Where can I find all the chests in the game?

  1. I'm playing FF3 on PSP at the moment while following Seferaga's guide(for DS) on this site. Everything seems to be fine except that I have 39% Chests-Opened-Completion (i'm right before entering the new world) whereas Seferaga addressed in his FAQ that he had 40%. Would you guys happen to know if the DS and PSP versions are different and that it's just some chests aren't built into the PSP version? Please help I don't want to screw up my file @_@ A million thanks in advance! :D

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    business4me - 4 years ago
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    Nope. Gotten all of those :/

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    business4me - 4 years ago

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  1. For psp, IOS and steam version it is normal for you to get 39% at that point. It's because there is 1 less treasure than the original version but that doesn't hinders you for getting a 100% treasure count. Trust me I've already tested it and I have a save file for my proof of 100 %. Just for some info you should be at 98% before entering the mirror at the crystal tower because the last 2 % is the 4 ribbon chest at the final area. The percentage will be differed from ds version but still you can get a 100% treasure count

    User Info: splakappa

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  1. Try to go back in the first dungeon of the game where you play only with luneth, there are some chests that seferaga forgot to mention, I was playing using his guide, the when I started the onion knight quest, I had to go back in there, and for my surprise, there were some chests that we didn`t open because we couldn`t go with luneth in the beginning of the game

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  2. I had the same problem. You might be missing 3 chests from ur where you walk east of the inn to a well and a lady, you can go inside the well and get 3 chests containing potions.

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  3. Mine was the same way, I'll probably edit this (if I can, this is only the second question I've ever answered :P) once I beat the game to see if I have 100% treasure chests with Seferaga's guide, I'm currently about five dungeons away from there, so tonight I'll try to let you know if I can. :P

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  4. I got same problem but i search all chest and i end up in 99%,
    i think the problem is the dwarf 15 chest. 16 in DS i hope someone
    can confirm if its only 99%.

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    xchanzer - 4 years ago 0 0
  5. ONly got 99% also. Bad newa, OUYA version hasonly 15 too. I will let you know percent when i manage to finish OUYA version.

    User Info: dpwizard0168

    dpwizard0168 - 4 years ago 0 0

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