How do I get past (Year 6 Level 1)?

  1. I am SO Stuck in the PSP version of the Toy Store. I have zapped all the balloons and razor saucers. I've made the potion and given it to the employee and they opened the gate to allow me up stairs. I have put the colored powders back in their vessels and zapped the clown. The razor saucer was trapped behind some boxes which I moved then zapped it. I cannot find anything else to do. I cannot do anything with the clown, I cannot do anything with the character rolling back and forth on the rope above me, and I cannot do anything with the book case that's trying to fall but is blocked by the boxes. How do I get out of this area??

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    MadDogg56 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Finally. Here is the sequence.

    1.) Replace boxes near door onto the shelf.
    2.) Smash display at corner of table to get studs.
    3.) Herd Pigmy Puffs into cage and raise back up.
    4.) Zap the Razor Saucer which should crash into a crate making parts.
    5.) Interact with the parts to make a Goggle display.
    6.) Interact with the Goggle display to don the goggles.
    7.) Interact with Puking Kid Mannequin next to the Goggle display for a collectable.
    8.) Zap the balloon above the Puking Kid Mannequin.
    9.) Move to the right and interact with a purple glow spot to produce a key.
    10.) Use the key to activate the Duckling Toy.
    11.) Move far right to a pile of purple parts and interact with them to make a flower in the back. (Goggles needed.)
    12.) Zap the balloon above the purple glow spot.
    13.) Zap the two displays near the table with the yellow spot on it for Studs, and an ingredient.
    14.) Interact with a second pile of purple parts near the stairs to make another flower in the back which causes the bud to open revealing the caldron. (Goggles needed.)
    15.) Zap the little green spot near the table to the right to reveal an ingredient.
    16.) Place all 3 ingredients into the caldron.
    17.) Interact with the caldron to get the potion and bring it to the worker.
    18.) Your given control of the worker when you give her the potion, use her to unlock the gate and go up the stairs.
    19.) Harry is on the left in back. Put the colored sand back in their respective buckets for a collectable.
    20.) Move to the middle and get the George with Jacket and place the three tins back on the shelf.
    21.) Zap the clown to reveal the Red Brick.
    22.) Collect all the studs laying around then switch to George. Select the Horn item and walk it to the left front near the crates preventing the book case from falling and use it. The boxes explode releasing another razor saucer which cuts the rope with the character riding on the pulley above sending him and other stuff to the deck below and dropping a collectable, grab it. The razor saucer flies out the window.
    23.) Move to the right and use your wand to move the two tan boxes blocking the third razor saw. The first once you toss below and the second you toss out the window releasing the razor saw.
    24.) Zap the last razor saw.
    25.) The shop owner who was blocking the door below comes up the stairs and waves you to come down.
    26.) Jump down to below and the owner moves from the doorway revealing an escape pad.
    27.) Use the pad to end the area.


    User Info: MadDogg56

    MadDogg56 - 6 years ago 0 0

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