1. How do i get romantic with Diana Silverneil?

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    iindeec - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. From this thread: www.gamefaqs.com/boards/629093-growlanser-wayfarer-of-time/63640707

    1-Introduce yourself in trockmere (Option 2)

    2-Meet whit her infront of Klasdahl pick ''Dixon is dead''

    3-Speak whit Latika in Klasdahl she is at the inn

    4-After the battle to save Hien speak whit lakita again and pick ''Sure, go ahead!''

    5-Speak whit Silverneil in Klasdahl and pick ''No need to apologize'' and ''I'm not strong''

    6-After Hien joins speak to Lakita again and pick ''Let's invite silverneil too'' then fallow her to silverneil , talk to her and say ''Come Along it will be fun!''.Fallow them to the item shop and speak whit Lakita, pick ''We should get him a accesory'' then pick ''It's perfect'', when silverneil speaks pick ''How were you as a child?''

    -Muntzer Fate altered Scene-

    7-After you fight whit akriel head to trockmere and speak whit pamela, head for aina bridge and pick ''We must save her'' when you run into a woman being attacked by 2 trolls. Talk to the woman and pick *Avert your eyes* then pick ''Magnus look in a mirror!!'' then pick ''He...might need some help. Move into the next screen and pick ''II'l go whit you''

    8-When silverneil is about to wack Magnus pick ''Dame silverneil, please calm down!'' then pick ''He's never boring'' then pick ''I don't want to fight you''

    -9 In the fight inside fort balktrick use the ''Right Half'' when the battle start''

    - Alfonse Fate altered -

    10-After the fight where buer comes in as reinforcement behind aina bridge, head straight to Klasdalh and speak whit Lakita

    11- Head to rebrant and fight silverneil, if you did everything right she will speak directly to crevanille before the fight starts.

    12-Speak whit chris in the castle and pick ''Why not you?'' , when speaking to Silverneil pick ''Because you are here'' then pick ''That's not true'' then finaly pick ''You fuffiled your duty''

    - Movie unlocked : Silverneil loses composure

    13- Got back to your town and take a vacation in boomtown, at night you will receive a letter from silverneil.When you wake up go to the arena and accept to fight silverneil

    14- Defeat silverneil in a duel

    Silveneil Level 58 - HP ~ 1300 MP- ??

    Str - 358 F- 4
    Dex- 368 I-4
    Int- 357 E-4
    Atk- 502 W-4
    Def-484 L-4
    Mov- 250 P-4
    ATW- 50 H-4 M-5

    Gems : Interceptor/Balance Breaker EX/Double Strike EX
    Knacks :Fierce strike/Impede/Pierce strike
    Spells : Ice barrage

    During the fight pick ''Don't hold back!'' Then after the fight pick ''It was a good fight''

    - CG unlocked -

    15- Pick ''I'm really not that amazing''

    16-During the final vacation speak to levan at night and pick ''Wait for silverneil''

    credits to RenRen245

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