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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Molivious

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    Chapter 2-2: The Rescuers and Rescuees

    Right now, you should be waking up in a room, and having your first dialogue with Eliza. Head outside after your introduction and you should be greeted by Levan, Eliza's butler.

    Now, get acquainted with your friends downstairs and have a chat. After the bad news coming from Chris, there's a few stuff to do:

    • First of all, save if you haven't ever since your wake in Eliza's mansion. I mean it.

    Head over to Marquelia, southwest from here,

    • Head over to the fruit stand and meet Meline, once again.
      • The fruit vendor will hand over a Tropical Fruit to you right after
      • If you want to join Meline in your party later (Modified Route):
        • Go southwest, near the only-house you could find in there and approach Meline
        • Key Items > Tropical Fruit > Use
    • Head over to the Item shop and see what's going on
    • Head towards the docks when you are ready. Now you'll see why I told you to save beforehand.
      • I would highly suggest that you train really well before attempting to brave this rather difficult mission.
      • Don't forget to buff yourself before entering the battle. Frayne should have at least level 1 Attack Up as you get her. Cast it 3x on Crev and Remus to get the maximized buff - yes, it stacks.

    If you plan to train outside, you might want to keep an eye on a few stuff that enemies drop:

    • Skilled's Ordeal (Bears) - adds a maximum of +50 attack, depending on the number of kills you have made after equipping it.
    • Magic Lv +1 (Vipers, Imps, Garuga) - allows you to cast 1 more level for your spells. Perfect if you're lazy to grind them manually to lv3

    Additionally, if you have already acquired Remus's 2nd Limit ability, it would make spellstone farming a lot easier, due to the steal effect.

    The shops are also updated (finally), so you might want to have a look

    Hard Leather1360 RilVulnerary8 Ril
    Buff Coat1780 RilAntidote Herb6 Ril
    Battle Jacket2240 RilAnalepticum14 Ril
    Leather Guard3180 RilNectar350 Ril
    Protector Robe2100 Ril

    It might be wise to bring along a few Nectars, as you would never know when you might actually need them. These revive your units instantly in battle, and since you still have no Raise spell, this will be a perfect alternative.

    So, when you're prepared for battle...


    Mission CompleteWipe the floor before any other reinforcement arrives, (doesn't matter if the captain is still alive or not), timer is 0 or above
    Mission ClearWipe the floor, one or two units slip through and reach the city, timer is 0 or above
    Mission PassedFulfill any condition above with a timer less than 0
    Mission Fail3 units slip through and reach the city

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesMagic Lv +1, Move Up (Crev), Critical Strike
    Recommended Skills/Knacks/SpellsKnack: Fierce Strike, Spell: Any Lv2 spell
    Recommended Levels16+


    First thing you should do is enter the docks through the west/top side part of the "plant box" right before you. Also, try not to be late, or else you will find yourself already surrounded by enemy troops, making this mission more difficult to deal with.

    The reason for entering from the west is because your very own reinforcements will come from the east. They can handle that much, and you wouldn't want to waste time running an extra mile while in the battlefield, would you?

    Your top priority here is to wipe out enemies faster than the reinforcements come, so here's how you should prioritize your actions:

    • With Lv3 spells, Frayne will easily OHKO the Soldiers in this battle, however, i advise that you only use this on the Captains
    • Focus on taking out the Captains first, as they are the ones healing the rest of the soldiers and make this mission tougher
      • If you're around Lv 16, Crev will easily get rid of the Captains with Fierce Strike in 3 hits
        • Rush him as quick as possible to any nearby plank and kill enemies he would face in the way
      • Remus should also help in dishing out damage on the Captains and Soldiers attacking Crev whenever needed
    • Let Frayne pick off the distant Soldiers with Lv2 spells, just enough to barely keep them alive
      • This will allow you to easily kill them in single attacks/spells later on
    • I would suggest that you ignore the boss, as there is no incentive from killing him other than a mere chance of dropping stones/rings
      • It's definitely not worth the trouble if you're already having a hard time
      • You could still get Mission Complete without killing him anyway
    • The main reason for destroying planks is to prevent scattered enemy reinforcements - this allows you more control over the battle
      • Right after Crev destroys one plank, preferrably the closest one to him, just let him cast spells as it would only waste a lot of time having him chase distant enemies around
      • Same for Remus, if he's already cleared out the Soldiers approaching the city, start letting him cast spells
    • Finish off the remaining Soldiers as quickly as possible with your spells

    Baker and his men will be able to handle the east side, with a few support coming from Frayne from the start. This won't be too hard if you follow the tips mentioned above.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    After the fight, head over to the castle and speak with the Royal Highness. When you're free to roam the room, speak with Alicia before leaving, this triggers an event necessary to acquire her ending.

    Leave Marquelia and head back to Boomtown. From here, you could:

    • Talk to Carnos on the 3rd floor for an optional sidequest
    • Talk to Eliza to proceed in the story

    After doing the above, head back to Marquelia with Eliza and make your way to the item shop. You should find a commotion between Porak and a peddler. To settle this out, tell the peddler to visit Boomtown and make arrangements there.

