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    Mognet FAQ by Typh

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 12/10/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        ~Fancy ASCII logo coming soon~
                            Final Fantasy III
                               Mognet FAQ
                                  V 0.8
    By: typhlosion5555
    Copyright 2006 Jorge Gomez
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    Please note that this guide may contain SPOILERS, so read at your own risk,
    since some of the NPC names may reveal plot information.
    This guide may ONLY be posted at:
                          Table of Contents:
    I.    Introduction                               [1int]
    II.   Mognet                                     [2mog]
           1. Overview                               [2ove]
           2. Basic Functions                        [2fun]
              a) Send Mail
              b) View Mail
              c) Address Book
              d) Moghouse
    III.  Onion Knight                               [3onk]
           1. Requirements                           [3req]
           2. The Lost Children                      [3sid]
           3. Job overview                           [3job]
    IV.   The Legendary Blacksmith                   [4leg]
           1. Legendary Smith Locations              [4loc]
           2. Job Mastery Cards                      [4mas]
           3. Job Specific Equipment                 [4jse]
    V.    The Ultima Weapon                          [5ult]
           1. The Pendant                            [5pen]
           2. Orichalcum                             [5ori]
    VI.   The Secret Dungeon                         [6dun]
    VII.  NPC Mail                                   [7npc]
           1. Topapa                                 [7top]
           2. Takka                                  [7tak]
           3. Sara                                   [7tar]
           4. Cid                                    [7cid]
           5. The 4 Old Men                          [7men]
           6. Alus                                   [7alu]
    VIII. Miscellaneous                              [8mis]
           1. Time Cheat                             [8tim]
    IX.   FAQ                                        [9faq]
    X.    Credits                                    [10cr]
    XI.   Version History                            [11vr]
    XII.  Contact                                    [12ct]
    | I. I N T R O D U C T I O N         [1int]  |
    Long has been the wait for the remake of the Final Fantasy game that never
    made it to America, Final Fantasy 3. With it, thousands of fans from all over
    the world awaited patiently for possible new features that could enhance
    a game that came out originally more than 15 years ago, and fortunately,
    Square-Enix delivered. FF3 DS came with several upgrades to the storyline but
    more importantly, to the gameplay itself, thanks to the addition of the
    Mognet 'quest'.
    Moreover, this FAQ will clear any possible doubts you may have about this
    messaging service and of course, with it you will be able to unlock the 
    Onion Knight and the ultimate equipment (and the dungeon) [hopefully] faster.
    If you have problems finding anything in this guide at all, please use
    CTRL+F plus the code found in brackets at the Table of Contents. For example,
    if you wish to see the 'NPC Mail' section, just hit CTRL+F and then type
    '[5npc]'. Yeah, it's _that_ easy.
    As always, if you have any comments or want to contribute, please check
    the Contact section, I'll be glad to answer your questions. With that aside,
    let's begin!
    | II. M O G N E T                    [2mog]  |
    Shortly stated, Mognet is a way to send people messages via Nintendo's Wi-Fi
    Connection. [Un]fortunately for some of you, this may not sound all that
    exciting, however, Square-Enix also found a way to make the player use
    this feature, since the jobs' ultimate weapons/armor and the Onion Knight job
    (unatteinable via the storyline) can only be obtained by using Mognet.
    1. Overview                         [2ove]
    So how does one start using this feature anyways? It's really simple, to
    start sending messages, talk to Moogles in towns or villages to access the
    'Mognet', which, as stated earlier, will let you send letters to NPCs or
    friends outside the game.
    Please note that this function is not required to complete the game, but
    it is the only way of unlocking extra equipment and the Onion Knight job
    (more on that later).
    You can access the Mognet from the moment you reach the first town, so you
    can enjoy this feature pretty much from the start of the game :D. Another
    important thing is that Moogles are found in any important town in the game,
    so you will not have to be running around in order to send mail. The way I see
    it is that Square-Enix wanted us to send a letter while taking a break from
    'adventuring' *cough*expgrinding*cough* outside towns.
    You can send mail to NPCs without the use of Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection.
    However, if you wish to send mail to friends (and you will need to, in case
    you want the unlockables), you must have either a router at home or the
    Nintendo USB connector. If you lack any of these, you could always go to a
    hotspot. Popular hotspots in the US include Starbucks and McDonalds.
