About the seal doors in sasuke's tale / story?

  1. There are totals of 5 seal doors the first one is unlock by using sakura and the second is using garaa or shikamaru (i have forgot it) so there are still 3 remaining.. But im tired to test the character 1 by 1 i mean in order to unlock the seal door you have to play the scene with character ( and i dont know who cause there are no hints) can anyone tell me what character should i use to complete the seal doors? ( maybe one of you have pass this)?

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    FelixFAQS - 6 years ago

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  1. Use Gaara on the mission Road to the Northern Hideout (Chapter 4, 4th battle)
    Use Shikamaru on the mission Chasing the "Akatsuki (Chapter 5, 1st battle)
    Use Itachi on the mission Infiltrating the Hidden Cloud (Chapter 6, 1st battle)
    Use Kakashi on the side mission The Rescue Unit Attacks (Chapter 6, side mission)

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  1. Last Chapter's "A Miscalculation"
    Use Suigetsu's Map Card above it and it will get you "Karin"
    which tells who will you choose in opening gates.
    For Suigetsu's Map Card
    Finish Uchiha Bonds and Finish Itachi's Fight
    and it will get you his Map Card.
    Hope it helps...

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    MHMSB - 6 years ago 1 0
  2. Apparantly I missed 1 sealed door. It's the one at the final chap. You must use Killer Bee on the mission Taka Invades, the one wherein sasuke is the executor (1st topmost mission)

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