    Talk to Porak tell him about the Letter to Dixon and hear him say that you have to meet someone in Ordinale to find the person who sent these letters. He should also give you a Guild Insignia, which allows you to purchase spellstones from all of Porak's shop branches.

    • Hand over Carnos's Letter to him if you have talked to Carnos in the mansion earlier, then speak to Carnos
    • I'd suggest grabbing Chemist's Art, if you still don't have one, as the spell Cure is inarguably useful
    Utility SpellstonesSkill SpellstonesSpell SpellstonesKnack Spellstones
    Fire Protection75 RilATW Reduction +1150 RilFire Imbuing150 RilThunder Imbuing120 Ril
    Wind Protection75 RilRing Slot Up160 RilIce Imbuing150 RilLuck Up +1200 Ril
    Ice Protection75 RilSkill Effect +1150 RilStone Imbuing150 RilStun350 Ril
    Earth Protection75 RilSkill Lv +1150 RilWind Imbuing150 RilAmbush Guard150 Ril
    Holy Protection75 RilSoul Crusher150 RilChemist's Art350 Ril
    Mind Protection75 RilMov Up +1370 Ril
    Regeneration +180 Ril
    Enemy Magnet75 Ril
    Poison Attack80 Ril
    Sonic Blade80 Ril

    You should leave and head back to the mansion now, and find yourself in yet another dramatic scene. Answer however you like. After returning to the mansion, you will tell Remus about the girl you have just seen earlier, then he will bolt out of the room and head to Marquelia.

    Once you have fetched Remus, and are prepared for the upcoming journey, save, then head northeast. Just follow the main road until you find a cave entrance.

    Chapter 2-3: To Fandelcia!

    Enter the cave, and i should warn you that it is a maze. Don't worry, i will be guiding you in detail as much possible.

    First off, you may want to get the booty: (this will eventually lead to the exit)

    823 Ril

    • From the entrance, head EAST
    • Take the SOUTHEAST path on the fork, NOT the north. You should now be in a different area
    • Find the chest in this area

    Spell Doubling +1

    • In the previous fork mentioned, take the NORTH path instead. You should now be in a different area
    • when you reach another fork, head NORTH, then EAST. You should now be in a different area
    • You should find a crossroad, leading to 4 different paths
    • Take the SOUTHEAST path, leading you downward. You should now be in a different area
    • Open the chest in this area

    Buff Coat

    • Head back to the previously mentioned crossroad, take the NORTHEAST path. You should find a circular pillar in the middle of a fork
    • Proceed NORTHEAST
    • When you reach the fork, take the LEFT path. Open the chest


    • Head back to the fork with a circular pillar. Head SOUTH from here
    • Follow the path until you reach a different area
    • As soon as you find the fork, head EAST, there should be a small area with a chest


    • Head NORTH on the previous fork mentioned in the same area where you found Vulnerary

    Summary for heading to the exit:

    • From the entrance, head EAST
    • Take the NORTH path on the next fork. You should now be in a different area
    • When you reach another fork, head NORTH, then EAST. You should now be in a different area
    • You should find a crossroad, leading to 4 different paths. Head NORTHEAST
    • You should now find a circular pillar in the middle of a fork. Head SOUTH from here. Follow the path until you reach a different area
    • As soon as you find the fork, head NORTH, this should lead you to the exit.

    Welcome to Ordinale~!

    There's just a few stuff to do and acquire in this place, actually. A pitstop, to be exact.

    • Dandy Book - near the entrance of the city, there should be bags and crates located just right below you. Search the bags to get one
    • Niche Shop - From the shopkeeper's location, look directly north of you, you should find a small alleyway, enter here to get into the next area
      • Head to the dead end, and search for the "Hidden" shop
    • Talk to the guy beside the shopkeeper, it is important that you do
    • From the middle of town, head north, you should find a mansion to your left at the next area
      • Go through all the dialogues and see what happens to our beautiful Eliza
    • When you're all prepared, you may now continue your journey to Fandelcia
      • Make sure to save!
    Utility SpellstonesSpell SpellstonesKnack SpellstonesSkill SpellstonesGoodsNiche
    Fire Protection75 RilFire Imbuing150 RilThunder Imbuing120 RilATW Reduction +1150 RilVulnerary8 RilGL Chips Set 115 Ril
    Wind Protection75 RilIce Imbuing150 RilLuck Up +1200 RilRing Slot Up160 RilS. Vulnerary100 RilFairy Tear1000 Ril
    Ice Protection75 RilStone Imbuing150 RilStun350 RilSkill Effect +1150 RilAntidote Herb6 Ril
    Earth Protection75 RilWind Imbuing150 RilAmbush Guard150 RilSkill Lv +1150 RilAnalepticum14 Ril
    Holy Protection75 RilHoly Imbuing120 RilWisdom Blade +1180 RilSoul Crusher150 RilNectar350 Ril
    Mind Protection75 RilMind Imbuing120 RilWisdom Armor +1180 RilMov Up +1370 Ril
    Regeneration +180 RilChemist's Art350 RilMagic Shield350 RilCritical Strike350 Ril
    Enemy Magnet75 RilMp Cost Down150 Ril
    Poison Attack80 RilMeditation +1350 Ril
    Sonic Blade80 Ril

    From here on, there will be no more updates for the Utility Spellstones, so i wouldn't be listing them anymore on stores. What you currently see in this will still be the same as what you'd see until the end. Stock up on Secret Vulneraries, too. They will certainly be very useful.

