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    Master Smith FAQ by Pokemanic

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/26/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game- Final Fantasy III
    System- NDS
    Genre- RPG
    Game- Final Fantasy II
    Platform- NDS
    Developer- Square Enxix
    Series- Final Fantasy
    Version- 1.2
    This guide is going to explain how to obtain the legendary blacksmith.
    She wanders the land when your far enough into the game, and after doing
    a certain quest, obtainable only via Mognet. So prepare to spend time getting
    some Friend Codes, or FC's. 
    If you don't have WiFi, then get some nearby friends, or if you MUST, get
    a USB adapter for it. Although it has pretty bad range, it'll work.
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. WiFi
    III.How to Obtain
    IV. Mastery and Cards
    V. FAQ
    VI. Legal Issues
    VII. Version History
    VIII. Credits
    I. Introduction
    The Legendary Smith, is an amazing thing. She is a NPC that wanders the land,
    searchign far and wide for each rare metal to tamper and create! Notice it 
    sounds JUST like Pokemon? If you've ever played those games, remember hunting
    for Suicune, Entei, and Raikou? Or the more recent Latios and Latias.
    After getting her to start moving, she walks around area by area, shifting 
    every time you arrive in a town. 
    She hands out Mastery Items, whether it be armor, gloves, helms, or weapons,
    they can only be used by it's respective job, and it's power is un-parallel.
    And when you meet her with the character, you'll also get a card.
    II. WiFi
    To get mail, or send mail, you need Friend Codes, but before those, you'll
    need a WiFi connection. This is what links you around the world. This allows
    you to download mail, and them to receive it. At the Title Screen, you can
    see WiFi connection. If you have a DSL, or a Broadband of certain sorts, it'll
    automatically hook up when you press the button, and you'll establish a link.
    When you within this link's area, you can use WiFi. If you don't have DSL, and
    only have Dial Up (lol), do not fear! They have on sale at your local Gaming
    Department, a WiFi USB! Although bad range, it will allow WiFi, just plug it in
    to a computer with Dial Up or a bad Broadband, and it'll create a decent WiFi
    link, that will at least allow Mognet. Just don't walk too far away.
    III. How to Obtain
    This will be a LONG thing. It is advised to do this after the 4th Crystal and
    Unei and Doga, which is pretty far, almost 3/4 into the game. But doing it
    later will have the following pro's.
    -Better Airships
    -Easier Traveling
    -Easier to Kill Monsters
    Now, without further ado, let's begin!
    Part 1.
    Step 1. Get at least 10 FC's. And add them and make sure they add you.
    Step 2. Send volleys of mail using Mognet.
    Step 3. Every time you send a mail to them, send one to Princess Sara.
    Now, after the 4th message, she'll request you meet her and ask you to
    fix her pendant. We're saving the world, and you want us to fix a pendant?!
    Of course we'll do it! But seriously, do it. It'll be worth it.
    But how? TAKKA! Refia's dad, a master Mitheral Smith should be able to
    fix it right? WRONG!
    Now start trading mail with him. On HIS 4th reply, he'll mention the legendary
    smith, go to NW Saronia, and you'll find her there, near trees and a few 
    houses. She has silver hair and stands out from generic NPC's.
    She'll agree to fix it, but she wants something. She isn't asking for much,
    just you helping her find Orichlium! Well, that's easy. You get a fixed pendant
    and you just give her your word. Return Sara's pendant to her.
    Part 2.
    Step 1. Start Mailing Cid, and on his 5th mail, he'll need a ex-terminator.
    Step 2. Go fight the "monster in the basement".
    Lv- 42
    HP- 10060
    EXP- 10200
    Gill- 3200
    It all depends on your Level. If your 50+, Earthquake will be cake and do less
    then 500. If your below 50, around 40-45 or lower, it'll do 1000+.
    He attacks twice per turn, but he's nothing much really.
    OMFG! He drops Orichlium! You know what that means. Lets usher over to hand
    Madam Smith her Orichlium we promised.
    But first, make sure you've opened the Door to Eureka in the Crystal Tower.
    Or else you can't meet her at the next area I'm about to explain.
    Go Southwest of Saronia, and using the Invincible, climb over the mountins
    and towards... Falbagard! The town of Dark Knights.
    In Falbagard, you'll find the smith near the weapon shop. Hand over the
    rare metal, and as promised, we get a rare weapon indeed!
    The Ultima Weapon, is the best non-mastery item there is.
    And it surpasses a number of them too!