    There's a limit to how many letters you can send. You're able to send one per
    hour to a player and to an NPC. So you could send 2 letter tops per hour (one
    for an NPC and one for a friend). There's a trick to this though, if you
    don't mind changing the DS clock everytime you send a letter.
    And before you ask, the dreadful Friend Codes are back. Yep, nothing we can
    do about it, even the Wii has them. XD
    Now that you know what's Mognet, let's look at all of the available functions
    of this service.
    2. Basic Functions                  [2fun]
      -The Mognet Menu
    Once you talk with a Moogle, a menu will come up on the Touch Screen with
    four different options:
                   |         |                |          |
                   |         |                |          |
                   |         |                |          |
                   |  . . .  |                |  . . .   |
                   |  . . .  |  ^_^           |  . . .   |  <- That's supposed to
                   |         | (´o´)          |          |     be a Moogle, go 
                   |         |  |_|           |          |     figure.
                   |         |                |          |
                   |                                     |
                   |         |                |          |
                   |         |                |     x    |
                   |   ||    |   Send Mail    |   y   a  |
                   |  ----   |   View Mail    |     b    |
                   |  ----   |   Address Book |          |
                   |   ||    |   Moghouse     |  .start  |
                   |         |                |  .select |
                   |         |                |          |
      a)Send Mail
    This option is pretty self-explanatory. It lets you send letters to either an
    NPC or to a friend of yours. The NPCs that are selectable change as you
    progress through the game. Here's a list of the options that you get once
    you select this menu:
                   -A Nearby Friend: Readies a letter & sends it to someone via
                                     local wireless communication.
                   -A Faraway Friend: (Requires Wi-Fi access) Readies a letter &
                                      sends it to someone on your Address Book if
                                      that person has also accepted you. If your
                                      friend has not entered your Friend Code yet,
                                      then their number will be gray-colored and
                                      you won't be able to send them any mail.
                   -Several NPCs: Automatically prepares & sends a letter to the
                                  desired NPC (you cannot type anything on it).
                                  For a complete list of selectable NPCs plus their
                                  letter transcripts, please check section 7.
      b)View Mail
    Upon checking this option, you will be able to check mail recieved from the
    denizens of the FFIII world or simply check what you've gotten from friends
    throghout the world. Mail gotten from NPCs will [most of the times] be recieved
    at the exact same moment you send them a letter (talk about a fast reply XD),
    if you do not get a letter from them, then it means you must keep sending 
    letters with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, or simply progress more with
    the storyline. 
      c)Address Book
    This is your personal Address Book in Final Fantasy III. Here you can check
    several things:
                   -Friend Roster: This displays your current friends. At first,
                                   only their friend number will be there, but once
                                   you recieve a letter from them, you'll be able
                                   to see the name they put in the Nintendo DS
                                   general options. If you select a name, you can
                                   delete a friend. Finally, you can have a total
                                   of 28 friends in your Roster.
                   -Enter Friend Code: Here you can enter a Friend Code in order to
                                       register a new friend. Note that your friend
                                       will need to register you too if you wish
                                       to recieve/send mail from each other.
                   -Display Friend Code: Once you register in the Nintendo's Wi-Fi
                                         connection, you can check your own Friend
                                         Code here.
    Also known as 'Communication Features'. This will let you recieve new mail from
    local wireless communication or in Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection. This is also
    a quick way for the system to acknowledge whether or not a friend has added
    you to his or her friend roster.
    | III. O N I O N   K N I G H T        [3onk] |
    The Onion Knight was the default version in the original FFIII game. Since
    it was pretty much replaced by the Freelancer class this time around, Square
    Enix decided to make it a secret job only unlockable by the use of Mognet.
    1. Requirements                    [3req]
    There are two requirements that you must meet in order to trigger the Onion
    Knight Job sidequest. Note that you will need to have Wi-Fi access in order
    to get this job.
    1. First, you must send at least 7 letters to your friends over Wi-Fi, note
       that you can send 7 to one person or many.
    2. Recieve 4 letters from Topapa.
       This is attainable by sending 4 letters to him, on his fourth reply, he
       will tell you to go back to Ur, so do so.
    2. The Lost Children               [3los]
    Once you're in Ur, speak with Topapa himself (he's the elder of the village
    in case you forgot, his house is blue right in front of the entrance of Ur).
