Need help about the seal door?

  1. I have some problems with unlocking the seal door.. It is said that in order to unlock the door we have to play "the condition for release" could u tell me what character to unlock all the seal door in this game? Cause im too lazy to play it one by one.. Thanks

    User Info: FelixFAQS

    FelixFAQS - 5 years ago

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  1. You will need a "Karin" Map card which will decipher the requirements. It is found at the last Chapter, the one with the dirt. Anyways, here are the req char:
    Use Gaara on the mission Road to the Northern Hideout (Chapter 4, 4th battle)
    Use Shikamaru on the mission Chasing the "Akatsuki (Chapter 5, 1st battle)
    Use Itachi on the mission Infiltrating the Hidden Cloud (Chapter 6, 1st battle)
    Use Kakashi on the side mission The Rescue Unit Attacks (Chapter 6, side mission)

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  1. U have to clear all the ultimate road until 100% completed & sub missions of the stories

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  2. I forgot to add this
    Use Killer Bee on the mission Taka Invades (Final Chap, 1st topmost mission)

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