Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Cheats


  • Gallery Movies

    Gallery movies can be unlocked by encountering certain monsters, as well as doing certain things in the game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A Phantom AppearsEncounter a Kirin
    Akantor EcologySlay Akantor
    All videosDefeat Akantor
    Anger and CalamitySlay Crimson Fatalis
    Behold The Kut-KuSpot Yian Kut-Ku
    Burning RockComplete the "Volcano Gathering" Quest
    Congalala EcologyEcnounter a Congalala
    Daiymo Hermitaur EcologyDefeat Daiymo Hermitaur
    Deep Forest IllusionSpot Chameleos
    Desert HunterEncounter a Cephadrome
    Desert TyrantEncounter a Diablos
    Diablos EcologyEncounter a Diablos
    Emperor of FlameEncounter Elder Village Teostra
    Empress of FlameEncounter a Lunastra
    Gravios EcologyEncounter a Gravios
    Khezu ecologyDefeat Khezu
    Kushala Daora EcologyEncounter a Kushala Daora
    Lao Shan LungSpot Lao Shan Lung
    Lao Shan Lung!?spot Shen Gaoren
    Legend of FlightSlay Fatalis
    Light In The DarkSpot Khezu
    Location Of EternityComplete the "Forest and Hills" Gathering Quest
    One Horned DaiymoSpot Daiymo Hermitaur
    Plesioth EcologyDefeat Plesioth
    Raging TigrexEncounter a Tigrex in the 5* Elder Urgent Quest
    Rathian EcologyEncounter a Rathian
    Revived Queen's BattleEncounter G-rank Lunastra
    Roar Of The HornSpot Monoblos
    Roar of the WolfSpot Yian Garuga
    Rocky Mountain DragonSpot Azure Lao-Shan Lung
    Shadow in the TempestEncounter a Kushala Daora at Jungle
    Silver WorldComplete the "Mountain Gathering" Quest
    Steel In The BlizzardSpot Kushala Daora
    Sterling HunterEncounter a Giadrome
    The AncestorEncounter White Fatalis
    The Devil's ScytheEncounter a Shogun Ceanataur in 4* Elder Quest
    The Green of the LandComplete the "Jungle Gathering" Quest
    The Jungle OutlawEncounter a Congalala
    The Piscine PlesiothSpot Plesioth
    The Poison GypcerosSpot Gypceros
    The Raging RajangEncounter Elder Village Rajang
    The Roaring KingEncounter a Bulldrome
    The Sly HunterEncounter a Velocidrome
    The Still SwampEntered the swamp ara for the first time
    The TowerLeave Camp in Tower Area
    The Tyrant TigrexEcnounter a Tigrex
    The White DarknessEncounter a Blangonga
    Tigrex EcologyEncounter a Tigrex in the 5* Elder Urgent Quest
    Tyrannical RoarEncounter Akantor
    Volcanic LeaderEncounter a Gravios
    White Night DuneEntered the desert area for the first time

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Cheats


  • Gallery Area Movies

    The area movies are unlocked by doing your first quest at a specific area.
    At the beginning from the quest you will see a cut-scene

    For all areas except tower this happens at the base camp.
    For the tower intro you must head to Area 1 first to trigger the cut-scene.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Beach IntroDo 1 quest at the beach area.
    Desert IntroDo 1 quest at the desert area.
    Forest & Hills IntroDo 1 quest at the Forest & Hills area.
    Mountains IntroDo 1 quest at the mountain area.
    Swamp IntroDo 1 quest at the swamp area.
    Tower IntroDo 1 quest at the tower area.
    Volcano IntroDo 1 quest at the volcano area.

    Contributed By: LawOfVitality.

  • Monster Ecology Movies

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Akantor ecologySlay an Akantor
    Babakonga ecologySlay a Babakonga
    Diablos ecologySlay a Diablos
    Gravios ecologySlay a Gravios
    Khezu ecologySlay a Khezu
    Kusharudaora ecologySlay the kusharudaora at the Mountain area
    Plesioth ecologySlay a Plesioth
    Rathian ecologySlay a Rathian
    Tigrex ecologySlay a Tigrex
    Zazami ecologySlay the zazami in the desert crab urgent quest

    Contributed By: LawOfVitality.

  • Monster Intro Gallery Movies

    Gallery movies can be unlocked by encountering certain monsters, as well as doing certain things in the game.

    The intro movies are the cutscenes you will see when you encounter a monster for the very first time.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AkantorEncounter Akantor
    Ancient (White) Fatalis IntroEncounter Ancient Fatalis
    Babakonga IntroEncounter a Babakonga
    Cephadrome IntroEncounter a Cephadrome
    Crimson Fatalis IntroEncounter Crimson Fatalis
    Diablos IntroEncounter a Diablos
    Dodobrango IntroEncounter a Dodobrango
    Dos Fango IntroEncounter a Dos fango
    Fatalis IntroEncounter Fatalis
    Giadrome IntroEncounter a Giadrome
    Gizami IntroEncounter a Gizami
    Gravios IntroEncounter a Gravios
    Gypceros IntroEncounter a Gypceros
    Hypnoc IntroEncounter Hypnoc
    Khezu IntroEncounter a Khezu
    Kirin IntroEncounter Kirin at the Mountain Area
    Kusharudaora Intro 1Do the purple dress lady urgent quest
    Kusharudaora Intro 2ncounter a Kusharudaora in the mountains
    Lao Shan Lung IntroDo the lao shan lung quest requested by the legendary blacksmith
    Monoblos IntroEncounter a Monoblos
    Nana Teskatory Intro 1Do the Nana teskatory urgent quest
    Nana Teskatory Intro 2Do the Nana teskatory quest at the tower
    Narugakaruga IntroEncounter Narugakaruga
    Oonazuchi IntroEncounter Oonazuchi at the Forest & Hills Area
    Rahjan IntroEncounter a Rahjan in the Elder Dual Rahjan quest
    Rathalos IntroEncounter a Rathalos
    Rathian IntroEncounter a Rathian
    Teo Teskatoru IntroEncounter Teo teskatoru at the Volcano Area
    Ucamulbu IntroEncounter Ucamulbu
    Velocidrome IntroEncounter a Velocidrome
    Volganos IntroEncounter Volganos
    Yamatukami IntroEncounter Yamatukami
    Yian Garuga IntroEncounter a Garuga
    Yian Kut Ku IntroEncounter a Yian Kut Ku
    Zazami IntroEncounter a Zazami

    Contributed By: LawOfVitality and WaarHarddened.

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