    Now, proceeding with our journey, just follow the main road. If you reach a fork, still head north. Don't bother going east, the road is blocked. Soon after you head north, you shall be ambushed by bounty hunters, and you cannot avoid this one.


    Mission GoalDefeat All Bandits/Don't let the leader escape

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesParry(Crev), Critical Strike, Stun
    Recommended Levels18+


    This mission can be hard if you don't notice the 5 Bounty Hunters who will ambush you from the south. They may or may not be noticable depending on where you started the battle.

    To make things easier, you'll want to block Chris's way. What do I mean by this? Simple! Start the battle by surrounding Chris from the north, east and west with all but Crevanille as shown below.


    C being Chris here. The reason you want to do this is to prevent Chris from moving north because you need him to relieve some pressure in the south with his Pierce Strike attack. Blocking him delays him from moving north and once the 5 southern bandits engage, he should Pierce Strike and kill at least 3 of them. Crev supported by Remus and Frayne can easily take on the north hunters while Eliza and Chris can mop up the south.

    You might find it quite difficult because Crev will be taking 4 bandit attacks simultaneously, possible stunning him and rendering him from attacking at all. Heal him with items if needed and rush to his aid once the south is cleared. Depending on how many Fierce Strikes you have and your level, this will be a downhill battle. You may want to have Remus support the south instead once the north only has 3 hunters left.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    After that rather simplistic battle, proceed and follow the main road. Once you find the crossroad, head west. South path is blocked, and the north path awaits with a battle. You would like to rest and save first, wouldn't you?

    You should now be in Klasdahl. Not much to do here, either - another pitstop.

    • Ring Slot Up - Head to the east-most house, and search the barrel
    • Head to the inn and talk to the little girl named Latika
    • Rest and save
    ArmorGoodsKnack SpellstonesSkill SpellstonesSpell Spellstones
    Battle Jacket2240 RilVulnerary8 RilAttack Range Up150 RilATW Reduction +1150 RilMeditation +1350 Ril
    Woven Jacket3200 RilSecret Vulnerary100 RilStun350 RilCritical Strike350 Ril
    Chain Jacket4750 RilAntidote Herb6 RilMagic Shield350 Ril
    Protector Robe2100 RilAnalepticum14 Ril
    Fairy Robe3280 RilNectar350 Ril
    Apron Dress4450 Ril

    When you're ready, head north and introduce yourself to Muntzer, after which, triggers a real battle.


    Mission CompleteParty kills more bandits than Muntzer, timer is 0 or above
    Mission ClearMuntzer kills more than your party, timer is 0or above
    Mission PassedFulfilled any condition above, timer less than 0
    Mission FailPrisoner dies

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesMov Up, Magic Lv+1, ATW Reduction
    Recommended Knacks/Skills/SpellsKnacks: Fierce Strike
    Recommended Levels18+


    Muntzer will those within his reach but he has quite a high ATW value so he won't attack too often, and only once if you are doing what you should do. Also, the victim of his first attack will always be the second person in your formation. With Protect Lv.3, you shouldn't be too worried, even from a critical hit. Healing won't really matter, either, as you do not really need it for this battle. Just move everyone behind the boulder.

    • DO NOT, i repeat. DO NOT attempt to attack any bandit until the prisoner is freed by Diana, or else she will be killed

    It should be noted that if you want Mission Complete, you shouldn't retreat too far. It's enough to have everyone below Muntzer when he's finally behind the rock as well. Immediately start casting Lv. 3-4 spells once in position. There are 6 Hunters and killing 4 or more grants you Mission Complete.

    What you should do first is kill the units attacking Muntzer. This is because Muntzer has a Counter ability, which could potentially OHKO his attackers. After that, you're on your own. Kill as quickly as you can. Preferrably, the one that's farthest to Muntzer so that he wouldn't steal the last-hit.

    If you've done the previous Bounty Hunter ambush smoothly, this should go even smoother.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    Now that the talking and reconciling is done, follow the path north. You should find the town of Riesel. This is just another one of those pitstops.

    • Head to Chris and Muntzer's direction or attempt to leave town to trigger a dialogue between them.
    • Leave/Re-enter town or Enter/Leave the inn to trigger yet another dialogue between Chris and Muntzer
    • Gather everyone and talk to Chris when you are ready. Save if you want, but there really won't be any battles anytime soon.

    When you reach land of white, just follow the path to the west. You shall reach Fandelcia in no time.

    Chapter 2-4: The Underwater Ruins

    There are really decent armor in this town, so if you have some Ril to spare, you could suit yourself up for the rather difficult missions in the near future.