    She will now wander the world and can be found in these places-
    Ur- Well
    Sasoon Castle- East Tower's Third Floor
    Healing Corpse- West of Gyshal. Very short distance.
    Village of Ancients- Inn
    Gyshal- Pen for the Chocobos
    Replito- A northern house.
    Dwarven Hollows- Lake area.
    Saronia Castle- Basement
    Doga's Village- Central Island
    Ancient Ruins- Inn
    This was taken from a FAQ written by Dredged.
    IV. Mastery and Cards
    When you get a character to Job Level 99, it's all, right? WRONG.
    For working SOOOOO hard, the master smith will award you with something.
    If you say, get a Dragoon to Job Level 99, and have obtained the Ultima
    already and have sent the smith packing and travelling and happen to meet
    her on her travels, she'll fashion for you a weapon capable of use ONLY
    by a Dragoon Classed character. Every class has a item of it's own, whether
    it be a weapon, helm, gauntlet, or an armor. Not only will you receive a 
    one-of-a-kind weapon, with godly stats and powers, but you'll receive a 
    highly collectible and rare trading card for that job! It's more of a stamp
    really. It allows you to sign a Mognet Mail with it, allowing the person
    who receives it to claim ONLY the weapon from the smith. This is useful,
    and can be traded and used to make the game easier early on or before the
    final boss without much hussel. 
    Freelancers- Celestial Gloves- 40 DEF, 18 MDEF, +15 All Stats
    Warrior- Gigantic Axe - +20 STR, 155 ATK
    Black Mage- Lilith Rod - +20 INT, 110 ATK, Item Use. Death
    White Mage- Angel Robe - +28 MIND, 48 MDEF, 45 DEF
    Monk- Shura Gloves - 45 DEF, 19 MDEF, +20 STR
    Thief- Gladius - +20 AGI, 130 ATK
    Red Mage- Crimson Vest - 50 DEF, 25 MDEF, +10 All Stats
    Knight- Save The Queen - 140 ATK, +10 VIT, +10 MIND, Item Use. Reflect
    Geomancer- Blessed Bell - 130 ATK, +10 MIND, +10 INT, +10 AGI
    Scholar- Omnitome - 130 ATK, +10 INT, +5 MIND
    Ranger- Artemis Bow - 122 ATK, +10 STR, +10 AGI
    Dark Knight- Murakumo - 140 ATK, +20 AGI, Effective against Dividing Enemies
    Bard- Ballad Crown - 35 DEF, 35 MDEF, +10 VIT, +10 MIND
    Dragoon- Magic Lance - 145 ATK, 20 STR
    Evoker- Royal Crown - 33 DEF, 36 MDEF, +10 MIND, +10 INT
    Viking- Mighty Hammer- 145 ATK, +20 VIT, Lightning Damage
    Black Belt- Master Dogi - 54 DEF, 23 MDEF, +10 AGI, +10 MIND
    Devout- Holy Wand - 110 ATk, +20 MIND, Item Use. Curaga
    Magus- Millenium Rod - 110 ATK, +10 INT, +10 MIND, Item Use. Blizzaga
    Ninja- Muramasa - 140 ATK,Effective on Dividers, +5 to STR,VIT,INT,MIND,+10 AGI
    Sage- Sage Staff - 110 ATK, All Stats +10
    Summoner- Astral Bracers - 47 DEF, 20 MDEF, +10 INT, +10 MIND
    Onion Knight- Onion Blade - 150 ATK, +7 All Stats
    V. FAQ
    Q: Why won't I get the item?!
    A: Did you already get it via Card from Mail? You can only get a item once.
    Q: She won't appear... what am I doing wrong?!
    A: Dunno, go re-read, or if she won't appear, go between the Copse and Gyshal.
       Park your craft and go between the sites. Easiest way to stalk her.
       Just like plaing Pokemon.
    Q: Other people's FC's are always grey! Whats up with that?!
    A: Try Moghousing first, then trying to send to them.
    VI. Legal Issues
    This guide was made for GameFAQ's only. Other sites may use it with my 
    permission. This is a non-profit guide written to help others. Tidbits
    are from other people, who worked hard and gathered the information with
    help themselves. If credit is not provided where do, I shall add it on,
    just contact the author of this FAQ.
    VII. Version History
    1.0- Wrote this guide and submitted it.
    1.1- Updated some minor things.
    1.2- Appearance facelift, allowed for pwnguide.com
    Me, for making this guide.
    Numerous Contributors.
    Jennifer Ottoboni- For telling me some minor errors.
    My friends John and Ted for giving me information.
    Dredged for gobs of information.
    GameFAQs for hosting this.

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