Phantasy Star Portable Cheats


  • Titles and Rewards

    Titles are earned by reaching certain goals in the game, such as defeating a required number of enemies or completing particular missions On occasion, unique rewards are given after earning a title.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1st Class Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)Reached level 60
    Adahna Slayer (Title), Sleep / Resist (Reward)Defeated 5 Adahna Degahnas
    Alteraz Slayer (Title), Confuse / Resist (Reward)Defeated 5 Alterazgohgs
    AMF Elite Unit (Title), Mayalee Hit (Reward)Cleared Chapter 7 in story mode
    Angry Soldier (Title), Gravity Strike (Reward)Reached Hunter level 5
    Annihilator (Title), Berdysh (Reward)Maximum damage exeeded 1800
    Armed Servant (Title), Reverser (Reward)Cleared Chapter 6 in story mode
    Axe Collector (Title), Ank Buti (Reward)Collected 80% of all axes
    Berserker (Title), Lollipop (Reward)Maximum damage exeeded 600
    Bil De Golus Slayer (Title), Cati / Anti Down (Reward)Defeated 5 Bil De Goluses
    Bullet Master (Title), Mayalee Fury (Reward)Raised 10 bullets to level 30
    Card Collector (Title), Kaza-kikami (Reward)Collected 80% of all cards
    Claw Collector (Title), Ohga-Misaki (Reward)Collected 80% of all claws
    Colony Tourist (Title), Tero / All Save (Reward)Completed all G. Colony free missions
    Combat Master (Title), Amore Rose (Reward)Cleared free missions 3 times
    Cooking Fighter (Title), Juicy Line (Reward)Obtained a grilling weapon (use 10 upgrade grinders on a beef weapon without failing)
    Creature Master (Title), Magana Slayer (Reward)Defeat all creatures
    Crossbow Collector (Title), Cubo Simba (Reward)Collected 80% of all crossbows
    Crushe (Title)r, Final Impact (Reward)Maximum damage exeeded 300
    D. Saber Collector (Title), Ragan-Ragan (Reward)Collected 80% of all double saber
    Dagger Collector (Title), Deraga-zashi (Reward)Collected 80% of all daggers
    De Ragan Slayer (Title), Burn / Resist (Reward)Defeated 5 De Ragan s
    De Ragnus Slayer (Title), Solid / Anti Up (Reward)Defeated 5 De Ragnuses
    De Rol Le Slayer (Title), Freeze / Resist (Reward)Defeated 5 De Rol Les
    Dimmagolus Slayer (Title), Shock / Resist (Reward)Defeated 5 Dimmagoluses
    Elite Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)Reached level 80
    Eternal Traveler (Title), Absolute Dance (Reward)Cleared Chapter 8 in story mode
    Explosive Maestro (Title), Ikk Hikk (Reward)Reached Protranser level 10
    Fakis 1st Slayer (Title), Poison / Resist (Reward)Defeated Dulk Fakis (1st phase) 5 times
    Fakis 1st Slayer (Title), Virus / Resist (Reward)Defeated Dulk Fakis (2nd phase) 5 times
    Flying Berzerker (Title), Dus Majarra (Reward)Reached Fighmaster level 5
    Grenade Collector (Title), Gur Hanab (Reward)Collected 80% of all grenades
    Guardian Hero (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)Reached level 90
    Guardian Instructor (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)Reached level 70
    Guardian Officer (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)Reached level 40
    Handgun Collector (Title), De Ragun (Reward)Collected 80% of all handguns
    Hurricane Striker (Title), Chikki Kyoren-jin (Reward)Reached Acromaster level 5
    I Willing Martyr (Title), Okikudohg (Reward)Became incapacitated 100 times
    Intel Section (Title), Cross Hurricane (Reward)Cleared Chapter 2 in story mode
    Knuckle Collector (Title), Gudda Igga (Reward)Collected 80% of all knuckles
    Lasers Collector (Title), Love Inferno (Reward)Collected 80% of all lasers
    Light Speed Killer (Title), Chuei Jitotsushin (Reward)Reached Acromaster level 10
    Lone Sniper (Title), Boma Maga (Reward)Reached Ranger level 10
    Longbow Collector (Title), Nasuyoteri (Reward)Collected 80% of all longbows
    M. Gun Collector (Title), Deathrain (Reward)Collected 80% of all machineguns
    Maggahnas Slayer (Title), Stun / Resist (Reward)Defeated 5 Magas Maggahnases
    Magnificent Gunner (Title), Twin Penetration (Reward)Reached Gunmaster level 5
    Mega Destroyer (Title), Anga Jabroga (Reward)Reached FIghmaster level 10
