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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Molivious

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    Version History

     v0.80 (Aug 19, 2012) - submission of this guide
                          - draft
     v1.00 (Aug 25, 2012) - Omitted the other sections
                          - Initial walkthrough updates
           (Aug 28, 2012) - rewritten; cancelled
     v2.00 (Aug 31, 2012) - major rewrite
                          - Covers until mission 16 - Reclaiming Marquelia Castle


    Just some things to note:

    • There are going to be spoilers everywhere, but surely no Major spoilers from the point of where you are reading, and most of these minor spoilers will only be a few minutes away.
    • If you see blue text, you can click it to jump onto that section. Try it out! Legal Stuff
    • If you have some suggestions, corrections, and things you wanted to add feel free to inform me at:
      • http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/629093-growlanser-wayfarer-of-time/63798868
      • http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/user.php?board=629093&topic=63813078&user=6146201
    • Read my other FAQs uploaded in this same site for the removed sections
    • Make sure to read the Walkthrough Guidelines section


    Your characters start off in an "overworld" map, where you can freely roam and engage/avoid enemies (which also roam freely within the map).

    If you engage an enemy (by approaching them to a certain extent), your "battlefield" will be set and your battle menu will be accessible - where you can select to use offensive spells, attack with your weapon, move to a different spot, etc.

    The battlefield is generated as a "portion" of the overworld map you were roaming around with. To put it simply, it is a temporary cage within the overworld map. And if you attempt to cross the boundaries of this "cage", then you are basically running away from the battle.

    Strategically, you can use the battlefield to your own advantage, such as preventing enemies from attacking you from a range by hiding behind walls or rocks. Later on, you even get a Spellstone that allows your ranged units to ignore obstacles when attacking.

    This is a meter you find only during battles. It can be found just right below your characters' HP and MP display.

    This meter's purpose is to show how much Attack Wait and Casting Time you currently have. If it becomes filled up, the excess ATW will be disregarded. Additionally, it tells you whether you are slowed or quickened

    • Blue Meter (Cycle Up buff effect) = quickened
    • Red Meter (Cycle down debuff effect) = slowed

    You should already be familiar with "waiting time" by now if you've been playing a lot of rpgs. In this game, it is referred to as Attack Wait. Attack wait (or ATW in short) is defined by a yellow bar in your character's status screen during battle.

    Every character has their own ATW value, and they differ from each other. So let's say that a bow user has 57 ATW, while a sword user has 61 ATW. So this means that the bow user attacks faster and more frequently than a sword, and can potentially produce more damage in the long run.

    Whenever you take damage, you also receive a small amount of waiting time. So it could be bad to tank a lot of hits for a single character. Using items also increase waiting time, so keep that in mind.

    Defined by a green bar in your WT Meter, Casting time is another addition to the mechanics of the battle system. Every spell has it's own respective casting time, in comparison to actions having their own attack wait.

    During Casting time, you are vulnerable to all kinds of attacks, you are immobile, and will only focus on casting. You take more damage during your casting as well. Fret not, even though it looks disadvantageous on your side, it also is disadvantageous on the opponents side. The ultimate key to casting spells is strategy and timing (although timing becomes meaningless later on).

    As opposed to weapon attacks - which deal damage immediately and give you waiting time right after the attack, you will have to wait before a spell is cast. So basically:

    Attack = instant, then wait.
    Spell = wait, then cast.

    Now, moving further, we can discuss how Casting Time and Attack Wait could affect each other.

    Do take note that you CAN immediately attack immediately after casting a spell, but not vice versa. why is that? Read on. But before that, let me remind you again that Casting Time is depicted as a green bar and Attack Wait as a yellow bar. To give you a visual idea of how it works, this is what happens:

    wait for green bar to deplete ~> cast spell ~> attack ~> wait for yellow bar to deplete

    So you should definitely try using this to your own advantage during battles. Now why did I say that it doesn't apply vice versa? well, see for yourself:

    attack ~> yellow bar ~> green bar ~> cast spell

    also, if you are attacked while casting, do not worry, your spell isn't cancelled - your green bar still remains at the same length. Instead, you get a yellow bar that needs to be depleted before your green bar goes down again.

    not hit while casting:
    hit in the middle of casting:
    Character formation simply determines who leads in front and who falls in the back during a battle

    Keep your casters at the last slot then the ranged units before the casters.

    You would want to prioritize on keeping the fastest melee unit(s) in front so that they aren't "blocked" by a slower unit when they're walking towards an enemy.


    HPHealth Points; Determines how much damage you can takebefore dying
    MPMana Points; Determines how much spells you could cast
    StrStrength; Affects HP and Attack, and Defense
    DexDexterity; Affects your MOV, Accuracy, Evasion and Casting time
    IntIntelligence; Affects your MP and spell damage
    AtkAttack; Determines the amount of damage you will be dealing.
    DefDefense; Determines how less damage you will be receiving.
    MovMovement Speed; Determines how fast you could move in the battlefield
    ATWAttack Wait; Determines how long you will have to wait until you get your next attack

    Elemental Property/Resistance

    • Determines how much more or how much less damage you will be taking from the given attack element.
    • The lesser number you have, the more damage you will be taking from the given attack element.
    • If you have 6 on a given property, you will be able to nullify damage from attacks of that element.
    • If you have 7 or above on a given property, you will be absorbing damage (healed) from attacks of that element.

    Action Role Points

    Action role points (or ARP) are "stars" given to units who contribute significantly in a battle.

