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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Molivious

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      4. (Battle) While enemy is moving
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    10. Walkthrough
      1. Scene 1 - Caravan Raid
      2. Scene 2 - Esperanza Training
      3. Scene 3 - In Defense of Espada
      4. Scene 4 - Ambushing the Gate of Lament
      5. Scene 5 - Battle at Maleca Village
      6. Scene 6 - Encounter in the Forest of Tranquility
      7. Scene 7 - Liberation of Carozza Prison
      8. Scene 8 - Assault on Victrion Stronghold
      9. Scene 9 - Battle at the Vast Fissure
      10. Scene 10 - Siege on Golgotha Fort
      11. Scene 11 - Escape from Victrion
      12. Scene 12 - Battle with Corpses
      13. Scene 13 - No Combat
      14. Scene 14 - Encounter in the Desert of Ruin
      15. Scene 15 - No Combat
      16. Scene 16 - Battle at the Northern Permafrost
      17. Scene 17 - Fending off the Mountain Bandits
      18. Scene 18 - Battle at Port Azzurri
      19. Scene 19 - Recapturing Victrion
      20. Scene 20 - Battle with the Corpses
      21. Scene 21 - A Stand at the Vast Fissure
      22. Scene 22 - Showdown on Golgotha Fort
      23. Scene 23 - Battle at Cannavaro
      24. Scene 24 - Breaking Through Van der Dalt
      25. Scene 25 - The Capture of Daltanica
      26. Scene 26 - Showdown at Heidelgard Castle
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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Scene 17 - Fending off the Mountain Bandits

    Location - Snowy Mountains
    Goal - Defeat Rodrigues
    Start Time - VANAN 4984 / 16:00
    Time Limit - VANAN 9984 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 36:00, No Retry/NUL


    Before proceeding, Dragonia armor should be currently sold in the shop. I'd suggest that you grab it for a battle later on.

    Assassins equipped with Fuuma Mufflers and Knockback weapons can help you out for the first half - before Rodrigues comes down. Fuuma mufflers allow them to be totally immune to the harpies' damage, allowing them to take care of these birds easily. Knockback, on the other hand, will send the tamers - including Griselda to their doom in one hit, so make sure that each attack you do counts.

    Pamela can be quite annoying, though. You might want to prioritize on getting her knocked out from the stage before she does anything serious to your party. If you are lucky enough though, her "Pam Virus" and "Pam Dream" ailments will keep her sleeping for the rest of the fight - saving you the bother of caring about her attacks at all. Do take note that she usually uses her knockback spell, which would put your units at the edge of the map in danger.

    Rodrigues can easily be dealt with by magic, especially when you are able to inflict burn. If you have Serpent(+20% Ailment infliction rate), then this will be a breeze. Otherwise, beats and long-range attacks will eventually bring his HP down. Careful of the Assassins that come with him, though, they could also kill some of your units.

    A good area to keep your units safe during this period is at the slope that is right next to your spawn area, positioning your units in a similar way to this:



    P - PitS - SlopeX - Ranged unit/Mage
    T - TankE/R - Enemies/Rodrigues''


    where T is hopefully equipped with AoE healing items such as Lumiel or Luciel (night-use only, though)


    Scene 18 - Battle at Port Azzurri

    Location - Port Azzurri
    Goal - Defeat the Bandits
    Start Time - VANAN 29984 / 6:00
    Time Limit - MIRDZ 2984 / 18:30
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 27:00, No Retry/NUL


    In this battle, there will be two undines spamming magic damage on you, so it would be best that you equip Water-immune armor. They can easily be avoided, though, as the undines would never set foot on land without water.

    Bring at least one Tank, and preferrably one with Knockback, as it would be easier knocking them off the map one by one than fighting all the brutes head-on. If you could get Natalia to equip Blue Stinger and carry a good amount of armor, then that would be perfect. Your other units could be either a priestess, a mage, or another offensive frontline unit. Why do I recommend Natalia? Because she can equip heavy armor, as well as Blue Stinger - a rapier that can cause knockback, and Rapiers ignore guard%.

    If you plan to face them head-on, just make sure that you are out of the undines' range. Although if you have water-absorb armor, allowing yourself to be hit by their spells would mean free heals. The Wampyre can easily be baited to her impending doom by placing a soft unit at the edge of the map with it's back exposed to the Wampyre, this taunts her into attacking that unit, and gives you the chance of knocking her off the map with your Knockback unit.

