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    Secret Dungeon FAQ by gackmiffs

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     ______________________   ______________________
    |                        |
    |      ________________  |      ________________
    |     |                  |     |
    |     |                  |     |
    |     |________________  |     |________________
    |                        |
    |      ________________  |      ________________
    |     |                  |     |
    |     |                  |     |
    |     |                  |     |
    |_____|                  |_____|
     __________   __________   __________
    |          | |          | |          |
    |____  ____| |____  ____| |____  ____|
         ||           ||           ||
         ||           ||           ||
     ____||____   ____||____   ____||____
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    |__________| |__________| |__________|
    Secret Dungeon FAQ
    I. Intro
    II. What is it?
    III. How to obtain
    IV. The Dungeon
    V. The Enemies
    VI. The Iron Giant
    VII. The Classes
    1.  Freelancer
    2.  Warrior
    3.  Monk
    4.  White Mage
    5.  Black Mage
    6.  Red Mage
    7.  Thief
    8.  Ranger
    9.  Knight
    10. Scholar
    11. Geomancer
    12. Viking
    13. Dragoon
    14. Dark Knight
    15. Evoker
    16. Bard
    17. Black Belt
    18. Magus
    19. Devout
    20. Summoner
    21. Sage
    22. Ninja
    23. Onion Knight
    VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    Hello, and welcome to my first ever FAQ. I am gackmiffs, and this is my Secret
    Dungeon FAQ. The purpose about this FAQ is to help you complete the Secret
    Dungeon (known in-game as the ??? Dungeon) as well as defeat the elusive Iron
    Giant. The reason I picked this topic as my first FAQ is because one, I love 
    the game Final Fantasy III, for its versatility and replayability. Secondly, 
    I find the Secret Dungeon incredibly hard (well, namely the Iron Giant). 
    Thirdly, I was surprised that GameFaqs had no FAQs specific to the Secret 
    Dungeon, so I figured that I might as well go ahead and make one. Enjoy!
    II.What is it?
    The Secret Dungeon is just its name: a dungeon that is not obtained through
    normal gameplay. It is actually quite a short dungeon, seeing as it only has 
    one floor. However, residing in this dungeon are an endless supply of some of
    the most powerful non-bosses in the game! Yes, these are the Coloured 
    Dragons. If these incredibly tough monsters weren't enough, it has one of the
    toughest super-bosses on any Nintendo console Final Fantasy game. It is, the
    Iron Giant. I'll cover more on him/her/it later on in the FAQ, but first...
    III.How to obtain
    To unlock the Secret Dungeon, you must first set up your DS with a Wi-Fi
    network. Then you must find a friend with a DS, as well as a Final Fantasy 
    III game. They must also be hooked up to Wi-Fi. Then, you must start 
    exchanging mail with them via Mognet (by exchange, I mean send them mail. 
    They don't have to return the favour). Once you have sent them a bunch of 
    messages (I think the total required is 7), start exchanging mail with the 4 
    Old Men. You can do this as soon as you get the Levigrass shoes form Delilah. 
    Keep doing that until you've gotten 4 letters back (which is 4 letters sent).
    From here, continue with the game until you beat Garuda in Saronia. Now you
    are able to exchange mail with Prince Alus. Send mail to Prince Alus 4 times.
    You will only be able to receive his 4th letter after you receive the 4th
    letter from the 4 Old Men. After you receive Alus's 4th letter, use the
    Nautilus and fly down to just west of the Dalg continent. You should see a 
    fairly large shadow in the water. Dive down, and you will see some sort of
    coral reef. Head to the most northern area of the reef, and you will suddenly
    enter somewhere. What? What is this place?! Here you are, in the Secret 
    IV.The Dungeon
    When you enter the dungeon, you'll see a straight rocky path. On either side
    of this path are breathtaking waterfalls. What a work of art this place is.
    Here's what the dungeon pretty much looks like.
    E=Entrance       I=Iron Giant
                        QQQ            QQQ
                      QQ                  QQ
                     Q          II          Q
                     Q          II          Q
                     Q                      Q
                     Q                      Q
                     Q                      Q
                      QQ                  QQ
                        Q                Q
                         QQ            QQ
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                           Q          Q
                        QQQ            QQQ
                    QQQQ                  QQQQ
                  QQ                          QQ
                  QQ                          QQ
    Pretty straight forward, right?
    V.The Enemies
    Well, as I mentioned earlier, this place is chock full of very tough enemies.
    These three enemies are the Yellow Dragon, Green Dragon, and Red Dragon. Here
    are their stats:
    Yellow Dragon
    HP:           79 999
    Spells:       Blizzaga
    Special:      N/A
    Attack:       107
    Defense:      40
    Weakness:     N/A
    EXP:          30000
    Gil:          12000
    Drop rate:    100%
    Drops:        Elixir
    (in           Onion Shield 
    order from    Onion Helm
    least to      Onion Sword (VERY RARE)
    most rare)
    Green Dragon
    HP:           89 999
    Spells:       Blizzaga
    Special:      N/A
    Attack:       129
    Defense:      45
    Weakness:     N/A
    EXP:          45 000
    Gil:          13 330
    Drop rate:    100%
    Drops:        Elixir
    (in           Onion Shield 
    order from    Onion Gauntlets
    least to      Onion Sword (VERY RARE)
    most rare)
    Red Dragon
    HP:           99 999
    Spells:       Blizzaga
    Special:      N/A
    Attack:       150
    Defense:      50
    Weakness:     N/A
    EXP:          60 000
    Gil:          14 666
    Drop rate:    100%
    Drops:        Elixir
    (in           Onion Shield 
    order from    Onion Armour
    least to      Onion Sword (VERY RARE)
    most rare)
    Needless to say, you will be doing a LOT of leveling up in here. It will be
    your best option for leveling up from level 75 and up. Also, since you have
    about an 85% chance of winning an Elixir for every dragon you fry, you'll
    be up to 99 Elixirs in no time. These will probably come in handy for the
    big battle. From personal experience, I can tell you that you will be running
    into more Reds than anything, and more Yellows than greens. This can be good,
    because they give large quantities of experience, which is better than any 
    other non-boss, anywhere. 