    If you've been paying close attention to his letters, you would know that the
    children are lost because they went to play too far from the village. 
    Elder Topapa will entrust you the mission of rescuing the children.
    Now, go to the Altar Cave found to the north.
    Altar Cave
    Recommended level: 13
    As soon as you enter the cave, go south and down the stairs. Obviously
    the enemies aren't a problem because they are the same you encountered when
    you were level 1. Once you go downstairs, continue west across the path and
    a cutscene will ensue, it seems our four heroes have found the children!
    But wait! The children are being attacked by Bombs!
    Bomb x3
    HP: 350 each
    Difficulty: *
    Strategy: If you've went to the Subterranean Lake before doing this, then you
    should know that the Bombs are weak to Ice magic. This should not pose a 
    problem to your party unless you're below level 13. Just keep casting
    Blizzara/Blizzard and/or using your Ice Staves. Their Self-Destruct attack can
    still hurt, though, so heal as neccesary.
    You get 330 gil and 300 EXP for your trouble.
    The children will now thank you but before you go back to Ur, they will stop
    you and give you one last shard of the Wind Crystal... which will let you
    change into the Onion Knight job! Congratulations!
    3. Job Overview                    [3job]
    Okay, the Onion Knight is not all that great when you first get it, the
    reason is because this job has really late maturity rate, which means the job
    will be EXTREMELY weak, however, starting level 90 (character level, not
    job level), the Onion knight will start to pick up, even reaching the highest
    growth level at 99, with 99 on all stats!
    On top of that, the class is able to cast both Lv. 8 white and black magic,
    so I guess it's a way to reward players that depend on grinding in order
    to progress >_>.
    | IV. THE LEGENDARY BLACKSMITH        [4leg] |
    The Legendary Smith will start appearing as soon as you send 5 letters to
    Takka. She will help you forge different weapons/armor for your level 99
    jobs, but in order to do this, you must first complete the Ultima Weapon
    sidequest, since Princess Sara's pendant must be repaired in order
    for the blacksmith to appear randomly in towns.
    1. Legendary Smith Locations       [4loc]
    The Legendary Smith will change locations after you meet her for the very
    first time, you can just keep zoning in and out of towns until you find her.
       |                       Possible Locations                       |
       | Ur: By the well               | Sasune: East tower, 3F         | 
       | Healing Copse                 | Village of the Ancients: Inn   |
       | Gysahl: In the Chocobo Pen    | Dwarven Hollows:Subterranean   |
       |                               |  Lake zone                     |
       | Replito: Inside northern house| Saronia: Castle 2BF            |
       | Doga's Manor                  | Ancient Ruins: Inn             |
    | V. T H E   U L T I M A   W E A P O N [5ult] |
    This is a quest to get the best sword in the game, the Ultima Weapon.
    As with the Onion Knight sidequest, you must have sent 7 messages to people
    over Wi-Fi in order to trigger this quest. This quest revolves around two
    important NPCs that you've met through the game, Princess Sara and Takka the
    1. The Pendant                     [5pen]
    Once you send 4 letters to Sara, you'll recieve a letter entitled 'Help!'
    by the Princess herself. You must go to Castle Sasune if you wish to continue
    this sidequest.
    You can find Sara in her room at the top of the Eastern Tower of 
    Sasune Castle. It seems the Princess' pendant has broken and she needs 
    someone to fix it, so she'll give Ingus her pendant, now it's time to take
    it to Takka in Kazus.
    Takka will be unable to do anything at all, so... that takes us to the next
    step of our sidequest, which becomes available after you send 5 letters
    to Takka. As soon as you do, he'll tell you about the Legendary Smith,
    which can be found in the northwestern part of the Saronia Kingdom.
    Once there. look on the right part of the woods and you will find her.
    Apparently she likes Ingus's eyes so she'll do a special favor just for him
    >_>. The pendant will be fixed now, take it to Princess Sara back in the
    Floating Continent and you'll be done with the first part of the sidequest.
    2. Orichalcum                      [5ori]
    Send 4 letters to Cid.
    | VI. T H E   S E C R E T   D U N G E O N [6dun] |
    Coming soon!
    | VII. N P C   M A I L                [7npc] |
    Just as you can send mail to friends via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection, you're
    also able to send letters to the denizens of the FFIII world. As you progress
    through the storyline, you'll be able to send letters to more NPCs. If you 
    stop recieving replies from them, then it is possible that either:
     A) The mail chain has stopped for that particular NPC.