    If you want to make things easier, have your units rush behind the church, having the mages at the rear, and another unit blocking the entrance. After that, have your Knockback unit be placed right beside the tile in front of the entrance, allowing you an easy knockback in whenever a brute steps foot on that tile. Don't worry, the other entrance from the side of the church is blocked - fenced, so no enemy unit can attack you from there. If you dont know what I mean, you could use this as reference: http://imgur.com/a/5WYKy#21

    Leave the base point for enemies to capture, then knock them off to show em who's boss.

    One thing to note though, the Witches that accompany these bandits have knockback spells, so if you also have a witch that has a Knockback spell (equipped with +Cas equipment, like Chrono), then you can easily counter/cancel out their spells from a distance. Otherwise, just try to avoid them. Usually, they will target the unit blocking the entrance, or mages behind the church.


    Scene 19 - Recapturing Victrion

    Location - Victrion Stronghold
    Goal - Defeat Nelson
    Start Time - SVART 12984 / 15:15
    Time Limit - SVART 19984 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 48:00, No Retry/NUL


    If you already have fire-immune armor like aqua garb, and ailment boosting equipment like Serpent, this stage will be cake.

    Mages will truly shine any make this stage easy and quick. Deploy your preferred ace, accompanied by 2 burn-inducing mages beside him. Send them over to Nelson and focus their spells at him. If you are lucky enough to inflict burn on your first few attacks, you can literally just leave him be, and let the mission finish by itself. Although you can do better than that. Don't need to worry about anything else, other than healing whoever is at low health - your units in the west will barely be touched at all.

    The archers above have a high range, and will use an AoE aero attack most of the time - and those aero attacks even usually miss, due to the "random" selection of tiles it will damage. Nothing much you should fear, you will just have to use aero-immune gear, or outheal the damage they deal. They won't be showering you all day, after all - and even their normal attacks miss a lot.

    If you aren't doing the said above, you can lure the Knights from the west side by sending one unit that will be at the "range" of their attacks. They won't approach you otherwise until the second half of day 1. DO NOT fight them on the narrow alleyway, fight them close to where the pool is, or at the edge of the map - so that you can drown them, or send them out of bounds if you plan it correctly. Again, units such as Natalia can easily push them out.

    After taking out the first wave of knights, the other knights - along with Nelson, will start moving. If you have kept your previous Knockback-setup well, you can again ring out the knights, and leave Nelson for a beating.


    Scene 20 - Battle with the Corpses

    Location - Victrion Stronghold
    Goal - Defeat Isabelli
    Start Time - SVART 21984 / 21:30
    Time Limit - SVART 25984 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 36:00, No Retry/NUL


    If you had purchased a holy saber from earlier shops, and love to use paladins, this will be their shining moment. The special effect of holy saber's attack is to reduce any corpse's HP to 0. So even if it had 3k hp, all of that goes down the drain. Do take note that they aren't completely destroyed this way, and still need to be purged (by grimoire healing spells) to begone from your sight.

    Brutes with Thor hammer, currently available for purchase in shops, will also be huge help. Thor hammer deals a bonus 250% damage on golems, and you will be dealing at least 1k+ damage per attack even without improvements.

    Aside from the mentioned above, you can still do the same old tactic where you push the corpses to the edge of the map - completely removing them from the battlefield in one turn.

    However, don't expect Isabelli to be so kind and just let it all happen right in front of her. She will be using Hades Invitation on you repeatedly, damaging you for quite a painful amount and turning your units into undead as well - which can be good and bad. Good, because non-ace units will never die/leave the map/revitalize later on. Bad because you wont be able to attack in the undead state (only during the night). Angel Halos will allow you to be immune to the undead/cursed ailment, though.

    Be aware that even if your Ace unit is undead, and he is killed, he won't be revitalized or saved regardless of the undead status.

    Isabelli herself is easy to deal with once you get to her, though take note that she WILL use her elixir if you aren't beside her when she's on the red zone. Einherjar/Vanagandr are perfect summons for this stage, as it allows you a chance of dealing some sure-hit status ailment on Isabelli.