    Spell SpellstonesKnack SpellstonesSkill SpellstonesArmorGoods
    Fire Imbuing150 RilThunder Imbuing120 RilATW Reduction +1150 RilChain Jacket4750 RilVulnerary8 Ril
    Ice Imbuing150 RilLuck Up +1200 RilRing Slot Up160 RilMetal Jacket5800 RilS. Vulnerary100 Ril
    Stone Imbuing150 RilStun350 RilSkill Effect +1150 RilMirage Guard8600 RilAntidote Herb6 Ril
    Wind Imbuing150 RilAmbush Guard150 RilSkill Lv +1150 RilFairy Robe3280 RilAnalepticum14 Ril
    Holy Imbuing120 RilWisdom Blade +1180 RilSoul Crusher150 RilEarth Robe5500 RilNectar350 Ril
    Mind Imbuing120 RilWisdom Armor +1180 RilMov Up +1370 RilDancing Dress8450 Ril
    Chemist's Art350 RilMagic Shield350 RilCritical Strike350 Ril
    Revival Art350 RilAttack Range Up150 Ril
    Mp Cost Down150 Ril
    Meditation +1350 Ril
    • Vito's Nostrum - Upon entering Fandelcia, you should notice a snowman right at the entrance, search it.
    • Crystal - Talk to the boy in the inn then search for the containers (looks like a doghouse, lol) near the Item Shop, near the trees

    You should have split up with Eliza and Frayne by now, so just head over to the mansion and reconcile yourself with Bauer and Lumis. You should find another angel on your way out, and collapse yet again. As you wake up and prepare to leave, Bauer should ask you to join Alten Schwart again, but you will be forced to decline no matter what your answer is (Remus will say no). Meet up with Frayne and Eliza back in the Inn, then rest, save, and prepare yourself for battle.

    Head east now, until you find an entrance to..well...an underground tunnel.

    BEWARE: there would sometimes be a pack of "Werecats" (6 of them) spawning in this area. If you happen to be underleveled, it is best to just leave the area and re-enter. Werecats are horribly quick, and steal an item once they attack, then leave immediately after they are able to steal something from you. You literally have to kill them faster than they can run to avoid that situation, and trust me, it's difficult when you're underleveled.

    On the walls of the ruins, you could read:

    The truth is there, but unseen to thine eyes
    Six crystals will illuminate the way
    To show you where the path to freedom lies
    And guide the worthy back to light of day

    Okay, since the ruins can get pretty confusing, I will separate the directions for getting all items and for getting through the ruins.

    • Thievery Scroll - From the entrance, go one floor down and head to the north most area
    • Mov Up +2- Go down one floor from where thievery scroll wass

    Now, for the directions

    • From your current location (entrance), head south, and insert the crystal you acquired from Fandelcia
    • Head northeast and drop down
      • Take the left path to gain another 5 Crystals
      • Take the right path, past the staircase BUT DON'T DROP DOWN YET!, go to the end of the pit, then drop down from there
    • Insert the crystal in the south wall, drop to the north after
    • Once you see the "glass road" check at the opposite side of it, you shall find a socket for another crystal on the wall
    • Drop from hole and you should find another socket in the south area
    • Head upstairs, stick to the inner wall beside you - follow it
    • Don't go south once you reach a fork, just keep on following the inner wall earlier
        • CAREFUL NOT TO FALL DOWN!, just before you reach the pit, there should be another socket on the wall before it
    • Don't drop down the pit, but head back to the fork instead and now head south
    • Go Upstairs, then find another way upstairs
    • Fall down in the pit close by, and you should find a socket to your left

    Head back to the room with the glass path, walk by pressing square while moving to ensure that you never fall down

    Once you reach the end of the glass path, climb your way to the first flight of stairs and you should see a blurry crystal where you could save. SAVE, buff, and prepare for the next guardian fight.


    Mission CompleteDestroy Guardian (Needa), timer is 0 or above
    Mission ClearDestroy Guardian (Needa), timer is below 0

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesATW Reduction +1, Magic Lv.+1, Spell Doubling +1
    Recommended Knacks/SpellsKnack: Fierce Strike, Spells: Different Elementals Spells @Lv 3
    Recommended Levels19+


    With buffs, you would less likely need to heal for this battle. In case you are in need of healing, just use Secret Vulneraries, as they are a lot quicker to use than casting Cure spells. First thing you have to take note of are the color of the orbs around Needa. There are only two of these, and they will not be recreated.

    Needa's overall resistance depends on the number of orbs left

    • 2 Orbs = 5
    • 1 Orb = 4
    • 0 Orbs = 1
    • Mind is always 6 regardless

    Orb Resistances:

    • Own element = Absorb
    • Opposite element(weakness) = 1
      • Red: Ice
      • Blue: Fire
      • Green: Earth
      • Brown: Wind

    The colour of the orbs are random and orbs recover some hp when moving positions. That's all you need to know.

    Now start the battle by casting 3 different elements, better if you can cast all 4 elemental spells with 4 different characters. Cast them only at level 3, you would want to OHKO the orbs as much as possible. It would only be a waste when they heal it back the moment Needa switches location. When both orbs are destroyed, you can proceed with throwing all of your Fierce Strikes on the guardian when it comes in range.