    Meseta Tycoon (Title), Meseta Fury (Reward)Total Meseta reached 1000000
    Moatoob Tourist (Title), Solid / TECH Save (Reward)Completed all Moatoob free missions
    Mobile Defense (Title), Resta (Reward)Cleared Chapter 1 in story mode
    Neudaiz Tourist (Title), Cati / TECH Save (Reward)Completed all Neudaiz free missions
    Not the Only Hero (Title), Rappy Suit (Reward)Played co-op multiplayer mode
    One to Watch (Title), Ank Bico (Reward)Cleared free missions 25 times
    Onmagoug Slayer (Title), Silence / Resist (Reward)Defeated 5 Onmagougs
    Parum Tourist (Title), Solid / Bullet Save (Reward)Completed all Parum free missions
    Photon Protector (Title), Rentis (Reward)Reached Masterforce level 10
    Photon Wizard (Title), Giresta (Reward)Reached Force level 10
    PS Perfec (Title)t, Hyakka Ryo-ran (Reward)Collected all titles
    Quiet Hunter (Title), Penetrating Hit (Reward)Reached Ranger level 5
    R. Mag Collector (Title), Elsral (Reward)Collected 80% of all ranged mags
    R&D Section (Title), Masei-sou (Reward)Cleared Chapter 4 in story mode
    Rifle Collecto (Title)r, Killer Elite (Reward)Collected 80% of all rifles
    Rod Collector (Title), Okarod (Reward)Collected 80% of all rods
    Rogue Family (Title), Bukuu Saien-zan (Reward)Cleared Chapter 5 in story mode
    Rookie Guardian (Title), Goggles (Reward)Reached level 1
    Saber Collector (Title), Apocalypse (Reward)Collected 80% of all sabers
    SEED Intel Section (Title), Spiral Dance (Reward)Cleared Chapter 3 in story mode
    Shining Mage (Title), Regrant (Reward)Reached Force level 5
    Shotgun Collector (Title), Shigga Pakuda (Reward)Collected 80% of all shotguns
    Skill Master (Title), Gravity Break (Reward)Raised 10 skills to level 30
    Slicer Collector (Title), Asura-hiken (Reward)Collected 80% of all slicers
    Solid Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)Reached level 30
    Spear Collector (Title), Mugunburga (Reward)Collected 80% of all spears
    Spirit Sorceror (Title), Dizas (Reward)Reached Masterforce level 5
    Stealthy Tactition (Title), Mayalee Prism (Reward)Reached Protranser level 5
    Super Ace (Title), Din De Bel (Reward)Defeated 500 creatures
    Super Elite (Title), Sacred Dusters (Reward)Defeated 1000 creatures
    Super Hero (Title), Bringer Rifle (Reward)Defeated 10000 creatures
    Super Rookie (Title), Laser Pannon (Reward)Defeated 100 creatures
    Superior Guardian (Title), Aura Field (Reward)Reached level 50
    Supreme Assassin (Title), Killer Shot (Reward)Reached Gunmaster level 10
    Sword Collector (Title), De Ragan Slayer (Reward)Collected 80% of all swords
    T. Claw Collector (Title), Shide-Misaki (Reward)Collected 80% of alltwin claws
    T. Dagger Collector (Title), Tamagiri-zashi (Reward)Collected 80% of all twin daggers
    T. Saber Collector (Title), Tyrant Spada (Reward)Collected 80% of all twin sabers
    T.H. Gun Collector (Title), Battlestopper (Reward)Collected 80% of all twin handguns
    TECH mag Collector (Title), Delpi (Reward)Collected 80% of all TECHNIC mags
    TECHNIC Master (Title), Megistar (Reward)Raised 10 TECHNICs to level 30
    Title Collector (Title), Opa Opa (Reward)Collected 30 titles
    Top Contender (Title), Dallgunrod (Reward)Cleared free missions 50 times
    Ultimate Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)Reached level 100
    Ultimate Warrior (Title), Robopitch Grenade (Reward)Cleared free missions 100 times
    Up and Coming (Title), Samba Maracas (Reward)Cleared free missions 10 times
    Wand Collector (Title), Bajura (Reward)Collected 80% of all wands
    Whip Collector (Title), Vish Diraga (Reward)Collected 80% of all whips
    Whirling Slicer (Title), Tornado Dance (Reward)Reached Hunter level 10
    Young Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)Reached level 10
    Zealous Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward)Reached level 20
    Zoal Goug Slayer (Title), Cati / Rainbow (Reward)Defeated 5 Zoal Gougs

    Contributed By: DrAGo_RifLE.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Cheats


  • Vision Phone Codes (US)

    Enter these codes on the vision phone in your room.