      • ARP may be awarded through different means: (this may not be all of them, but feel free to send me a message if you have some to add)
        • Landing/Blocking a critical hit
        • Killing an enemy/boss (higher bonus)
    • ARP affects the exp multiplier rewarded to you at the end of the battle. The more ARP your character has, the more EXP that character gains.
    • ARP also affects how much bonus skill/spell/knack EXP you get in a battle
      • 10 ARP = 10 exp points to all skill/spell/knack EXP at the end of the battle
    • See my other FAQ for more info about getting Skill/Spell/Knack EXP
      • http://www.gamefaqs.com/psp/629093-growlanser-wayfarer-of-time/faqs/64825#section14


    Limits are a character's unique ability that is activated passively (in battle) if the specified requirements are met. However, some limits have to be unlocked before you could activate them in battles.

    • Ability #1 is automatically unlocked.
    • Ability #2 is unlocked by repeatedly using limit #1
    • Ability #3 is unlocked by meeting specific conditions - which, for all cases, requires you to go through missable sidequests.
      • Ability #3 cannot be learned if the character hasn't learned his 2nd limit beforehand.

    Please refer to the Playable Characters and Unlockable Characters Section for more details about each character's limits.

    Status Effects

    PoisonHP is gradually decreased by 5Antidote Herb, Panacea, Remedy (spell)
    VenomHP is gradually decreased by 25Antidote Herb, Panacea, Remedy (spell)
    ParalyzeUnit cannot move or perform any actionWait until it wears off, Analepticum, Panacea, Remedy (spell)
    StunUnit cannot move or perform any actionWait until it wears off, Analepticum, Panacea, Remedy (spell)
    PetrifyUnit cannot move or perform any actionWait until it wears off, Henlouda, Panacea, Remedy (spell)
    SleepUnit cannot move or perform any actionWait until it wears off, Damage Taken, Remedy (spell)
    SilenceUnit cannot cast any spellsWait until it wears off, Remedy (spell)
    BindUnit cannot move from placeWait until it wears off, Remedy (spell)

    for additional lists, please refer to my other faqs

    • Status Knacks: http://www.gamefaqs.com/psp/629093-growlanser-wayfarer-of-time/faqs/64826#section8
    • Buff/Debuff Spells: http://www.gamefaqs.com/psp/629093-growlanser-wayfarer-of-time/faqs/64826#section15

    Path Choices

    • These are your MAJOR choices, they basically lead to different routes and possibly different endings
    • I will be pointing out each and every path choice to your attention, if ever they come up. Don't worry

    Personality Choices

    • These are very minor choicesm and they only affect what kind of personality you will be having. These choices have no major impact on the story itself
      • EXCEPT! for a specific ending in Dulkheim route. Apparently, you have to be very evil to get a this ending
    • Aside from the exception mentioned above, you have no need to worry much about your personality. Just be what you want to be
      • I will not be telling you which to choose and which not to among these choices. I won't force you to follow my personality. lol
      • You may notice that some choices are greyed out. These choices simply mean that you cannot choose them due to your current personality
      • If you would notice, i would just mention these vaguely in the walkthrough. As in: "X will give you a few questions, etc" and such

    Sidequest Choices

    • These are optional choices, actually. But if you WANT to get specific characters and/or items, you WILL mostly have to answer these choices right
    • Again, don't worry, I will be mentioning which are the right choices, if ever needed. If you plan to choose anything else, then i'll leave that for you to decide. Have fun


    • You may notice that some shops may not be listed, this is most likely because the previous shops from other towns have better stuff than the current shop/town you are at
      • I will mention items that could be missed on later shops, and also those that would be extremely helpful for the next few missions


    Mission CompleteThe conditions you have to meet to perfectly clear a mission. Some events may require you to get these conditions for altered fates
    Mission ClearThe conditions you have to meet to fairly clear a mission. These conditions can be acquired in normal difficulty. No hassle
    Mission PassedThe conditions you have to meet to barely clear a mission. Mostly, these requirements barely require you any brilliant strategy
    Mission FailAlthough I wouldn't be pointing these out in some missions. These are basically important factors that will lead to your failure
    • The results, later on, will decide how much energy is added for your familiar. More energy means more training for your familiar
    • For the Mission Fail conditions, I will only be specifying character death, if it refers to only a specific character
      • If it's an escort mission and you would fail if your NPC dies, then i will mention it
      • If specifically one of your units would mean the failure of the whole mission, i will mention it
      • If it's just about "whole party dies" then i won't mention it. As that would be obviously common sense


    • These are missable rewards or items you could possibly get in/from the battle. There are, of course, conditions to be met to acquire these.

    Character Advice

    Recommended Spellstones
    Recommended Skills/Knacks/Spells
    Recommended Levels
    • Self-explanatory
    • For the recommended skills/knacks/spells, usually, we would mean that you have at least:
      • Lvl 2 or above for the given skills
      • Lvl 2 or above for the given knacks
      • Lvl 3 or above for the given spells (this is the case after lvl 15 as you obviously cannot grind tremendously early on)


    This section will give you detailed advice on how to deal with the mission itself.

    You should always enter Story Missions with healthy characters and cast Attack Up, Protect Up, Resist Up and/or Cycle Up when made available to you. Casting them during the battle is a waste of resource and will likely put you at a disadvantage. Magic Shell is only necessary in certain battles and will be mentioned when it's a good option.