    Scene 21 - A Stand at the Vast Fissure

    Location - Vast Fissure
    Goal - Defeat Conrad
    Start Time - JOTUN 11984 / 18:30
    Time Limit - JOTUN 16984 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 36:00, No Retry/NUL


    This stage will be filled with archers, gunners, and throwers - a lot of them. Do not rush into killing them all at the same time, take them out one-by-one, prioritizing the Archers and Throwers

    Summoning Einherjar is clearly a good choice, but Vanagandr isn't so bad, either. A good unit to start with is a witch with knockback, she can ring out the careless units that stick to the edge of the map, while being in a safe spot - though be careful as throwers can easily knock them back as well. Throwers can be annoying if you do not have any fire-immune armors with you. But if you do, then they can be ignored for the rest of the fight.

    Archers are top priority in that case, as they will usually target your mage/caster/soft units with normal attacks - attacks that cannot be nullified. One good way to deal with them is to induce poor aim, or charm, or simply knock them off the map. The only thing that makes this stage easy is that there are too many enemy units, so the faster you are able to get rid of them, the better. A unit with good defense and knockback attacks will easily get past around 4 or 5 enemies. However, if he is constantly being Beat up, then he might be in danger. A lot among the units here have +50% boosts for their ranged attacks, so even your defense could fail if you position yourself in a risky way.

    Allowing yourself to be supported by a Priestess from afar isn't a bad idea either. Like you may have done in scene 9, your priestess could just stay from the other side of the bridge and cast her healing spells safely.

    Once you get rid of the archers, you can start taking out fire-immune mages and nuke the rest of the enemies - including Conrad. Conrad is easy to kill, but is quite difficult to catch since he always keeps a distance to shoot. This can be problematic especially when he hits the red zone, because he will heal himself with an Elixir if that happens. Two units attacking, and two or three units supporting from afar will be a good way to deal with the situation.

    Additionally, if you happen to burn an opponent, and knock him back - hitting another unit, then the unit he hits will be burned as well. This is extremely effective with a mage+witch combo. Be reminded though, that witches have no way of being immune to fire damage, so threats of being ringed out/killed by enemy throwers and archers may arise.


    Scene 22 - Showdown on Golgotha Fort

    Location - Golgotha Fortress
    Goal - Defeat Robertus
    Start Time - JOTUN 20984 / 9:00
    Time Limit - JOTUN 27984 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 48:00, No Retry/NUL


    Remember when I suggested you to buy that Dragonia armor earlier? well, this is exactly where it can prove it's worth. You can purchase 2 more in the shop btw - and you might want to buy both, as well.

    Paulo/Sorceress with an Icicle rod should make things quite less overwhelming. Icicle rods can induce frozen (and has one of those large AOE spell you want, provided that you have used the weapon a lot to unlock the attack) - and while frozen, that unit cannot move. Quite handy if you wanna have someone stall the others while you take one down without being worried about your backs. On the other hand, you can just have your mages attack Robertus directly with large-aoe Burn-inducing spells. Burn will drain down his HP quickly, and he wont be healing until you attack the first wave of knights, or have casted Ragnarok.

    The cannons can be quite annoying though, but with archers and wrecker gloves.. that might not be too hard. If paulo or any mage is with you, he can help by destroying the tracks right in the middle of , or just before, the intersections (so that the cannons wouldnt move any further). Also, tracks can be targeted by weapons. But if you had a party equipped fully with Aqua garbs and Draconia armor, then you wouldn't have to worry about being attacked at all.

    Other than the said above, you can pick whether to use the war god Midgardsormr to make the battle a LOT easier.. cause that means Robertus will lose his armor - he has 4k HP(easy) and 7k+(Nightmare), allowing you to deal more damage with physical, and even magical attacks. Plus, he will try to heal whatever damage that is caused by Einherjar early on, if ever. Also, using Midgardsormr also gives you a better chance of getting the 4* Oni Lance+9

    OR you can just use Einherjar to get rid of the mobs quickly. and be able to face Robertus a few ticks earlier. If Robertus starts trying to heal himself while you are casting, worry not if his healing spell casts after yours, cause Ragnarok will always cause stun to units. After that, he won't be trying to heal himself for quite a while - use that period of time to finish him off. However, if he heals before you, then tough luck. I suggest that you plan on casting Ragnarok at least 12 ticks before Robertus's next turn.