    Don't bother running across the room because it's a waste of time and the Guardian has 1 in all resistances once you kill both orbs. Cast spells if the Guardian is on the other side and immediately (invoke your current spell or cancel it if you must) switch to physical if it gets close. Physical will always be stronger.

    When you're done, all that's left to do is escape. Outside, a conversation between your party shall trigger, then you'd be free to roam again. If you had talked to the scientist before, you should find a Red Resonator lying on the floor near the ruin exit. What are you doing? Pick it up.

    Follow the main road, and you should find yourself again in Riesel. Head to the shop to restock, then save. There will be yet another battle for you to win.

    ArmorGoodsSpell SpellstonesKnack SpellstonesSkill Spellstones
    Metal Jacket5800 RilVulnerary8 RilMagic Lv +1380 RilKnack Lv +1380 RilCritical Strike350 Ril
    Dragoon Jacket12200 RilS. Vulnerary100 RilRevival Art350 RilMagic Shield350 RilMov Up +1370 Ril
    Mirage Guard8600 RilAntidote Herb6 RilNightmare350 RilStun350 Ril
    Earth Robe5500 RilAnalepticum14 RilMeditation +1350 Ril
    Sage's Robe9800 RilNectar350 Ril

    From this list, I'd highly suggest grabbing at least one Nightmare spellstone. The Sleep spell will absolutely be very helpful in almost any battle against soldiers.

    Chapter 2-5: Lost Memories

    Head south of Riesel once you are ready, and follow the main road until you reach the crossroad. Talk to the guy you come across with for some optional stuff.

    When you are ready, and buffed, head west to Klasdahl. I would highly suggest taking the east-side path, as it allows your melee unit to reach the mages more quickly. The mages here are the major threat, after all.


    Mission CompleteSave Mortis, timer is 0 or above
    Mission ClearFail to save Mortis, timer is 0 or above
    Mission PassedFail to save Mortis, timer is below 0
    Mission FailHien dies

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesMov Up, Attack Range Up (Remus)
    Recommended Knacks/SpellsKnack: Decoy, Spell: Sleep, Lv3 Elemental Spells
    Recommended Levels20+


    Focus on taking down the Casters and Archers first. Have Frayne and Eliza cast Lv 3 spells while Remus picks off the archers, and Crev takes on the melee. If you have the Sleep spell, you can easily put the casters to sleep with a simple lv1 cast, too. Rendering them harmless for a few seconds.

    Heal Mortis whenever his HP drops below 50%. If you have Protect Lv 3, it would be really good to cast it on him, as it makes him more durable and longer to take down. If you just have lv1 or lv2, cast them multiple times to get them to stack. This will make him more durable for the fight. Decoy also helps magnet the attacks of enemies.

    Once the Archers and Casters are out, this should be a lot easier. Heal Hien and Mortis (including status effects) if they need it, then proceed to finishing off Cargill. It should make the fight a lot quicker that way. Frayne and Eliza can just spam Cure spells later on to save yourself some healing items since they are not much needed for damage once the Casters and Archers are already out.

    If you've successfully saved Mortis, then congratulations. You have just altered Mortis's fate!

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    Back in the inn, you could rest, save, and talk to Latika - which necessary to alter a special someone's fate later on.

    • If you do talk to Latika, allow her to talk about her daddy

    Now head inside to Hien's room, which should trigger quite a long conversation. You will learn that Hien is Diana Silverneil's uncle, and that he just lost his memories.

    After which, you will be out again. Talk to Diana up north, Eliza in the east, and Frayne in the middle of town, then head back to the inn to hear more from Hien.

    When you're done, talk to Latika, again, and help her buy a present for her daddy WITH Silverneil, then let Silverneil be the one to choose her daddy's gift.

    Since there is nothing more to do after that, you may leave town and head back to Ordinale. The armor shopkeeper is back in town, but unfortunately, only his shop has updated, so I wouldn't be listing the rest.

    Dragoon Jacket12200 Ril
    Mirage Guard8600 Ril
    Dragon Guard15700 Ril
    Sage's Robe9800 Ril
    Mysterious Dress14900 Ril

    Remember that guy who we talked to when we went here? the one who knows about Dixon's Letter? Speak with him again, he's still beside the shopkeeper. He will tell you to meet up with him in the northeast forest, so head your way there when you're ready. Don't worry, there are no battles anytime soon.

    Follow the main road to the north until you find a lake, there should be a huge boulder on the opposite side. Just above the boulder, you should find a secret entrance to the forest in the east. Follow the path east and you should end up in some Ruined Village. Make your way up north until you find the one-and-only undamaged house. Search the bucket for a Fairy Tear before heading in.

    Once inside, talk to Maggie. Remember not to select the last choice, or else you wouldn't hear the rest of the story she has to tell. Talk to her again and she will teach your Familiar how to create transgates - "warp points". This will make your travelling a lot faster.

    Rest for the night, then head out of the village. You shall meet Pamela and Magnus. Feel free to touch her b... did you just get knocked out? *ahem* anyway, Heading your way back to Ordinale, you will meet Meline and Cynthia, the adorable twins. Make sure to tell Meline your name if you want to have her on your party later.