    Prologue: The Beginning

    You will start the story in a scene in the woods. Here, you will just be tagging along Regina, answering a few questions. Right after talking to her, you will be given a brief amount of time to "walk around" so if you have already noticed the green shiny object on the ground while you were talking, pick it up. You will receive a Green Stone.

    The use for that stone will be explained very clearly later, so let's just proceed with the story for the meantime.

    After taking the boy with you, you should find yourself in camp. You might want to get some goodies in this camp before leaving:

    • Green Stone - Talk to the NPC just behind the tent located to your right TWICE!.
    • Vulnerary - Talk to Pamela and she will give you a Vulnerary
    • Red Stone - Talk to the NPCs located on the bottom right of the camp.
      • Beware not to trigger the conversation (located slightly north of you) yet, or else you will miss this

    Now that everything's taken care of, approach the commotion above you. Your boss, Dixon, should tell you the rest.

    You should find yourself in the docks by now (it's happening all too quickly, eh?), and you should notice that blue shiny object on the plank. Pick it up for laters. Now talk to Remus and take him along for a stroll. Head east and there should be a conversation that would automatically trigger. Talk to the soldiers, and then visit the house right behind them. You may create a save at this point.

    Now, get ready for the next battle.

    • Talk to Regina before the battle starts if you want an additional Vulnerary


    Mission CompleteRemus and Crevanille kill at least one unit each
    Mission ClearMission Complete conditions aren't met
    Mission FailRemus or Crevanille get killed


    Red StoneKill the 1st melee soldier approaching you (random chance)
    Red StoneKill the 2nd melee soldier approaching you
    Red StoneKill the Archer in the back
    Red StoneKill the Archer that appears behind the tree later on (random chance)
    Red StoneKill the last melee soldier (not the captain) approaching you


    No real need to give any tips or strategy here, really. Just kill, move to the next, kill, kill. Try not to let the melee units get close to Remus, though, as they could easily take him down in three hits. Use vulneraries if need be.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    After the battle, you will be given time to rest and save. Additionally, you can purchase some items from a roaming peddler. It would be reassuring to buy the Heavy Clothes, although not really needed for the next battle. You could instead save your Ril for better armor later. Nonetheless, the decision is entirely upon you. But if you buy it, equip it to Crevanille

    Clothes30 RilVulnerary8 Ril
    Heavy Clothes80 RilAntidote Herb6 Ril


    Mission CompleteNo Bird escapes
    Mission Clear1 Bird escapes
    Mission Fail2 Birds escape


    If you've purchased the Heavy Clothes from earlier, you wouldn't need to worry about Crev dying on you. Just focus Remus's attacks on the captain, as he is the one leading the birds. While doing that, let Crev handle the two soldiers right behind him.

    If Remus lacks the damage, or misses so much that you fail the mission, you can actually just let Crev handle the Captain, while allowing Remus to take on the weaker soldiers instead. This is a lot slower and riskier than the given strategy above though. I would highly advise you not to do this if you don't have the Heavy Clothes equipped.

    After you kill all three units, reinforcements from the North will arrive. Attack the soldiers first, and leave the captain for last.

    Easy battle.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    After all the cutscenes, drama, and speeches, you will be heading towards Marquelay, and will able to freely roam the city - although you would not be allowed to leave to gain some levels.

    Yet again, there are a few hidden stuff for you to scavenge:

    • Vulnerary - in the docks, near the old man, you will find a crate and a barrel, check both.
    • Life Apple - Southwest of the city, in the lower most part, you will see a single house. Right beside the door, should you find a barrel. Check the barrel.

    Now, head to the item shop, it's near the castle, at the opposite side of the docks. There should be a small exchange of dialogues to be found. After that, you're free to return to the inn - which is south east of where you currently are. Just go right past the fruit stand. Head upstairs and Dixon will be there to meet you.

    Rest for the night, and save if you wish. If you've avoided purchasing the Heavy Clothes earlier, you might have enough cash to purchase the Soft Leather in the armor shop. Don't worry if you don't have enough, you will have another chance later. Proceed to the docks when you are ready.

    Clothes30 RilVulnerary8 Ril
    Heavy Clothes80 RilAntidote Herb6 Ril
    Soft Leather170 Ril

    Chapter 1-1: Fate

    Upon reaching Trockmere, you would yet again have some dialogues before you can move freely again. If you notice the shop close by, you could go there and get your unidentified rings identified or appraised (if you have any). The Goods and Armor sold are pretty much the same thing as above.

    As you move your way to the east, you will encounter a macho sideburns dude named Magnus. Your answers here will just affect your personality, so feel free to make fun of him.

    Now, let's take a look around and start some item hunting:

    • Green Stone - Go up the stairs, and head east, along the wall. Follow the path, and behind a room, you should find another green shiny object lying on the ground
    • Analepticum - Track your way back and go to the opposite direction of the stairs, you should find yourself in another part of the town - the Plaza
      • After talking to the Royal Guard, proceed east to the Plaza and check the barrel in the uppermost corner. It's right beside the door

    Now, head back to the upper level, and you should find the Royal Guard and Dixon talking to each other

    • When you're prompted to introduce yourself, introduce yourself. This is an important choice for altering someone's fate later on.

    Enter the inn - which is the first building you should see as you climb up the stairs. Heal, save, or have a chat. Exit town and earn yourself a few Ril (you might want to gain a few hundreds for later).

    • If you plan to train your characters, DO NOT follow the main road to the north yet, as heading your way there will trigger your next battle.

    After gaining yourself a few nudges, make sure you head back to town to save again, as the upcoming battle tends to overwhelm a lot of people. Follow the main road and head north, and you'll find a floating beast.