     B) You must send more messages via Wi-Fi to people before trying again.
     C) You must progress more in the storyline.
    These letters, other than helping you unlock the Onion Knight, etc., give
    you some backstory on some important NPCs that you meet throughout the course
    of the game.
    1. Topapa                          [7top]
    You can send mail to Topapa from the moment you leave the town of Ur.
     Letter #1
      -Title: How are you?
      -Body: Luneth, Arc, how fare you?
             Ur is just not the same without
             you two.
             Everyone here misses you,
             and we all pray for your safe
     Letter #2
      -Title: Ur
      -Body: A traveling merchant came to
             Ur the other day. He was riding
             a chocobo! They're fine steeds
     Letter #3
      -Title: The Children of Ur
      -Body: Recently, the children have started
             to play farther and farther away
             from Ur. While I praise their
             adventorous spirits, I worry that
             it will lead them to trouble.
     Letter #4
      -Title: The Children are in Trouble!
      -Body: The children have not come back
             from their recent "exploration"
             trip! We have searched as far from
             Ur as we dared, but could not find
    Please note that if you recieve Letter#4 you're elegible for the Onion
    Knight sidequest. Check section 3 for more details.
    2. Takka                           [7tak]
    You can send mail to Takka after he gives Refia permission to accompany you
    on your journey.
     Letter #1
      -Title: Refia
      -Body: Are you doing all right, Refia?
             Remember to come straight
             home once you've completed
             this journey of yours. There's
             much work for you to do!
     Letter #2
      -Title: Kazus
      -Body: Kazus has recovered well from
             that Djinn fiasco. You should
             come visit when you have the
     Letter #3
      -Title: Must Be Getting Old
      -Body: Hey, I got this order for mythril
             gear recently, so I went into the
             mines to get some ore... I must
             be getting old. I wasn't able to
             carry back half the mythril I used to!
     Letter #4
      -Title: The Legendary Smith
      -Body: I don't know if I've told you, but
             there's supposed to be this
             legendary smith wandering in the
             world. Rumor has it she fixes
             things so well, they look brand new!
    If you've progressed enough in the Ultima Weapon sidequest, you'll be
    able to repair Sara's pendant once you get Takka's fifth letter.
     Letter #5
      -Title: Orichalcum
      -Body: Have I ever told you about
             orichalcum, the legendary metal?
             Rumor says that there's nothing
             an orichalcum weapon can't cut!
    Note: You must have reached the Dark Continent in order to get letter#5.
    3. Sara                            [7sar]
    You are able to send mail to Princess Sara after you defeat the Djinn.
     Letter #1
      -Title: Hello, Ingus
      -Body: Ingus, everyone, how are you
             doing? Father and I are both
             fine, as well as the rest of the
             people in the castle.
             Stop by to say hi if you have time.
     Letter #2
      -Title: Bored...
      -Body: Being a princess is not all that
             it's cracked up to be. I wish I could
             go on great adventures like you.
             Take me with you someday, all right?
     Letter #3
      -Title: Sasune of Late
      -Body: Everyone in the castle has gone
             back to their daily routine after
             the Djinn was banished. It's as if
             it never happened. I would like
             to thank you again for helping us.
             Have a safe journey!
     Letter #4
      -Title: Help!
      -Body: My pendant broke today...
             No one in the castle was able to
             fix it. This pendant is very dear
             to me. Let me know if you meet
             someone who can help.
    Note that at this time you're able to start the Ultima Weapon sidequest,
    check section 5 for more details.
    4. Cid                             [7cid]
    The option of sending mail to Cid becomes available after you escort him to
    his house in Canaan.
     Letter #1
      -Title: How I met Mrs. Cid
      -Body: The first time I met Mrs. Cid, she was
             a passenger on my airship.
             It was love at first flight! Get it?
             Har har har! ...Ahhhhhh.
     Letter #2
      -Title: My First Date with Mrs. Cid
      -Body: I took Mrs. Cid to a village called Gysahl
             on our first date. There isn't much to
             do there, but they sure can grow some
             great-tasting veggies, and don't you tell
             me women aren't into that!
    You cannot get any more letters from Cid until you repair the Airship.