    If you do not plan to finish the game too early, you can send an archer/ranged unit to attack one of the knights with Wallace - they will approach you right then. With your Dragonia-equipped tanks, you can worry-lessly cast Fire magic on your center tank (See Scene 10 - Siege on Golgotha Fort)

    After that, prepare to face Robertus's wrath. Anyhow, his drops are good. You might want to keep an eye on Oni Lance, though - it's one of the three Lances in the game you can ever get.


    Scene 23 - Battle at Cannavaro

    Location - Cannavaro
    Goal - Defeat Regina
    Start Time - NIVL 12985 / 9:30
    Time Limit - NIVL 16985 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 24:00, No Retry/NUL


    This battle is easier than the previous, you just have to equip the right stuff. We would be battling a lot of mages, so you might want to have as much M.def as possible.

    Regina casts fire spells, and Wampyres are equipped with fire weapons, so you might want to equip your mages with Aqua garbs. Do not mind the other mages, they will be dealing minor aqua damage to you - and if you're lucky, getting the Aquism status will help you more, as it would allow them to deal less damage on your Aquism-inflicted units. If you are equipped with Serpent, then it should be no problem for you to get Regina burned, and steadily damaged in the long run.

    One unit you would like to focus on is the Priestess, she's the most annoying unit in this stage as she has a 75% single-heal and 40% AoE-heal that will easily restore the huge amount of damage you dealt earlier. It is best that you get rid of this unit quickly.

    You can send two tanks to block off the tamers from the bridge, disallowing them to drop down from their locations and attacking you from the back. The tanks, with 70-75% defense, will pretty much survive attacks for the whole run - if not, a simple Lumiel/Luciel use will easily solve it.

    Second most annoying units would be the Wampyres, you would wanna get rid of them as quickly as possible by either drowning them, or ringing them out - cause comes the night, they will be charming your units nonstop, and only those who can equip Iron Masks could be immune to charm (which means your mages would be in danger). Not to mention that those attacks aren't magic or fire at all. So your mage will physically and mentally suffer from these Wampyres.

    Regina's weapon is one of the 4* rods you can get. It is powerful, has a wide AoE spell, and that same spell inflicts one of the most useful ailments in the game - burn. Aside from that, inflicting poor aim on ranged units isn't so bad either. A priceless addition to your collection, indeed.


    Scene 24 - Breaking Through Van der Dalt

    Location - Van der Dalt
    Goal - Defeat Bacchus
    Start Time - MUSPEL 31985 / 15:30
    Time Limit - MUSPEL 5985 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 36:00, No Retry/NUL


    You will start this stage in a gorge, where Bacchus ambushes you. It would be best that you bring units that have 2 or 3 jump, so that you could get to the better side of the map easily. Also, if you still have those fire-immune armors, equip them again. The opposing Throwers will yet again be equipped with fire javelins and this is the best remedy, especially when you already are aware of their potential Knockbacks.

    Try to get all your units to the platform to your right before the enemy assassins, throwers, and brutes reach you. Now you will probably be shot a few times by the gunners, so you should take them out by either a kill, or entirely ringing them out - your choice. The main tactic here is to block off the "entrance" of the platform by placing a tank unit there. None of the enemy assassins/brutes/throwers can jump more than 2, and there is only one entrance for the "2 jump" units.

    Once that is settled, place your units in the same diagonal position as you did in some scenes where your main purpose was to knock any incoming unit off the map. Thanks to the building to your right, you can easily make that happen. With at least the Gunners and Brutes gone, you have absolutely nothing to worry about from there. Just keep your "blocker" in good shape, and focus on damaging Bacchus as much as you could.

    Bacchus comes with Magic Eater - an armor that absorbs any type of magic damage. Bringing a brute with break armor or an assassin with the Steal ability is highly recommended for this stage - as this piece of armor is the only thing that really protects him, and that Magic eater could help you on the following battles as well. Once that is dealt with, you can either keep nuking him with burn-inducing spells or several beat attacks. It's actually a lot easier than the last fight you had with him. Just make sure that at least the assassins and throwers stay inside the pit for less troubles.