    Mission CompleteKill the Monster with Remus/Crev's last hit
    Mission ClearKill the Monster

    Character Advice

    Recommended LevelsLevel 4


    You only need to reach Level 4 to pump up some HP to prevent you from being OHKO'd or 2HKO'd. Having Soft Leather equipped also makes this easier.

    There's nothing much to do here but survive until Regina comes. One tip though: Use the Defend command and use your vulneraries if you need to.

    Trying to get the last hit is also purely by luck. Regina will kill it in one turn for 95% of the time, so don't waste your time being a perfectionist... just not now.

    Chapter 1-2: Ruins of Hope

    After that battle, talk to Regina and she should teach you about Limit Abilities. Head north afterwards, and you shall meet Mortis, then head north again after the exchange of dialogues.

    You should find yourself parting ways with the members of Alten Schwart, with Bauer leading them. Again, the choices here only affect your personality, so just go along with it. After which, head north and follow Dixon. Don't bother following Bauer, Remus will just stop you.

    Now that you're here, have a few exchange of words with Dixon who would be right beside the ruin entrance. Answer him with anything, and he will still give you Topaz. Remember the color. If you don't know what color it is, it's yellow... THEN! just watch the following cutscene and ignore the girl in your dream if you want (lol)

    After so much drama, you can finally control your character once again, head into the ruins and follow the yellow path. Yeah. Basically, Dixon gave you the Topaz to figure this out. But since it is too easy to solve, you probably didn't need the gem at all. But anyway, you will have a use for Topaz later. So just keep it in mind that it's still in your pockets.

    There will be a few things to do when you reach the final room, and another set of choices to pick...answer them however you like.

    • You can create a save by touching the floating crystal near the door
    • Approach the door and see how shocked Remus is as you open it without breaking a sweat.
    • Go to the middle panel and get the medallion/trinket/necklace/amulet.
    • Head to the right side of the panel, and notice a floating egg, take it. Tell Remus to mind his own business (lol. j/k it's up to you)
      • The next door shall be unlocked by the time you take the egg, proceed to the next room and see what happens

    Chapter 1-3: Your Familiar

    From this point, you should be interrogated, forced to join the army, and forced to attend classes. You get to learn how to cast magic, though, so that's a good thing.

    After meeting Tricia, Bryntir, and picking your spellstone (doesn't really matter which, at this point), head to your room and save. Good news: You can purchase spellstones from this point onwards. Make sure to read your Spellstone Primer to learn more about using spells, or check my other FAQs for... massive information.

    Fire Protection75 RilHeavy Clothes80 RilVulnerary8 Ril
    Wind Protection75 RilSoft Leather170 RilAntidote Herb6 Ril
    Ice Protection75 RilFur Coat290 Ril
    Earth Protection75 Ril
    Regeneration +180 Ril
    Sonic Blade80 Ril

    Among these stuff, Sonic Blade is the only useful one you'd really want to keep, as it is the one-and-only spellstone that extends the range of melee weapons. You don't have to buy it, though. I would actually suggest you to save your Ril until after the following battle.


    Mission CompleteEarn the most points (Tie = Win)
    Mission ClearEarn at least 1 point and fail to meet Mission Complete requirements
    Mission PassedDon't earn any points and survive until the end
    Mission FailCrev and Remus do not survive until the end


    Secret BookMeet the Mission Complete requirements


    Abram10 points
    Seniors5 points
    Newbies1 point

    Position yourself near the eastern gate behind the team of an Archer and a Caster. These two units are very easy to kill. Kill off the Archer with Crev, and the caster with Remus. You should probably be able to OHKO both of them this way.

    After that, immediately start casting spells with both characters, then wait for Abram to attack one of the seniors and try to get the last hit with your spells. These guys are worth 5 points, and you will NEED to kill at least one of them if you wish to get that Secret Book. Lastly, go after the newbies to score more points.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    Head back to your room and you shall be acquainted with Vallery, another Ruin Child. He will tell you about hatching Familiar Eggs. After talking to him, head back to the training grounds. Find a door in the north west corner, and talk to the researcher. He shall give you a Dollhouse, which you will need to hatch your Familiar Egg, then head back to your room.

    Vallery will pretty much guide you in here:

    • Go near the desk
    • Open up your Menu > Items > Key Items > Use Dollhouse
    • Open up your Menu > Items > Key Items > Use Familiar Egg

    Speak with Vallery again when you're ready. Save beforehand if you want. (you can create another save in this point if you plan to use another familiar on your future playthrough)

    You can check the Choosing your Familiar Type section to select which familiar you want to have. Note: You cannot switch familiar types at any point of this game. So you'll stick with this familiar until you start/load another playthrough.

    After creating your familiar, head downstairs. You should be halted by a fellow soldier, and tells you that new spellstones are available now in the shop. This is why i've suggested that you save your Ril earlier. Most of these new stones can be really useful this early on the game, so spend your Ril wisely.

    Utility SpellstonesSpell SpellstonesKnack SpellstonesSkill SpellstonesArmorGoods
    Fire Protection75 RilFire Imbuing150 RilThunder Imbuing120 RilATW Reduction +1150 RilHeavy Clothes80 RilVulnerary8 Ril
    Wind Protection75 RilIce Imbuing150 RilLuck Up +1200 RilRing Slot Up160 RilSoft Leather170 RilAntidote Herb6 Ril
    Ice Protection75 RilStone Imbuing150 RilStun350 RilMOV Up +1370 RilFur Coat290 Ril
    Earth Protection75 RilWind Imbuing150 Ril
    Regeneration +180 Ril
    Sonic Blade80 Ril

    Among these spellstones, the Imbuings, ATW Reduction, Stun, and Mov Up spellstones are the most valuable. If you have cash, it would never hurt to buy these. If your pockets aren't big enough, don't worry, you still have more chances to purchase them later.