    Make your way back to Ordinale, through the cave, and back to Eliza's Mansion. At the mansion's entrance, you will notice Carnos and his girlfriend, Kate. Show Carnos your Resonators if you want your Familiar's fate changed later, then talk to Kate to learn your first set of Joint Spells, and earn 5x Proof of Friendship spellstones. Finally, you get your first AOE magic list. Make sure to read the manual, or check my other faq for more info about Joint Spells.

    As you go into the mansion, you will be prompted by Sydney to choose your location for your first furlough. However, you basically cannot "choose" at this point, since Marquelay is currently.. well... under captivity. Anyway, select Boomtown, SAVE (so you can reload if you messed up in your furlough choices), then have a good night's rest.

    This guide will help you get all possible endings before the final furlough (Modified/Original Route).

    • 1st Day: Boomtown
      • Talk to Eliza on the 3rd floor, choose the choices that show your concern for her, don't say anything stupid or "..." or else she will just send you away.
      • Talk to Hien and listen to his words of wisdom
      • Talk to Frayne and head into the Museum with her
    • 2nd Day: Boomtown
      • Talk to Remus, and take him to Mel
      • Talk to Hien for yet another share of his wisdom
      • Talk to Frayne

    Prepare for the next two battles, because it will be quite simultaneous. If anything, leveling up Synchronize (Proof of Friendship) to at least lv 1 is all you really need at this point.

    Head to the inn in Marquelia to meet with Alicia and Baker (lol. check out how Baker is ignored right after asking about Hien), then proceed with your battle plan. Head to the east woods fully buffed with Protect and Attack Up cause you will need it. If you don't have Synchronize at level 1 yet, equipping the spellstone will do. This will make the battle a lot faster.


    Mission CompleteStop all birds, timer is 0 or above
    Mission ClearStop all birds, timer is below 0
    Mission PassedOne or more birds escape, timer below 0
    Mission FailAll birds escape

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesMov Up, Spell Doubling, Proof of Frienship, ATW Reduction, Wind Imbuing, Fire Imbuing
    Recommended Knacks/SpellsKnacks: Fierce Strike, Spells: 2x characters with Lv1 Wind Edge, 2x others with Lv1 Flame Arrow
    Recommended Levels21+


    This battle is essentially a damage race. If you aren't one or two shotting most enemies, you will be overwhelmed and won't get Mission Complete. If you don't have enough Fierce Strikes to slaught the enemies, you might want to enter the battle with an injured Remus(Under 20% HP) to abuse his Multi-Shot limit.

    If you have been really lucky enough earlier to pick up Skilled's Ordeal from bears, use them now (if you have gathered enough kills for them). Wisdom Blades and ATW for alternatives.

    With joint spells, this is piece of cake. You can literally stop the birds from your starting point. Cast your spells, let the flame arrow casters wait, then assist the Wind Edge casters when they're finished casting. Target as much birds as possible.

    • Remember: The unit with higher int will have a higher magic range, so if you wanna have longer range for a joint spell, do not "assist" with your high-int character. Let the low-int character do the assisting.

    When 4 or more birds are out from the joint spells, you can switch Crev, Remus, and Eliza to physical attacks. Don't worry about the birds, Frayne can probably finish them all off with lv 2 spells.

    If you have decoy, it will save your other units from being extremely harmed. However, you might want Eliza or Frayne to be attacked at least once or twice to (hopefully) activate their limit ability: Hasten, which extremely quickens their casting time and WT loading speed.

    If you're still having problems with physical damage, then you might want to train a bit more, or equip more Wisdom Blades and Critical Strikes.

    ---walkthrough continuation---

    Once you get that mission dealt with, head back to Marquelia, rest, and SAVE. The next mission could actually end up tougher. I would highly suggest buying some armor for Eliza if you haven't bought her any until this point yet. It would surely help for the next mission. When you are ready, head to the docks and speak with Baker. When you are opted to choose whom to go with, it would be highly suggested to bring Frayne around, you will know why in the strategy part of the next mission.


    Mission CompleteNo prisoner dies, timer is 0 or above
    Mission ClearOne prisoner dies, timer is 0 or above
    Mission Passedtimer is below 0
    Mission FailAll prisoners die

    Character Advice

    Recommended SpellstonesProof of Friendship (Crev/Frayne), Spell Doubling, Nightmare, Ice Imbuing (Crev), Wind Imbuing (Frayne), Mov Up (Eliza)
    Recommended Knacks/SpellsKnack: Fierce Strike, Spell: Ice barrage Lv1 (crev), Wind edgeLv1 (Frayne), Sleep Lv2 (Frayne)
    Recommended Levels21+


    Note: You will have to get Mission Complete in this mission to be able to unlock Alicia's Ending.

    With the setup above, you can literally ace this mission without breaking a sweat. Right before you begin the battle, don't forget to buff Crev with Attack Up and Protect. Now, begin the fight with Crev casting Ice Barrage, and Frayne casting Wind Edge.

    Once your joint spell is ready, Target the 4 units closest to Crev and Frayne. Afterwards, let Crev proceed with physical attacks. You should be able to easily OHKO them from that point if you use the Fierce strike knack - except for the lv 19 ones.