    24932278Akahara Reisou (male clothes black x black)
    24932271Akahara Reisou (male clothes blue x black)
    24932273Akahara Reisou (male clothes green x black)
    24932274Akahara Reisou (male clothes purple x black)
    24932270Akahara Reisou (male clothes red x black)
    24932279Akahara Reisou (male clothes white x black)
    24932270Akahara Reisou (male clothes white x white)
    24932272Akahara Reisou (male clothes yellow x black)
    24932280Akahara Reisou (male parts)
    41325468Alis Landale Poster
    32549410Angry Marshmellow
    72401990Art Javelin
    48168861Blank Epoch (Male Clothes
    48168862Blank Epoch (Male Parts)
    32091120Bullet Lancer (lance)
    29888026Clarita Visas (rod)
    54333358Edelweiss Figurine (Decoration)
    76416348Excalibur weapon
    41761771Hanhei Tsunagin (Male Clothes)
    41761772Hanhei Tsunagin (Male Parts)
    12344321Hatsune Miku's Leek Wand
    46815464Kansho Bayuka (up to 50%)
    84639199Knight-King Armor (Female clothes black x white)
    84639190Knight-King Armor (Female clothes blue x white)
    84639197Knight-King Armor (Female clothes gold x white)
    84639192Knight-King Armor (Female clothes green x white)
    84639196Knight-King Armor (Female clothes light blue x white)
    84639195Knight-King Armor (Female clothes pink x white)
    84639194Knight-King Armor (Female clothes purple x white)
    84639191Knight-King Armor (Female clothes red x white)
    84639198Knight-King Armor (Female clothes white x white)
    84639193Knight-King Armor (Female clothes yellow x white)
    84639200Knight-King Armor (Female parts)
    32143166Longinus Lance (up to 50%)
    72401991Lovely Feathers (Female Clothes)
    72401992Lovely Feathers (Female Parts)
    55687361Magical Princess (Female Clothes)
    55687362Magical Princess (Female Parts)
    53962481Maverick Rifle (Fanta Collab)
    39395341Miku Hatsune Dress (female clothes grey/green)
    39395342Miku Hatsune Dress (female parts)
    39395345Miku's Leek Rifle
    39395343Miku's Leek Saber
    39395344Miku's T. Leek Sabers
    55687360Mr. Ekoeko Stick
    51355133New Tea-Dog Plush
    74612418Ogi's Head
    89747981Pizza Shack D Box
    32549412Platinum Tiger (Female Clothes)
    32549414Platinum Tiger (Female Parts)
    32549411Platinum Tiger (Male Clothes)
    32549413Platinum Tiger (Male Parts)
    34336181Plug Suit Asuka (female clothes red/black)
    34336182Plug Suit Asuka (female parts)
    46211351Plug Suit Rei (female clothes white/black)
    46211352Plug Suit Rei (female parts)
    15644321Plug Suit Shinji (male clothes)
    15644322Plug Suit Shinji (male parts)
    21887733PS Magazine R-Mag
    54186516Puyo Pop Fever Gun (mech gun)
    11293398Puyo Pop Fists
    33286491Scouring Bubble (Fanta Collab)
    34819852Sonic Knuckles
    34162313Special Pizza Cutter
    51355134Tea Dog Plush
    51355132Tea-Dog Plush
    48168860Telltale Hearts
    54684698The Rappy of Hope
    30495153Toop Nasur (Yut’s Spear)
    33974688Toxic Cannon
    98443462Trauma Bandages (Female Clothes)
    98443464Trauma Bandages (Female Parts)
    98443461Trauma Bandages (Male Clothes)
    98443463Trauma Bandages (Male Parts)
    41761770True Hash
    88619433Unlock game pro kunuckles
    64991154Unlock Nei's Partnership
    51355131Unlock Ochakendoog
    51355134Unlock Panda table
    43326648Unlock Play Blu Edge


  • Movie Threater

    To Watch CutScenes

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Movie ThreaterComplete The Game

    Contributed By: ascider.