    Part 1

    Location - Daltanica
    Goal - Defeat the Enemy
    Start Time - MUSPEL 20985 / 11:00
    Time Limit - MUSPEL 25985 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 48:00, No Retry/NUL


    Blocking the enemies like we did in Scene 22 - Showdown on Golgotha Fort, we can prevent the Knights, Paladins and Sorceress from attacking the back row. Make sure that you have items such as Loriel, or at least a Priestess/Grimoire to keep your units from being killed. The Sorceress here use Geo spells, while Paladins use magic attacks - use Shields as much as possible to at least prevent the Paladins from heavily damaging your tanks. Having huge AoE spells to nuke out the crowd of enemies is also a good thing, especially if you have a weapon like Lava Rod to burn the enemies (and to heal allies who are equipped with fire-absorb armor).

    But be sure to be really careful with the gunners, as they will target your mages whenever they come into sight. You can easily get rid of them by knocking them off (with a thrower) from the middle of the bridge, allowing their huge fall to damage them painfully. If the fall doesn't deal enough damage to kill, just follow it up with an AoE spell (hopefully to damage the other gunners as well).

    The knights will occasionally drop down/go to the edge of the map, or retreat(when weak) for replacements. Use that chance to knock them out of bounds. Throwers with Knockback attacks will be extremely useful, as their attacks have 100% accuracy, given at a certain distance.

    Be alarmed that the lesser enemies there are, the less WT each enemy will have for each action. Prioritize killing the Gunners first, and then the Knights/Paladins. Save the sorcs for last, as their Casting Time allows you enough chance to get near and attack them with 100% accuracy.

    Part 2

    Location - Daltanica
    Goal - Defeat Ragnus
    Start Time -
    Time Limit - MUSPEL 25985 / 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 48:00, No Retry/NUL


    Ragnus could bring you pain if you hadn't equipped Giulio properly, so just try to make sure that Giulio isn't mobbed by the corpses while your teammates try to rescue/support you.

    Like your setup back in Scene 20 - Battle with the Corpses, you could still use the Paladin + Purge Corpse combo to easily sweep up this mess. If not, you could lure the corpses to one of your units at the edge of the map, and start knocking them off one by one. Beware! the corpses have knockback attacks as well, so this advice could be a double-edged sword. Just try purging them, it's a lot safer. Besides, Isabelli won't attack you until later so it's gonna be safe until a few more rounds.

    You don't really have to mind the golems here, just try to avoid being hit by them too much - or at all, focus on aiding Giulio as soon as you can. You can also go for Isabelli if you want, and get her drops. But that might require you more than your 48:00 limit, depending on how quickly you finished part 1. So if you're looking forward to perfecting this stage, just ignore her - tho heal when you need to, and just proceed with your plans.

    Having a Trickster Mastered with the Shiranui tool will be extremely helpful on this stage - thanks to Scapegoat. Once the night comes, have your trickster plant the trap somewhere close to Ragnus, lure him to attack you by staying behind the trap, and allowing your back to be exposed. This will catch Ragnus' attention and would have him step on the trap, and hopefully, dealing the Scapegoat status. What's good about scapegoat? Any attack directed to an ally of that unit, will directly go to the unit with scapegoat. That means, OHKO attacks like Destroy Undead, or Thor's Hammer (250% attacks against golems) would be dealing thousands of damage indirectly to Ragnus. Make sure to be quick on it, though. Scapegoat doesn't last forever.

    During the night, Isabelli will use Hades Invitation, possibly turning your units into Undead. As much as possible, have your golem killers/Skeleton slayers out of reach (if you are using the Scapegoat tactic), otherwise, try to get the undead status as much as possible. Why? This will allow your units to be undead, and easily revived after a certain amount of time - and they won't count as deaths/retreats, either. Just make sure that you aren't knocked out of bounds by the skeletons. A great tactic to keep the skeletons busy while you focus on bringing Ragnus' HP down.


    Scene 26 - Showdown at Heidelgard Castle

    Location - Heidelgard Imperial Castle
    Goal - Defeat Ziyad
    Start Time - YMIR 10985 / 12:00
    Time Limit - YMIR 16985 / 18:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 60:00, No Retry/NUL


    Like all other bosses, Ziyad won't attack instantly, so you have at least a few time to get rid of his beloved minions. If you manage to send a unit to the knight that is right in front of your deployment area, you can drown him easily with a knockback. As well as the other knight right behind him - which you can lure by placing a unit with his back faced at the knight. If you do this, though, keep an eye on your units' HP as they will go down fast from the barrage of arrows and spells thrown at you.