    Then, let Frayne cast Sleep Lv 2. Frayne should put the archers to sleep first, then cast offensive spells on the farthest melee unit. Once Simmons comes in, immediately invoke/cancel your current spell and cast Sleep Lv2 once again. Put whomever goes close to doors to sleep.

    When Eliza and Remus appear, make sure that Eliza heads straight into the middle door in the west area - with Mov Up +1 and 210+ MOV, it should be no problem at all. By all means, let her stay on that spot and block all incoming attacks from Simmons. This will prevent him from entering the room, and most importantly, from 2hko'ing the prisoner inside.

    Remus should focus on the Healer first, then the Caster, then finally help Eliza deal with Simmons. If Crev is done with the melee units, have him go for Simmons as well. Kill the archers for last.

    If you, by any chance do not have any of the said spells/joint spells, you will HAVE to rely on pure damage, so equip all your best damage spellstones. In that case, the order of killing you should go with is: 2x Archers, Commanders, Healer, Caster, Soldiers - whoever goes closest to the doors. You still have to block Simmons with Eliza to ensure the safety of the middle prisoner, though. Additionally, it would be highly suggested to start the mission with Remus and Crev this way.

    Make sure to move Crev up enough so he isn't blocking Remus's way or Remus may not be able to reach both Archers. You need to do 125 damage to OHKO them so, depending on your level, you may not need Fierce Strike. From here, your objective is to lure all the enemies closer. Note that killing 4 enemies will trigger Simmon's arrival. You'll want to heavily injure ALL the units while not killing yourself before reaching that 4 kills to make your job easier in part 2. Pierce Strike is a good choice here (if you already have it) since 2 pierce strikes will hit 3 enemies easily and 2HKO all but the Commander. Fierce strike isn't bad, either.

    Cure stun immediately if it is inflicted on anyone and try not to get overwhelmed by stalling too long. Kill as quickly as you could, you still have a timer running. The quicker you kill, the less attacks you will have to deal with.

    Once Simmon arrives, Frayne's job is to spam Lv 2 or 3 spells. If done right, you have just secured Mission Complete as long as Eliza doesn't die.

    Heal Crevan with items then have him kill any remaining Soldiers on the left side. Have Remus kill all the Soldiers on the right side. All hostages are able to take 1 hit aside from the one Simmon planned to attack so plan accordingly if damage is unavoidable. Simmon hits very hard and can inflict Stun, Stone and Poison. Prepare to use items as needed with Remus or Frayne.

    From this point onwards, you should focus on: Max Fierce Strike, Spells @Lv 3 or above, Synchronize Lv2 and Sleep Lv2 for your main spellcasters. It will definitely make the future battles a lot easier. Try getting these done as quickly as possible.

    ---walkthrough continuation---
    Sometimes referred to as the "Bonus Dungeon," and is only accessible by talking to the Well Lady once or twice in given locations and in a specific order
    • Sunsail
    • Riesel
    • Rebrant
    • Fort Izevant (Note: only accessible near the end of the game!)
    • Crevanille's/Maggie's Hometown (the ruined town)
      • To return there:
        • Warp to Ordinale
        • Go northeast, and find a large rock/boulder
        • Walk above the rock/boulder and you shall go through a hidden area
        • Proceed until you find the ruined town
    • Boomtown (west annex)

    Question 1

    "Note the density of the fluid. The properties of the Familiar will change based on it's thickness. What will you do?"

    Make it thick++++++
    Use a balanced amount++++++
    Make it thin++++++

    Question 2

    "Next step is to regulate the temperature of the fluid. This will also influence the Familiar's properties. What temperature do you want?"

    Heat it to 50 degrees+++++++++++++
    Heat it to 40 degrees+++++++++++++
    Leave it at room temperature+++++++++++++

    Question 3

    "This is needed so that you and your Familiar will synch up with each other. What are you going to use?"

    A strand of hair++++
    Part of a fingernail++++
    A drop of blood++++

    Question 4

    "These are your options: a "Red stone," a "Blue Stone," or a "Green stone." I hear they're very pretty."

    Add a Red Stone+++
    Add a Blue Stone++
    Add a Green Stone+++
    Don't add any stone
    • The increase from these choices are completely by chance so I would highly suggest that you just add them manually later on


    "Of course, a cute girl would be best, right?"

    You know it!Proceed to Question 1a
    Eh, girls are problematicRandom
    Only if she's good in battleProceed to Question 1b
    I really dont careRandom

    Question 1a

    "What's your type of girl?"

    Cheerful and talkativeD-PT
    Cool and composedD-YN
    Petite and ditsyD-RM
    Serious, skilled, and sereneD-MD

    Question 1b

    "What sort are you hoping to get?"