  • Shizuru Partner Card

    To get Shizuru, you need to get True Ending by getting S-Rank on all story missions and answering the right choices given to you at some missions. Shizuru will help you fight the Final Boss if you've done it and get his Partner Card.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Shizuru ShuGet True Ending

    Contributed By: Rhyperior_07.

  • Unlockable Phantasy Star Online Clothes/Parts

    Complete the game on Hard Mode

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Amorosso Top(Female)Complete the game on Hard Mode
    Cast Voloyal SetComplete the game on Hard Mode
    Ceremonial Wear(Female)Complete the game on Hard Mode
    FOmar SetComplete the game on Hard Mode
    FOnewearl SetComplete the game on Hard Mode
    Fonewm Top/BottomComplete the game on Hard Mode
    Formal Set (FOmarl)Complete the game on Hard Mode
    HUcas Torso/Arms/LegsComplete the game on Hard Mode
    HUcaseal Torso/Arms/LegsComplete the game on Hard Mode
    HUmar Top/BottomComplete the game on Hard Mode
    HUnewearl SetComplete the game on Hard Mode
    Neo-Magashi ReplicaComplete the game on Hard Mode
    RAcas Torso/Arms/LegsComplete the game on Hard Mode
    RAcaseal Torso/Arms/LegsComplete the game on Hard Mode
    RAmarComplete the game on Hard Mode
    Ramarl TopComplete the game on Hard Mode
    Shizuru Replica (Male only)Complete the game on Normal Mode
    Vivienne ReplicaComplete the game on Hard Mode
    Voloyal Set(Female)Complete the game on Hard Mode

    Contributed By: hikari198 and xThePheno.

  • Unlockable Titles

    Rewards are unlocked by accomplishing "tasks" or targets in game. These are shown on the Visiphone in the player's room, under "Title Log".

