In Ninjamurai, the player assumes the role of Takezou Nishimura (Also
known as The Ninjamurai), a young warrior who is the offspring of a
union between a Female Ninja and a male Samurai. Rejected by both
sides and looked down on as a kind of a mongrel breed, Takezou can be
impulsive due to his age and often has a cocky attitude. He does
however have a good heart and a desire to help others. He is the most
skilled warrior in his mountain shrine where he was raised by a man
named Oro Sensei. After many years of training, Takezou is tasked with
going into the nearby city and doing some recon. When he gets to the
city he realizes something is amiss. It is overrun with Black Armor
Militia and Takezou sets about destroying the Black Armor presence in
the city. He meets a Black Armor commander named Bedros Majima, who
informs him that the Black Armor was responsible for the murder of his

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