    Fire is another common thing in here, and if you got Magic eater from Bacchus earlier, you could easily chuckle off Ziyad's magic as well.

    Beware of the trickster right beside your deployment area though, if in reach, he will attack with the Demon Pen or with the cannon. Not realy anything to worry about though, so just take your time to capture as many bases as you can. You will find it necessary to use Einherjar if you want to make the sweeping faster, not that you really have to use it though.

    After taking care of the first two knights, you should face another knight or two. Just block these units with a tank, and have a +4 jump unit take care of Ziyad. A unit with 4 jump can easily jump on the castle walls, as well as take care of the Sorceress and Archers behind it. If you think it isn't enough, send a mage, or summon Einherjar to lessen the amount of work your killer has to do. Once you are done with the soft units, rush your way to Ziyad and ignore the knights he has in the way. Although you could still kill them if you want - heck, you got 60:00 for this stage alone.

    If you don't have any +4 jump unit, you can just brute force your way in, and chip away the Knights' HP little by little.

    Yet again, Burn and Poison are wonderful ailments for this stage, and Ziyad accepts a terrible amount of damage from them. Be aware that he will heal himself -like most other bosses- if there is no unit right beside him, so try to take him out quickly the moment you start chipping his HP down.

    If you attack Ziyad, don't attack from the back. Instead, attack from the front. His wheelchair has high guard rate from the back, but his face barely has any at all. At the end of the day, it was just a battle of endurance. Surviving the first few attacks is the most problematic part, while the 2nd half is just for booty grabbin. End this match and you will be on the finale's doorstep.


    Scene 26B - Escape from Heidelgard

    Location - Heidelgard Imperial Castle
    Goal - Escape from the Castle
    Start Time - YMIR 18985 / 12:00
    Time Limit - YMIR 21985/ 6:00
    Losing Conditions - Ace KIA / Time Up
    Perfect Clear Conditions - 24:00, No Retry/NUL


    All you have to do here is escape, so you can strip your units naked and just equip +mov equipment on them. Do not mind damage from Wallace and the knights with him, they aren't enough to kill you. Just make sure that your path isn't blocked by any of them.

    Now if you jump from the bridge and land on water, you will not take any damage nor any stunned status. So use that advantage to get to the escape point quickly. Remember, your Ace cannot escape unless your other units have already. So make sure you prioritize your other units first.

    Recommended Links

    These links will give more in-depth explanations for each of their categories.

    General Info

    • http://www.atlus.com/gungnir/GungnirManual.pdf from Atlus
    • http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/622913-/61365847 by Lineropethread


    • http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/622913-gungnir/63109883 by youfailzored

    In order to perform Beats, the following conditions must be met, otherwise there will be no Beat option even when you have units on a same line with your target:

    • Only melee and ranged attacks that targets a single tile can perform a Beat, and that attack mustn't have a knockback effect.
    • Gunners, Throwers and archers have a longer distance for a beat. but for them to beat with each other, one must be in front or behind the other.
    • The distance from the ally unit to the target must be close enough. This depends on how many Base Points you have captured. The default range for Beat is at 1 adjacent tile, and that increases by 1 for each Base Point captured.
    • If there is an enemy unit standing between an ally unit and the target, a Beat can not be performed from that ally.
    • An Allied unit under the effects of Sleep/Stone/Stun status, being captured or is casting a spell cannot join in Beat.
    • Only one ally on each side (left/right/opposite side/behind) can perform a beat - giving you a maximum of 4 participants. Other units behind cannot join any further.
    • An Allied unit must be equipped with a weapon in order to join in Beat.

    There are two shields that can be used to Beat: Ogre Shield and Assault Shield, but they require the ally unit to stand right next to the target regardless of your Beat range. When they're used in your Beat, any attack that comes after them will be cancelled.

    ...big thanks to ecthel1412 and phalnx

    Each time you clear a mission, a number will be added to your multiplier (Huge, transparent, red-font number at your results screen) - depending on what difficulty you are playing at, and how many stars you achieve. This increases certain stats for the opponents you will be facing in your next battle.

    In return, more Treasure Chests will spawn on the next map, giving you more chances of acquiring prized-items early in the game.