    • I'd suggest purchasing at least one Thunder Imbuing as it may help in the upcoming battle and at least one Mov Up as it would definitely help in almost every upcoming battle.

    Before anything else, talk to the researcher in the training grounds again to acquire a new costume for your familiar. This is probably first missable item you encounter that cannot be acquired at any other part of the story.

    Now it's time to tell Dixon's wife what happened to her husband...

    Chapter 1-4: Dixon's Wife

    Proceed to the east gate of the training grounds, and you will meet Bryntir again. A couple of choices again to pick, then the dialogues end.

    Head eastwards, and train if you want. I should remind you that you will now be gaining exp for your skills/knacks/spells. If you need more info about these, feel free to check my other FAQs. Save some Ril if you plan to purchase more stones later.

    When you reach the village, head to the house with a small field growing cabbage/lettuce. Dixon's wife shall offer you to come in and spend a night. In the next day, after the dialogues, talk to Dixon's wife again, and ask her if Dixon has left any kind of memento. She will say that it will take some time to search, so head to the inn and heal/save.

    • Analepticum - Right outside the inn, you should find a chair. Search it.

    From the inn, head west and you will meet three villagers attempting to brave monsters to get this fruit. Offer your help to the guy beside the rock and head west. Save your progress.


    Mission CompleteDefeat the floating beast
    Mission ClearRescue a villager from a monster attack, and avoid fighting the floating beast
    Mission FailAny villager dies


    Parry (spellstone)Rewarded to you after the mission

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesThunder Imbuing
    Recommended Levels7+


    Remember, you cannot use spells in this place, and your only chance of dealing higher damage is by using Imbuing spellstones. The floating beast (named "Garuga") is weak against lightning, so that's where Thunder Imbuing comes in.

    while the villagers are outside of the field, roam around the map as much as possible and kill the monsters that may ambush the villagers. They are hidden behind the trees so be sharp.

    Garuga is also behind one of these trees and it would also be advisable to kill him last. However, still try to kill it before any villager gets near, as it would most likely OHKO any villager. Heal your villagers if they are attacked, two hits from any monster is enough to kill them.

    • There would only be two spots where Garuga could possible come out from:
      • a tree around the North west part of the area
      • a sole tree in the North (avoidable)

    Now, it is possible to acquire Mission Clear AND Mission Complete at the same time (as i've tested)

    • This happens by meeting the requirements for Mission Clear first, then facing Garuga.
      • This is pretty pointless though, as it doesn't give any incentives in the end.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    Head back to town and talk to the villager who asked for your help. You shall receive the spellstone Parry from him as a token of his gratitude.

    Save and heal in the inn, if you need to, then speak to Dixon's wife again. She should have found Dixon's Letter by now, and will hand it over to you. Your job is now finished in this town, so head out. You will meet Pamela on your way out, and she will ask about Dixon, tell her about it, and leave town.

    While en route back to the fort, you shall witness the destruction of the village you've just visited. Head back and meet up with Remus and Vallery, you will figure out that all this is done by another Angel. You will collapse and see a brief memory of an Angel, then after the dialogues, walk your way back to the Fort.

    Chapter 1-5: Rescuing Lumis

    As you reach the fort, head towards the east staircase, and then to the last door. Leave after the dialogues, and speak with Tricia downstairs for more. Speak to her as you please.

    Head back to your room, save if you want, then rest. You should get a report to go to Abram as you wake up, so head back again to the east stairs, and enter the second door. You will be given a mission to go south and escort a researcher back to the fort.

    After doing your preparations, head to the training grounds and exit through the southern gate. Train along the way if you want.

    Upon reaching a fork in the road, you will have an option to return to Trockmere by taking the eastern route. You can visit this place later, though (which is a wiser choice).


    Once you enter Trockmere, you will find Magnus again right where you first met. Speak to him.

    If you have a lot of money, and I mean A LOT, you can visit the armor shop and purchase really good armors for this part of the game. You cannot purchase Buff Coat elsewhere at this point. So if you have that extra cash, you could rake at least one in.

    Leather Jacket460 RilVulnerary8 Ril
    Studded Leather800 RilAntidote Herb6 Ril
    Hard Leather1360 Ril
    Buff Coat1780 Ril

    Back to the fork in the road, head south and proceed to a city named Saudrick.

    Upon entering the town, you should notice a group of people singing, talk to the teacher and she shall give you the lyrics:

    Treasure lies within tall ruins~
    The cowardly gatekeeper quickly runs away~
    If you want the treasure, then defeat him~
    For it is he who holds the key~

    Just try to remember it, as it would make sense later on.

    The armor/item shop is one armor short (buff coat) from the armor shop in Trockmere. Nonetheless, it would be good, although not necessary, if you purchase anything that will upgrade your current ones.

    Head to the inn, see the dialogue, rest, save, and get ready for the next battle.

    Before starting the battle, you will be given the opportunity scout the area with your familiar. Search the southern part of town and you should find the kidnappers soon enough.