    One with strong physical attacksD-PT
    One with a strong physical defenseD-PT
    One with strong spellsD-YN
    One with a strong spell defenseD-YN
    One with strong conversation skillsD-RM
    Don't care, as long as she's usefulD-MD

    Familiar Skills

    Enemy Scan
    Lv112212112Enemy Properties can be seen (without Analyze Knack)
    Lv213222212Able to know whether you can steal or drop from enemies
    Point Bonus
    Lv133321122ARP + 1 at the start of a battle (for all party members)
    Lv244431132ARP + 2 at the start of a battle (for all party members)
    Lv377742343ARP + 3 at the start of a battle (for all party members)
    Lv488852454ARP + 4 at the start of a battle (for all party members)
    Lv589962467ARP + 5 at the start of a battle (for all party members)
    Guard Physical
    Lv1322122122% Chance of completely blocking physical attacks
    Lv2432113224% Chance of completely blocking physical attacks
    Lv3532114326% Chance of completely blocking physical attacks
    Lv4742115548% Chance of completely blocking physical attacks
    Lv58541167610% Chance of completely blocking physical attacks
    Guard Spell
    Lv1233112112% Chance of completely blocking magic attacks
    Lv2334123214% Chance of completely blocking magic attacks
    Lv3445124326% Chance of completely blocking magic attacks
    Lv4547126758% Chance of completely blocking magic attacks
    Lv56881267610% Chance of completely blocking magic attacks
    Lv1222112422% Chance for Familiar to counterattack phys. attacks. Damage is based on Master's STR
    Lv2222112424% Chance for Familiar to counterattack phys. attacks. Damage is based on Master's STR
    Lv3322113526% Chance for Familiar to counterattack phys. attacks. Damage is based on Master's STR
    Lv4643116758% Chance for Familiar to counterattack phys. attacks. Damage is based on Master's STR
    Lv58541188710% Chance for Familiar to counterattack phys. attacks. Damage is based on Master's STR
    Lv112212112You should hear your Familiar talk to herself by pressing the START button
    Lv313234124(Works for the japanese version, but no sound for the localized version)
    Friend Rating
    Lv122222222Allows you to see the affection each comrade feels towards you (Familiar menu)
    Event Memo
    Lv1------------------------Allows you to see a summary of your recent adventures (Familiar menu)
    Psych Eval
    Lv123323223Familiar gives you a general summary of your personality (Familiar menu)
    Treasure Scout
    Lv112222122Familiar informs you of how much more treasures are not opened in caves/dungeons (Familiar menu)
    Lv1------------------------Allows your familiar to scout for you before battles (event-activated only). Careful, as enemy casters may detect your Familiar.
    Lv1------------------------Allows you to foresee events and possible character fates you can change (event activated)
    Lv142222442Receive 3% discount from shops
    Lv253233552Receive 6% discount from shops
    Lv364344663Receive 9% discount from shops
    Lv466466774Receive 12% discount from shops
    Lv589688884Receive 15% discount from shops
    Altered Fate
    Lv1------------------------Allows you to view someone's altered fate (Dollhouse Menu). Requires you to save that person before seeing his altered fate.
    Lv1-----------------------Familiar gains the ability to create transgates (warp points) in various areas (before towns)
    Access Psyche
    Lv115515225Skill required to change Regina's Fate and/or Recruit Meline (Modified route)
    Abilities with no stat requirements are automatically unlocked as you progress through the story
    Access Psyche is automatically unlocked in the Modified Route
    To unlock Access Psyche in the Original Route, you have to acquire the projector (part of the story) and manually learn the skill from there

    Familiar Costumes

    TypeHow to Acquire
    Costume APrimarily given
    Costume BPrimarily given
    Costume CAfter first Familiar Replacement (event) / Unlocked immediately if you have altered your Familiar's Fate
    Costume DComplete Mel's (fruit/accessory vendor in Boomtown) Sidequest (Flier Distribution)
    Costume EFort Leinfaltz Research Lab (during your return/investigation).
    Costume FPrison (Laboratory Cell/Room)
    Costume GArena/Colloseum (Boomtown)battle ?
    Costume HTalk to the researcher who gave you the dollhouse immediately after creating your Familiar
    Costume ITalk to Peyton (Boomtown's Spellstone vendor) then Pocaccha (his Familiar) will tell you about something she threw near the waterfalls
    Remember the place where you first found Remus? To go there, Head northeast from Boomtown. There should be a cave entrance somewhere.
    Right before you enter the cave, go through the open path to your right
    Costume JGo out with Familiar on your last Furlough
    Huge thanks to:

    Forbster (GameFAQs member) who is currently working in collaboration with me for writing up a strategy guide for each and every battle. Would never make such detail without his help.

    Ranadiel (GameFAQs member) for the Final Ability and Final Armor completion guide

    CareerSoft and Atlus for the game

    Gamefaqs's Growlanser IV Community: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/629093-growlanser-wayfarer-of-time

    Nogoodnamesnow, Zenpukki, zellrang, and DarkRPGMaster, Forbster, Ranadiel for misc corrections and clarifications

    Japanese Wikis:

    • http://www14.atwiki.jp/growlanser4_or/
    • http://fate-wiki.com/gl4-psp/
    • http://surume5.han-be.com/gl4/index.htm
    • http://wiki.mmo-station.com/wiki/gl4o/

    Thank you all, for I wouldn't have been able to write this much without any of you.

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