    Early in the game, they do not really give valuable loot - although you could acquire items that wouldn't be sold in shops for the next 3 or 4 scenes.

    Halfway through the game, important uniques and missables will start coming from both objects and chests. Some examples are the Rosary in scene 14, which automatically revives you when you die (one-use-only) and the rest of the 4* weapons from scene 22 onwards (4* weapons cannot be purchased from shops, and only could be acquired from chests/objects/enemy drops)

    There are certain factors that will affect your *-rank in the end, which are:

    • Each time you retry a mission, one star is taken away from you.
    • Having an ally killed or defeated automatically gives you no stars. However, retrying would give you the chance to still get **.
    • If something like 12:00 + 1 day appears in your results, then that means you have done the mission for 36:00. Make sure you did things swiftly, as every 1:00 overtime deducts one star.

    There is only one unlockable in the game:

    In order to unlock the fifth War God - Filmbultyr, following conditions are required:

    • Choose "Stop Alissa" as the story option in scene 3.
    • Choose "Pray with her" as the story option in scene 6.
    • Choose "Choose to fight together" as the story option in scene 15.
    • Choose "Reassure her" as the story option in scene 20.
    • Have Alissa in every battle after she join your party.
    • Alissa must not be defeated in any battles that she participated.

    If you complete the above condition, after scene 24, you will get the fifth War God together with an alternate version of the good ending.

    Additionally... in New Game+ mode, a number of elite mercenaries are made available in Guild, where you can hire them with a cost of 90000 gold together with a 4-star weapon. They all start at Lv 1, but their stats are nearly equal to a same class unit at Lv 78, making them the strongest mercenaries you can have.

    ...full credits go to ecthel1412 for this post

    In courtesy of Niu:

    The game has three endings, you might want to keep the requirements in mind:

    A+Agree with Alissa and be a nice guy with most of your choices(see the list above) and deploy her in every battle where she is deploy-able.
    ASame as A+ but does not deploy Alissa everytime she is available.
    BDisagree with Alissa with most of your choices.


    A and A+ are generally the same, it's just that Alissa appears in the A+ ending.

    It is not mandatory to deploy Alissa as Ace (whenever she's allowed to be) to get an A+ ending.

    No. The game "carries over" the death records when Retrying. However, Restarting would still allow you to get an A+ ending.

    No. Unfortunately, you can't. So their weapons (except for Pam's Broom) are totally useless, and can only be sold.

    No. That's because they only revive when killed, or totally vanish when purged with a holy spell.

    Grams can only be set during the day, while Traps can be set during the night. A unit needs to specifically stop on that tile to be able to activate it. Simply "passing by" wont trigger it's effect. Best way to use this is to set it beside an enemy, then attack him with a Knockback effect to forcefully push him to the trap/gram. You could also just move your trickster/witch beside the tile and expose your back to the enemy, so that you could trick him into attacking you from the back - but then stepping on the trap/gram you just set.

    Only one tile/gram at a time can be set per unit, though.

    Note: All of the 4* weapons cannot be bought from shops, and are only dropped from chests, objects, or specific enemies.


    Here's a quick list of important ones:

    Rosary - Scene 17

    4* Weapons - Various locations from scene 22 onwards

    Chronos - Isabelli-only; Scene 12, 20, and 25

    Orichalcum - Sprites (Scene 12), Undine (Scene 17), Chest (Scene 25)

    Elixir - Various bosses: Bacchus, Isabelli, Wallace, etc. Some chests/objects drop them too.

    Marchen Wing - Scene 25

    Ambrosia - Scene 20, Scene 23

    Alicorn - Scene 23, Scene 25 (Isabelli)

    Yes, soon after I figure out how to do that. lol


    STING & Dept. Heaven for yet again another addition to their series

    Atlus for their wonderful service

    Japanese wikis for misc info:

    • http://cs-wiki.net/gungnir/
    • http://fate-wiki.com/gungnir/
    • http://wiki.livedoor.jp/psp_gungnir/

    Gamefaqs users MJEmirzian, ThatSagegGuy, youfailzored, Phalnx, amc9988, Niu, Trisagion, ecthel1412 and Lineropethread for helping me out in completing this FAQ/Guide/Walkthrough

    "AGamer" for pointing out some mistakes.

    And of course, the rest of Gamefaqs's Gungnir Board community.

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