    Mission CompleteDefeat all enemies, timer is 0 or above
    Mission ClearDefeat all enemies, timer is below 0
    Mission FailCarrier escapes

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesMOV Up, ATW Reduction
    Recommended Levels8+


    After scouting, quickly head to the northern part of town, all the way back to the entrance of the gate. This makes the mission impossible to fail.

    If you have the MOV Up and ATW reduction spellstones, equip them to Crev, as it would make him - a melee character - able to chase around the enemies faster.

    From here onwards, a Mission Timer will be introduced to you - the more time you have left, the better EXP/Ril/Item rewards you get.

    • Note: The rank of your rewards increase by the amount of the TENS digit left in the Mission Timer

    Aim for the closest units first, and when the carrier comes in range, target him with your ranged units, full force.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    Lumis will ask you what you wanna do next:

    • If you answer "Return to the fort," you will be forced to return to the fort and see a few dialogues. This also allows you to buy some of those spellstones again.
    • If you answer "Go to the ruins," the gates will be blocked, and you will not be able to return to the fort until you finish investigating the ruins

    Anyway, with that said, you can do a few stuff:

    • Go back to Trockmere and meet Magnus
    • Do the optional sidequest (see below)
      • This also takes you back to Trockmere
    • Return to the fort/Go to the ruins

    I'd suggest that you go to the ruins as a last option. Oh yeah, you will have Lumis as an NPC ally for the meantime. He can aid you later on when you're weak by healing you and buffing you with spells.

    Sidequest Mission: Escort the Merchant

    You can find this merchant in the northern part of Saudrick. He's the NPC in a green outfit. Speak to him and agree to escort him back to Trockmere. After which, he will be waiting outside. I'd suggest that you rest and save your game before heading out.


    Mission GoalEscort the merchant and all his birds safely
    Mission FailMerchant dies or all birds die


    Wisdom AppleMeet the Mission Goal


    Scout ahead of the merchant and kill any group of enemies that may ambush them. Why? because if he gets ambushed by a single enemy, ALL monsters in the map will "join" the fight. I'm telling you: you wouldn't want that to happen.

    Heal him or his birds if needed. Also, follow him as soon as he leaves the area, or else he will be way ahead of you - and if he's ambushed while you're too far away, you're in big trouble.

    This mission is really simple, just quite long.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    Now, since you're in Trockmere already, you might as well give Magnus a visit (see the quoted "Optional" section above)

    At this point, if you're still following, you should have two choices left:

    • Go back to the fort/Go to the ruins

    Chapter 1-6: The Ruin Child

    Before you enter the ruins, make sure that you come prepared (with healing items and all), as you will be facing quite a handful of battles. Although it's a relief that once you reach less than 50% health, Lumis will start casting cure spells and occasionally even buff you as well.

    Enter the ruins, and open the door, this should trigger a "trap" setup by the guardians of the ruins. This battle won't be too hard if you just read on.


    Mission CompleteClose all doors, Defeat all guardians, timer is 0 or above
    Mission ClearClose all doors, Defeat all guardians, timer is below 0
    Mission FailLumis dies

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesThunder Imbuing, Wind Imbuing, MOV Up
    Recommended Skills/Knacks/SpellsKnack: Decoy, Spells: Wind Edge/Fire Arrow/Ice Barrage
    Recommended Levels10+


    Chemist's Art (Spellstone)West treasure chest
    Soul Crusher (Spellstone)North treasure chest
    244 RilEast treasure chest


    Now, what you would like to do is equip your units with the said Imbuing stones, this will ensure that you 2HKO the Executioners at the said level. You could even possibly OHKO them if you land a critical attack. If not, you can just cast the spells on them and yield the same result.

    Executioners are weakest to lightning, and second weakest to wind (this is where your spellstones kick in). However, since fire/ice spells are quicker to cast than wind spells, it would be better to just go with the fire/ice spells. Your wind spells probably wont OHKO Executioners at your current level, anyway.

    What you should do now is split your team:

    • Send one unit to the North room
    • Send one unit to the West room
    • Send one unit to the East room

    Each room has a "secret" switch hidden behind the glowing wall. Just stick your units to these walls and the "doors" from where guardians would have infinitely spawned shall be closed. Be warned that closing these doors will also include the doors for the chests!

    So to solve that issue, use the Move command, and set up your waypoints like this:

    • Waypoint 1 = Chest
    • Waypoint 2 = Switch

    IGNORE the guardians and prioritize doing the above first.

    If you have used the Decoy knack right at the start of battle, all the guardians will target that unit. I would suggest that your decoy would take the north room, this will make the west and east Executioners walk all the way around their rooms and chase your North unit inevitably, leaving your west and east characters completely safe from any attacks. Don't worry, one or even both of them will die before they even touch your North unit if you are following this guide.

    Immediately after hitting the switches, cast your spells or initiate your attacks. It should end quicker than you could imagine. No real need to worry about healing, as Lumis has your back.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    Remember the song lyrics in Chapter 1-5: Rescuing Lumis? Well, now's the time to put it to good use.

    Here's what it says again:

    Treasure lies within tall ruins~
    The cowardly gatekeeper quickly runs away~
    If you want the treasure, then defeat him~
    For it is he who holds the key~

    There are three treasures in here, and three gatekeepers that each hold a key to open them. One thing to note here is to kill the gatekeepers as quickly as you can - whether by spells or by physical attacks, do it quickly before they teleport.

    • Life Apple - 2nd Floor Chest
    • Nectar - 3rd Floor Chest
    • Critical Strike (Spellstone) - 4th Floor chest

    Another thing to note is that: Once you leave the floor - whether you are going upstairs or downstairs, the gatekeeper will immediately teleport. So once you step into the floor, your primary goal is to search and destroy.

