End game party jobs and strategies help?

  1. I am in my 4o playthrough and i want to do something different, like using a new party for the end game like this:
    Luneth-Dragoon as a damage dealer
    Arc-Bard for the buffs on everyone in one row, kind of a healer, and damage dealer with the weapon that takes 20% of the CoD hp
    Refia-Sage as a healer and a magical damage dealer, in the beginning of the fight, she heals while bard buffs, after buffs are ready, she start using offense magic while bard heals party and alternating with sage
    Ingus-Viking dual shield for defense, provoke+back row+bard buffs+ healing= best tanker ever
    So in general, CoD attacks a buffed,back row,dual shielded viking while she receives samage with my dragoon, with my sage and bard alternating between healing, while one heals and the other use flare or quake, and if there is any danger of someone dying, sage use a better healing magic, while bard buffs or even heal together

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    ChaosBaum - 5 years ago

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  1. I would replace the Dragoon with a Black Belt if you don't go for a Gungnir and a Magic Lance (or even better weapons if possible, those are just the strongest two I have at the mo'). Attack power of a level 62 job level 99 Dragoon with one Magic Lance and one Gungnir is 285. Attack power of a barehanded level 62 job level 99 Black Belt is 322. Couple this with the fact that Black Belts will always deal more hits due to the lack of equipment weight and they're almost always guaranteed to outperform a Dragoon's jump with every normal attack! Another viable damage dealer if you wanted to go with a more underused job would be the Dark Knight, my lvl 62 job lvl 99 Dark Knight has 295 attack power when equipped with the Ultima Weapon and the Murakamo, not quite as good as the BB but still better than a Dragoon, and Darkness is more useful than Jump since the only damage you'll be taking will be from Particle Beam and that's not too frequent of a concern, plus you would be attacking more than every other turn should you rely on it.
    Other than that, it's a solid strategy. I usually stay away from Vikings as their extreme tanking makes the game too easy IMO.

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  1. My party is

    Black Belt x2

    I agree with iambasho's opinion that using BB will give you superb damage and hit, the other thing i will put into consideration is using BB will give you vit bonus more than other class, thus it is possible to get 9999 max HP, at least for my physical attacker...The other two are subjective, but i prefer 1 pure healer, at first i wanna try red mage or bard but refia and arc are already "int build" from the beginning, so i put them into "int based job", i haven't tried to fight Iron Giant tough, i will consider viking if this build is a failure :D

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