     Letter #3
      -Title: When You Were Babies
      -Body: You four sure were a handful when
             you were toddlers! Y'all turned out
             okay in the end. Or at the very least,
             you're all toilet-trained.
    5. The 4 Old Men                   [7men]
    You're able to send mail to The 4 Old Men right after you get the
    Levigrass shoes.
     Letter #1
      -Title: Long Time No See!
      -Body: Salutations, Warriors! How are you
             little squirts? We wanted to thank
             you again for helping us in the sewers,
             and we owe you one. Let us know if
             you need our help!
    6. Alus                            [7alu]
    You can send mail to Prince Alus once you beat Garuda.
     Letter #1
      -Title: Hello, Arc!
      -Body: Saronia is a big city... and big cities
             have very big problems. I'm doing my
             best, and I think I am finally getting the
             hang of this... I hope your journey is
             going smoother than my rule. 
    | VIII. M I S C E L L A N E O U S     [8mis] |
    Anything that wouldn't fit in the other sections, but is relevant to Mognet
    can be found here, such as the well-known Time Cheat.
    1. Time Cheat                      [8tim]
    The game by rule does not let you send more than one letter per hour, although
    this can change if you like to cheat >_>. There's no downside in doing this
    other than the fact that you won't have the right time in your DS.
    Once you send a letter, save the game and turn it off. Turn it on again and
    go to the DS settings menu and change the DS clock by one hour afterwards.
    Go to FFIII again and you'll be able to send another letter again. Rinse and
    repeat as you see fit.
    Note that if it's 11PM you'll need to change the date. This is because if you
    keep going, you'll end up sending a letter on a previous date (at the start
    of that same day instead of the following day).
    | IX. F A Q                           [9faq] |
    1. What's Mognet?
    Shortly stated, Mognet is a way to send people messages via Nintendo's Wi-Fi
    2. Can I get anything useful if I use Mognet a lot?
    Sure you can! The Onion Knight job and the jobs' ultimate weapon/armor are
    gotten thanks to this service too.
    3. How do I unlock the Onion Knight job class?
    Check section 3 for more details.
    4. The Onion Knight? Weren't they available at the beginning of the original
    game released on the NES?
    Yes, but in this version, Square-Enix decide to actually give the characters
    a name and unique clothing, calling the first job 'Freelancer' instead of 
    Onion Knight. The only way to get this job now is to do the Onion Knight quest.
    5. ZOMG! I'm not getting any more mail from NPCs, why is that?
    If you wish to recieve more mail from NPCs -and you'll want to if you want
    the O.K. job and the other unlockables- you'll need to send more letters to
    your friends. Also note that the NPCs will stop sending you letters since
    it's not like they have and endless chain of messages to send you >_>.
    Specifically, the last letter you'll recieve from them is #4, except for Takka,
    who sends 5 letters.
    6. Can I send more than 1 letter per hour?
    Short answer: No.
    Long answer: Yes, change the DS clock to one hour after the first letter you
                 sent, you'll have to keep doing this if you wish to send more
                 letters though.
    7. Help! The time cheat isn't working!!!
    If it's 11 PM, you'll need to change the date as well >_>.
    8. Can I add you to my friend roster?
    Sure! I'd love to get a letter or two. My friend code is:
    3780-4300-5587. Now send me yours so I can add you <_<.
    9. I can't seem to type more than 1 word! How can I input a space?
    This is perhaps the most tedious thing in Mognet, the space character is
    on the 'Symbols' menu, and yes, you will have to go there everytime you
    wish to type a word.
    10. Do I have to type elaborated messages in order to unlock everything?
    No, but would you like to recieve random messages with no content at all?
    Didn't think so D:.
    | X. C R E D I T S                    [10cr] |
    -CJayC: For creating GamefAQs.
    -ASCII Generator: For making my ASCII art.
    -Square-Enix: For creating Final Fantasy, my favorite series of all time ^_^
    -Jake: He's one of my first friends that I made while playing this game. If
           it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be able to send the required number of
           letters to unlock the extra stuff :P
    | XI. V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y   [11vr] |
    .8 - December 10th: First Release        
    | XII. C O N T A C T                  [12ct] |
    Have any questions? Comments? Do you want to contribute?
    If I missed something or you just want to say hi, contact me at 
    jorgom[at]gmail.com with the subject:
    Final Fantasy III.
    |Copyright 2006| Jorge Gomez
    End of Document

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