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AceReach Level 60
    AgentBegin Chapter 2
    Angry WarriorReach Hunter Level 10
    Artful DodgerDodge 250 times
    ArtisteObtain 10 costumes
    Beacon of HopeComplete 25 Open Missions
    BeginnerReach Level 3
    BerserkerDeal over 1,000 damage in 1 hit
    Bil de Golus SlayerDefeated 5 Bil de Goluses
    Block KingPerform 250 Perfect Blocks
    Breaker of BoundariesBecome friends with a MySynth
    CantabileAdd 5 songs to the Jukebox
    CaptainReach Level 120
    ChameleonBe capable of equipping 15 A-Rank weapons
    ChampionBegin Final Chapter
    Chelsea's WalletBecome friends with Chelsea
    ChiefReach Level 40
    Child ProdigyObtain Clarita Visas II
    Civic SaviorComplete 10 client requests
    ConfidantBegin Chapter 8
    ContainerbaneDestroy 1,000 containers
    CrusherDeal over 300 damage in 1 hit
    Customizing ManiacUpgrade weapons 100 times
    Dagger CollectorCollect 50% of Daggers
    De Ragan SlayerDefeat 5 De Ragans
    Defense ExpertDefend (Guard/Block) 50 times
    DemolisherDeal over 2,500 damage in 1 hit
    Demonic SniperReach Ranger Level 20
    Destroyer of WorldsReach Hunter Level 30
    DivaAdd 25 songs to the Jukebox
    EliteReach Level 50
    Emerging TalentBe capable of equipping 25 C-Rank weapons
    Emila's BFFBecome friends with Emilia
    EngineerRemodel room once
    Envoy of the LightReach Force Level 20
    Ethan's Heir ApparentBecome friends with Ethan
    Evasion ExpertDodge 50 times
    FashionistaObtain 100 costumes
    Fist of the HeavensReach Vanguard Level 30
    Guardian of the LightReach Force Level 30
    Handgun CollectorCollect 50% of Handguns
    HeroReach Level 140
    Hero of the DayComplete Good Ending
    Hero of the PeopleComplete Best Ending
    HopefulReach Level 20
    HotshotBegin Chapter 4
    Interior DecoratorPlace room decorations 10 times
    Interior DesignerPlace room decorations 100 times
    Iron FistDefeat a Darbelan
    Jack-of-All-TradesBe capable of equipping 20 B-Rank weapons
    Karen's ConsultantBecome friends with Karen
    KingReach Level 90
    King of ChicChange outfits 100 times
    Knuckles CollectorCollect 50% of Knuckles
    Kraz's Right HandBecome friends with Kraz
    LeaderReach Level 30
    LegendReach Level 200
    Liina's BabysitterBecome friends with Liina
    LionheartReach Vanguard Level 10
    Little Wing SaviorComplete 25 client requests
    Longbow CollectorCollect 50% of Longbows
    Lord of BrillianceObtain 60% Light weapon & armor
    Lord of FlameObtain 60% Fire weapon & armor
    Lord of FrostObtain 60% Ice weapon & armor
    Lord of StormsObtain 60% Lightning weapon & armor
    Lord of the AbyssObtain 60% Dark weapon & armor
    Lord of TremorsObtain 60% Earth weapon & armor
    Lou's CoprocessorBecome friends with Lou
    Lumia's New PartnerBecome friends with Lumia
    LuminaryReach Level 160
    Machinegun CollectorCollect 50% of Machineguns
    MaestroBegin Chapter 9
    Magashi's New RivalRecognized as a rival by Magashi (similar to befriending him)
    MasterReach Level 100
    Master of ArmsBe capable of equipping 10 S-Rank weapons
    MastermindRemodel room 10 times
    Maya's TastetesterBecome friends with Maya
    MercenaryBegin Chapter 3
    MillionnaireHold 10,000,000 Meseta
    Mother Brain SlayerDefeat 5 Mother Brains
    Nuclear WarheadReach Ranger Level 30
    Observer of HistoryPlay over 10 hours on 1 char
    One of ManyPlay with a friend in Multiplayer
    OpportunistComplete 5 Open Missions
    OverlordReach Level 180
    Pizza PaisanFind a Pizza Shack
    PrinceReach Level 80
    Queen of ChicChange outfits 10 times
    R-Mag CollectorCollect 50% of R-Mags
    Reflex ExpertPerform 50 Perfect Blocks
    Rewriter of HistoryPlay over 25 hours on 1 char
    Rifle CollectorCollect 50% of Rifles
    Rod CollectorCollect 50% of Rods
    RookieReach Level 10
    Sayo's FanReceive 5 blessings
    Sayo's FriendReceive 30 blessings
    ScavengerBegin Chapter 5
    ScoutBegin Chapter 6
    SeekerBegin Chapter 7
    Seer of SubspacePlay over 50 hours on 1 char
    Shining ClericReach Force Level 10
    Shizuru's RefugeBecome friends with Shizuru
    ShopaholicSpend 10,000,000 Meseta
    Shotgun CollectorCollect 50% of Shotguns
    Silent AssassinReach Ranger Level 10
    Spear CollectorCollect 50% of Spears
    Steel WallDefend (Guard/Block) 250 times
    Super AceDefeat 2,500 creatures
    Super HeroDefeat 5,000 creatures
    Super RookieDefeat 500 creatures
    Sweet ToothFind Naura's Confectionary
    SynthesizerCustomize a MySynth
    Tech-Mag CollectorCollect 50% of Tech-Mags
    The ChosenGet 100 Titles
    Thread of CamaraderieComplete 10 Multiplayer Open Missions
    Tonnio's WingmanBecome friends with Tonnio
    TrendsetterObtain 50 costumes
    Twin Daggers CollectorCollect 50% of Twin Daggers
    Twin Handguns CollectorCollect 50% of Twin Handguns
    Ursula's SidearmBecome friends with Ursula
    VeteranReach Level 70
    Veteran GuardianImport Character Data
    VIP MaterialComplete 50 Open Missions
    VirtuosoBegin Chapter 10
    Vivienne's BelovedBecome friends with Vivienne
    Walker of WorldsPlay over 100 hours on 1 char
    Wand CollectorCollect 50% of Wands
    Warrior's GaleReach Vanguard Level 20
    Weaver of HistoryGet 30 Titles
    Whirling DervishReach Hunter Level 20
    Yut's MentorBecome friends with Yut

    Contributed By: vinceres_lunei.

  • Unlockables

    Get True Ending by getting S-Rank on all story missions and answering the right choices given to you at some missions.You get Tethis after defeating the final boss.You get the Crimson Wings as a title reward.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Crimson WingsGet True Ending
    TethisGet True Ending

    Contributed By: _WILPETER_LAO_.

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