the Undine, as she holds another one of those precious Orichalcum.

    Anyway, the Tricksters might actually help you in this stage, as they are equipped with Scorpion Tails (Tools) which hits a random unit within an area allowing them a chance to hit their own allies - and they have the chance to inflict Poison, too. On the other hand, the Undine and Witch from the tippy top part of the mountain can be annoying. The witch is all you have to worry about for now, since her AOE does deal pretty good damage.. Which is why I suggested the above... they will own that witch. But as for the drakes and the Brute.. just take them out one by one.

    Drakes will retreat and start running away when they get low HP, though...so if not necessary, don't waste too much time running around chasing them - they dont have any valuable loot you could take anyways. Easy way to take down their HP is to burn them.

    You could thin down the attacks by climbing up the mountain from your east side, then blocking whatever paths the opponents could take with a High-guard unit. Attacking from above can be easily done with archers and mages - especially when you add burn damage. Careful though, as the witch, drakes and harpies will follow you to that area - even if it means that they(drakes) should go around the mountain. Their Dragonfire attack can be really painful, so you would want to get rid of them first.

    Your weapons should be strong enough by now to deal at least 250~300 damage each...so these little paperbags will not be difficult to deal with at all - at least none of them could guard like a knight.

    And the rewards..still not as valuable as your Orichalcum


    Part 1

    Location - Northern Permafrost
    Goal - Save the Woman
    Start Time - ASGAR 3984 / 9:00
    Time Limit - ASGAR 6984 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up / Guest dies
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 18:00, No Retry/NUL


    This stage is another Rescue mission, though not that difficult. In this rescue mission, the guest will actually go behind your units, and stay at a safe spot.. And when she's low at HP, she will even use her Elixir to save you the trouble.

    Again, undines can just be ignored, so just focus on the humans. Don't waste your time trying to kill those undines. This will also be your first taste of the sea... where occasionally (if you're in the water) you will "drift off" to an adjacent tile, and if you happen to be near a ledge, and fall.. you drown. If you have frog shoes equipped, there is nothing to worry about in these calm waters. The prevent you from drifting off.


    Part 2

    Location - Northern Permafrost
    Goal - Defeat the Outlaws
    Start Time -
    Time Limit - ASGAR 7984 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 18:00, No Retry/NUL


    The drakes to your east should be no trouble as they're easy to kill - or you can just send one bulky unit to block off the path. Now if you can gather Tactics points quickly, and unleash one of the Wargods early, you can make the whole battle easier and faster. Since it takes time before your enemies even reach you, use that time to heal yourself. If you have anyone that can cause knockback, you can even drown your opponents away. You can also just send one bulky unit to the west, and start knocking off the enemies one-by-one - which is the easiest method, by the way. They either drown or get out of bounds. You only have 4 or 5 human units to deal with, after all.

    One of the Sorceress (who also happens to have a really large AOE spell) will be stubborn enough to stay as far away as she can from your team when she reaches below half HP, so you might be forced to send a unit to follow her. And while undines could be annoying, chances are, you'd be dodging most of their attacks, due to their distance.. Careful though, cause if their spears hit, there's a high chance of you being frozen in place.

    The undines will occasionally freeze you in place, if ever their spears hit, so you might want to equip aqua-immune/absorbing armor just for that. Not to mention that Sorceress spells here deal aqua damage, too.

    Just focus on the westside - dealing Beats, and taking enemies down one by one. Mages first, of course, as they are a major threat to your Guest.

    Force Bracelet is a good find from the stash of loot you can get down here. Others aren't very important at all.