1. How do i get romantic with regina?

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    alucardfan51 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Wow, this is doing to be quite a bit of spoilers, no way getting past that if you're asking for it. This is all the top of my head so I may forget some things.

    Well first, you have to save her of course and I don't mean that you can save her before she first dies. Hell, Regina has a few things she needs to be saved from.

    First off, your familiar needs to have Access Psyche. Secondly, she (your familiar) also needs to have high stats so that you can enter Regina's psyche and thus enable you to save her. If the stats are not high enough, then forget it. If you're worried, then farm the the stones in the Arena's 'Creature Conquest' and max out your Familiar.

    The next part requires you to spend part in the Arena to the point that you can access the 4 Vs 4 battles to gain a book that's a key item. Once you gain the book, give it to Maggie and she makes certain references, including three numbers to be used somewhere.

    Remember the ruins in Marquelay? Well if I recall right, there is a safe in there that needs that set of numbers to unlock it and receive something called a...Life Stone? I forget but it sounds about right. Anyway, give that to Maggie as well. With it she'll be able to make a 'living body' (I can't remember the exact name of it) out of it.

    Now this is where you should have a bit of back and forth going on.

    Have Regina in your party and talk to the doctor in your town's hospital. You probably need to read the documents before talking to the doctor just in case. He'll talk about heart transplants and the like.Talk to Maggie again and ask her to make a heart. More talking, head back to the doctor and he should give more info about what you need for a successful transplant. You know, Regina's blood type and the differences of her weight %. Back to Maggie and tell her the conditions and then back to the doctor to proceed with the operation.

    At this point, all of the available characters will be there in the hospital and I believe that giving the most optimistic choices to them will be the final key to a successful operation.

    That's an important thing to do while you're trying to romance her, so you have to just do it. And that's only just part of what you need to romance her.

    Another requirement is to talk to Sydney at the last day of each Furlough in Marquelia to the point where your Familiar states that you need to find a gift for her (Sydney, that is). Speaking of Furlough's, you'll also need to invite Regina and talk to Mel (as in the 'shopkeeper near the Arena' Mel) where the talk of Lovers Oak Branch appears.

    Anyways, as soon as talk of Sydney's gift appears, Head to Marquelia's docks where a man will talk of legends about the Sunset Quartz. If you have Leona in your team, she'll mention one where you first met her.

    Note: Not when you first save her, but when you first encountered with Christopher following you.

    After that, enter Ordinale and near the armor merchant, there should be a guy that said that he had some Lovers Oak Branch, but sold the last of it to a guy with a green robe from the previous screen. Talk to that man and he'll ask if you really want it. If you do he'll ask to trade it for a Sunset Quartz. Do so.

    (Note that you can only have ONE Sunset Quartz so if you wanted to have Sydney's ending, then you can't give it away. Since this is for romancing Regina, then ignore this little part of the section.)

    Once you aquired the Lovers Oak Branch, go on Furlough in your city and talk to Mel. She should respond that you have the Lover's Oak Branch and ask if you want to make Lover's Oak. Say yes and then you have to wait til the next day (in your city) when she gives you it.

    Now with the Lover's Oak in hand, give it to Regina and that should be it until the final vacation day where at night you have to knock on her door for a date with her.

    And that's all I can remember.

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Other Answers

  1. I do not think u can. I just got the game and she died 2 hours into it.

    User Info: Larollexie

    Larollexie - 5 years ago 0 3
  2. oops.... keep playing the game dude :D

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  3. Don't forget to finish her quest, or she will die :(

    User Info: iindeec

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