    Anyway, you just have to get one key, actually. Only the spellstone is worth the bother. Save on the crystal found on the 4th floor, and proceed to the 5th when you are ready.


    Mission CompleteDefeat all guardians, timer is 0 or above
    Mission ClearDefeat all guardians, timer is below 0
    Mission FailLumis dies

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesThunder/Fire/Ice/Wind Imbuing, MOV Up
    Recommended Knacks/Skills/SpellsSpells: Wind Edge/Fire Arrow/Ice Barrage
    Recommended Levels11+

    This will be tougher than your previous fight, as the little buggers with forks deal quite some painful damage. Those are all you have to worry about, though.

    The Will-o-wisps are almost immune to any physical attack, but in return, are incredibly weak against spells - especially fire spells. We've already gone through the Executioners with Lightning/Wind physical and Fire/Ice spells, so there's no need to discuss that further again.

    Prioritize taking out the Will-o-wisps will Lv1 spells first, then any other guardian floating around - especially those heading towards Lumis. Use spells against the Executioners as much as possible, too, because they surely hit. Physical attacks tend to miss more frequently against them.

    Against the small little buggers(Puppets), physical attacks will be enough. They're pretty resistant to magic (except earth), so don't bother too much.

    You can get some pretty sweet drops earlier than you should (purely luck), such as Magic Shield and Wisdom Blade/Armor from the Guardians in here. Make sure to keep an eye on them if you happen to get any.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    This run is pretty long, right? Don't worry, this is the last battle for now.

    Enter the room ahead of you and watch a few cutscenes. This will be the first time you meet Frayne, too, so cherish the moment if you want.

    Chapter 1-7: What's going on?

    Head back to Fort Leinfaltz or you can re-do the sidequest Sidequest Mission: Escort the Merchant in Saudrick once again. Don't worry though, you can do this later. This is not a missable sidequest. So just head to the fort if you want.

    Go to Abram's office, second room, on the second floor. He will tell you to keep the incident confidential, then dismiss you. After that, head over to your room, save, and try to rest on your bed. Vallery will barge in and talk about the Christopher guy you met earlier. Just ignore him and sleep. lol

    As you wake up, head over to the briefing hall to hear what Lumis has to say. He will leave and you are free to roam around again.

    There would be a few things that you may do from this point:

    • You can head to the training grounds and walk towards the research lab. You will get a small scene with Frayne.
      • Promise to help her on the last question to calm her down. (I'm not sure if this affects anything, though... so just in case)
    • Talk to Tricia and head back to your room
      • Unlock her sidequest by responding to her knock code
      • Take a nap, and you should dream of Tricia being attacked by two Garugas. As you wake, you would be able to leave the fort through the east gate - where Tricia is.


    Mission CompleteDefeat both Garugas, timer is 0 or above
    Mission ClearDefeat both Garugas, timer is below 0
    Mission FailTricia dies

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesThunder Imbuing, Critical Strike


    Not really a tough battle - you've already gone through this. With Thunder Imbuing and/or Critical Strike, you should kill the beasts within two hits. Just attack the Garuga closest to Tricia first, of course. Then finish the other. This should end smoothly.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    Now that you're done, just save and take a nap again as there is nothing else to do. Foresee another scene, then you should be woken up by a soldier, telling you that it's your turn to guard Lumis.

    After talking to Lumis, approach Vester, and he shall exit the hall. Follow him and speak with him. After a while, he will leave, followed by the president and Vallery, then you are free to roam around again.

    If you have done the sidequest with Tricia earlier, she shall call you out from the eastern gate to thank you.

    Head back to your room, and you shall trigger a dialogue between Abram, a Soldier, and Lumis talking about bandits. Anyway, just head back to your room again and meet up with Remus and Vallery. Save up, then rest. Prepare for the next battle.

    Mission 9: Surprise Attack!

    Mission CompleteDon't let Muntzer reach the Research lab, kill both of his assistants
    Mission ClearDon't let Muntzer reach the Research lab, fail to kill both of his assistants.
    Mission FailMuntzer reaches the research lab

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesMOV Up


    This could be pretty tough, but as long as you hit the switches near the research lab (switch it on with Remus), and on the western wall (with Crev), you could assure your Mission Complete achievement. Just make sure to avoid Muntzer (get out of his way, he wont follow you) from destroying you.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    Follow Bryntir and head east, try to cross the bridge and leave when it's over. Nothing much to witness except that. Now head back, take a rest, and foresee another vision. Save as you please.

    Well, you should know the routine by now: head down to the hall and see what's going on. You will be told to go to Trockmere. This will be your THIRD time visiting that bloody town... but don't worry, there will be more. lol.

    Chapter 1-8: A Declaration of War

    Before leaving the fort, make sure to talk to the scientist in the research lab to know about resonators, and make sure to tell him that you're interested. This will be important if you want to change your familiar's fate later on. This event is missable.

    To head back to Trockmere, follow the southern path until you reach a fork, then follow the eastern route. You should be in Trockmere after a few screens.

    Since you probably have enough Ril to buy one or two sets of armor by now, i'd suggest that you grab at least one for Crev, and give your old piece of armor to Remus. You will need to if you don't wanna have a hard time on your next mission. Stock up with Vulneraries as well.

    When all preparations are done, head to the plaza. You should see a dialogue between Alfonse and Magnus. Head over to the center and have a small chat with Alfonse. After that is done, head your way back to the upper level and meet Magnus on your way.

