A BIG FAT UPDATE - GAME CENTER, RETINA DISPLAY, NEW CONTROL SYSTEM AND UNIVERSAL As usual, Touch Racing gives you one of the most generous updates of any game!Global Leaderboards and Achievements, directly tied to your Game Center account!New Features in version 1.5:- GAME CENTER SUPPORT.- RETINA DISPLAY SUPPORT- New V-PAD CONTROL SYSTEM- UNIVERSALNow you have the option of Game Center, Openfeint or both to continue your adventure! Get to work today and prove to your friends that you are the better Touch Racing player!We have also worked more on balancing the game.We'd like to take this opportunity to extend our infinite gratitude to our fans everywhere. Please, rate us generously and we will continue supporting the game.Follow us on Twitter for Touch Racing updates news.http://twitter.touchracingnitro.comBecome a fan of Touch Racing on Facebook:http://facebook.touchracingnitro.com_____________________________________TOUCH RACING- No.1 grossing racing game - USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Portugal, and Belgium!Touch Racing is a racing game like no other on the iPhone. With 100% touch-control oriented design you will drive, drift, jump, launch nitros and fly over your opponents at the touch of a finger! _____________________________________Media:"Unique Racer" - 148Apps 4/5"The unique controls blended with the excellent graphics and levels make Touch Racing a game worth owning."- slapapp 4/5"The good graphics and responsive gameplay make Touch Racing an intriguing option for racing fans" – Appcraver 8/10Customers:Thumbs, literally, UP!!!!! by NurikabeFAN *****Guys... Well, congrats. We had to go to the tutorial video in You Tube but now we've got the hang of it. I am NOT a big games person but we had a blast playing this on the plane to California. My boys played it non stop for 4 hours and I was soooooo happy. It took us a while to learn that we had to use our two thumbs!!! anyway, THUMBS UP!! Thanks for making my trip easier.??______________________________________3 DIFFERENT TOURNAMENTS AND RACING ENVIRONMENTSHone your Touch Racing skills in the Indoor Cup. Master the 4x4 monster trucks of the Off-Road Cup, or for the speed lovers push your super car to the limit in the Supertrax Cup!UP TO 12 AWESOME VEHICLESAn impressive rage of visually customizable and unlockable vehicles. Including Buggies, 4x4's, Monster Trucks, and Super CarsUP TO 18 CHALLENGING TRACKSA huge range of unlockable tracks that will require different racing styles, and vehicles to masterAMAZING 3D RACING VISUALSSweeping Camera Angles, and realistic impacts make for an immersive racing experience2 EXCITING GAMES MODESTournament or Time Trial where you can race against the clock or your Ghost to really master your lap times and race linesGET ONLINE AND SHOW YOU'RE THE BEST Race against your friends ghost times or try you luck against the best lap times in the World. Also including online leaderborads and loads of unlockable achievements. ______________________________________**Pro Tips**- For the best technique use your thumbs not your fingers!- Watch the Pros - check out the Hands-on trailer at a fan @

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