    Head back into the inn and trigger yet another event. BUT! You will be meeting new faces here - Meline and Cynthia, the adorable little twins. Feel free to make fun of Meline, i'd be glad if you do so. But anyway, that's for you to decide on.

    Rest in the inn to proceed with the story. There would be explosions outside as you wake up, so head down to the plaza to find out what's happening... be hit by a monster attack, collapse, and grow wings. Yay.

    If you have anything else to do, do them now before returning to the fort. And when you finally return, just take a rest in there and wait for orders on the following day - which is to return to Trockmere, AGAIN, and meet a man named Cargill. Return to your quarters and speak with Remus before resting.

    Take your dollhouse and leave the fort for good. If you mind talking to Tricia, then speak with her downstairs. It will definitely be a long time before you meet again, after all.

    Enter the inn in Trockmere, and meet Cargill.

    so...you wanna punch a hole in his face now, right? Well, you'll get that chance eventually. Right now, you must be in some cell with four men. Take a nap on the matress right beside Robert, and turn the last page for chapter 1. Save your progress.

    Chapter 2-1: Experiments

    Now after the series of misfortunate events, you'll be able to freely move around the cell again. This time, you'll notice that Raoul is missing.

    This will be your first chance to alter someone's fate - Elena's. So you will have to follow specific procedures:

    • Knock on the wall and pretend to be Raoul
      • Ask her if she still remembers your promise
    • Answer her question with "The move"
      • You should see a heart come from the top of her head, this means you're doing well so far
    • Step away from the wall and knock again
      • Tell her you love her
    • Take a rest

    I would highly advise you to save your progress in a different save slot, just in case that you may have missed the chance of altering Elena's fate.

    If you see Elena standing after that scene with Bauer and Lumis, then knock on the wall again

    • Tell her "I want to see you"
    • Take a rest

    If you've done all of the above successfully, word-for-word, then you can save on your main slot. There would be a commotion as you wake up, and Remus will open the cell doors for you.

    Save and prepare for the next battle.

    • Crev's HP and MP should be around half of what you had when you talked to Cargill. So be sure to use some vulneraries to heal it back.


    Mission CompleteKill all enemies, Save all prisoners, timer is 0 or above
    Mission ClearKill all enemies, Save all prisoners, timer is below 0
    Mission PassedOne or more prisoners are successfully taken away or killed
    Mission FailCrevanille dies

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesMove Up (Crev), Critical Strike (Crev), ATW Reduction (Remus), Stun (Remus)
    Recommended Skills/Knacks/SpellsKnack: Fierce Strike, Spell: Any Lv2 spell (Remus)
    Recommended Levels13+


    Start by killing the soldier guarding Frayne with normal attacks then immediately start casting a Lv.2 spell with Remus and Lv.1 Ice Barrage with Frayne then wait for Crev to chase after the next Soldier guarding the prisoner.

    Once Crev catches up, invoke both your Lv. 2 spell, and Frayne's Lv. 1 Ice Barrage and Crev's attack should kill him before the captain can heal. From here, start focusing on the Soldier and Archer close to Remus and move Frayne down a bit before you start spamming spells again.

    Forbster says:

    Next, you must lure the captain down to Remus by not letting him spam heal too much. If the reinforcements come when the Captain is on the right half of the map, he will go towards Crevan. If he's on the left half - closer to Remus and Frayne, he will go towards Remus. It's better if he goes west because Frayne and Remus will have no way of supporting Crevan once they run out of MP. Expend all your Fierce Strike here and quickly finish off the Soldier + Archer.

    If Remus is getting slaughtered by the Captain, melee attack with Frayne and retreat Remus out of the Captain's range before attacking with him again. You can do the same for Frayne. Crevan will single-handedly take care of the other troops with some heal support from the npc.

    Moli says:

    You can choose to stop using spells from here, with Stun spellstones (if you have two of them, the better), you can hold off the Soldier + Archer + Captain quite fairly with physical attacks alone (and Fierce Strike, of course).

    Now, you would like Remus to focus on the Archer, while Frayne on the Soldier attacking Remus. The other prisoner you just freed earlier should be healing you for support.

    It doesn't matter if the Captain goes north or pursues Remus this way. Because you didn't spend MP killing off the units in front of you, you should now have more than enough to support Crev when the reinforcements arrive. Reminder: Do not use spells on the Captain, as he is pretty resistant, use your spells on the allies instead.

    It would be best that you pick off the soldiers, by focusing on them one by one - as mentioned earlier. Cast both spells on one character, and let crev deal the final blows, or vice versa. Just take them out as quickly as possible to completely send them away from the map - allowing Crev to take less damage/attacks.

    Your third prisoner should aid you with lvl 1 fire spells, if he is not attacked or is not in the range of any soldier. Try to set him free as quickly as you can before the reinforcements arrive.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    There are a few things to do before proceeding:

    • Enter the room where Frayne came from and grab your dollhouse.
    • Enter the northeastern room, and pick up the shiny object. You should obtain Familiar Costume F.
    • Rest your party on one of the beds
    • Equip Thunder Imbuing if you have it. There will be a surprise monster attack outside - which includes Garuga

    Head east, and into Trockmere for the nth time. Then head towards the docks to trigger the next event.

    • If you've saved Elena earlier, she should come by and ask where Raoul is
      • Tell her the truth
      • Call out to her when she's walking away

    Have a small scene on your sea voyage, then proceed.

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