    VI.The Iron Giant
    Alright, so you're ready to face the big guy himself. I assume that you are in
    your upper 90s, unless you're doing a low level, in which case you probably
    won't need my help. Here are his stats:
    Iron Giant
    HP:           199 999
    Spells:       Meteor
    Special:      Swipe
    Attack:       255
    Defense:      150
    Weakness:     N/A
    EXP:          99 999
    Gil:          99 999
    Drop Rate:    100%
    Drops:        Metal Card
    As you can see, this guy's stats are off the charts. He has about 80 000 more
    HP than Cloud of Darkness, 105 more Attack than Red Dragon, and a huge 
    defense. That's just insane! Well, how do you beat him?
    To start, this guy gets 4 turns per round. One of them is usually spent 
    casting Meteor. And this guy's no King Behemoth, as his Meteor actually does
    quite some damage. However, this is the move you WANT him to make! Why? 
    Because his physical attack is just plain high! He'll use at minimum 3 turns
    per round using his physical attack, which is just plain bad. 
    Okay, so you've gotten off to a great start, are finding the perfect balance
    between healing and damaging Mr. I.G. You've done a great job in dealing
    150 000+ damage. You think you have it made, because you have those four
    Chocobo's Wraths just waiting to deal that final 49 999 damage to this big
    guy and finishing him for good. All of a sudden, he does this huge spin and
    hits your whole party for twice his physical attack. WHAT?!!! This, my 
    friends, is Swipe. This is the single most damaging attack you will ever 
    endure. This is the kind of attack that will require constant Elixir/Curaja
    use. The home stretch is always the hardest in this game. Feel accomplished
    when you send this guy packing.
    VII.The Classes
    So which classes are best for fighting this piece of scrap metal? Let's take
    a look at each of them individually to figure that out.
    The freelancer is not really the best choice for fighting the Iron Giant. 
    While it has many equipment options (namely armour), as well as the best 
    swords in the game, their overall stats for fighting this guy are just too 
    low. However, it can have its perks. If you equip all of the best intellect-
    boosting weapons, you can grab a big 40 intellect boost! However, doing such
    would result in a massive drop in defense. These guys certainly aren't the
    worst Iron Giant hunters, but I'd probably skip'em.
    Overall Rating: 6/10
    I'm not quite sure about the Warrior. On one hand, the only way that they can
    get moderately good physical damage on the Iron Giant is through Advance, but
    doing such halves your defense. On the other hand, the warrior can use dual-
    wield the Ultima Weapon and the Gigantic Axe, for a whopping 310 attack and
    a 35 strength boost. Coupled with Advance (which does 2.4x damage at Job Level
    99), this class is without a doubt the single best for physical damage on the
    Iron Giant. They're not the best overall, but I'd certainly take one of these 
    guys along if you prefer to take a more physical route.
    Overall Rating: 8/10
    The Monk isn't very good for this particular scenario. While their base damage
    at max levels is very high, along with their strength (assuming you're wearing
    Shura Gloves), these guys don't seem to deal that much damage (or at least not
    enough). Retaliate isn't very useful either for multiple reasons. One, the 
    Iron Giant might not hit you, which would make it a wasted turn. Secondly,
    Retaliate can only work if the iron giant does hit you, and the Monks aren't
    entirely fit to being slaughtered with a huge iron blade. Thirdly, there are
    better ways to damage the Iron Giant physically than with Retaliate. 
    If that wasn't enough, this class has very low magic defense, so those 
    constant casting of Meteor with really wear down on you.
    Overall Rating: 4/10
    White Mage
    First off, let's ignore the fact that Devouts are superior in every way. Let's
    pretend that the White Mage is our best choice for now. Our White Mage has an
    above average Mind stat, which can be further enhanced by the Angel Robe. It
    can be maxed out. This makes all of our healing spells work to the best of 
    their abilities (because if you have an Angel Robe, you're obviously at Job
    Level 99). Also, at level 99, you will have 18 castings of Curaga and 10
    castings of Curaja. This totals to 28 high level healing spells. That is 
    certainly sufficient for a boss battle like this, IF nobody dies. But 
    unfortunately, we're facing the Iron Giant, and yes people likely WILL die.
    In that scenario, they will likely have to stay dead, unless you get lucky
    and get a Pheonix Down off before a party-spread Curaja and Curaja off before
    Meteor. This is all BEFORE Swipe. During Swipe, your Curaja will probably 
    cancel out the Swipe damage, and the damage from his physical attacks will 
    eventually add up. Anyway, as you can probably tell by now, the White Mage
    isn't all that great.
    Overall Rating: 6/10
    Oh yeah! I forgot! Let's head back to reality where amazing healers like
    Devouts DO in fact exist!
    Overall Rating: 3/10
    Black Mage
    Alright now, let's do the same thing that we did with White Mages, because 
    otherwise this section would be about two lines long. The Black Mage is now 
    the only one of its kind. The Magus is no more. I'll start by saying that
    rather than the 26 high-leveled spell charges that the White Mage had, the
    Black Mage has 66. WOW! The reason he has so many more is because his top
    three spells are all in different, lower categories. These spells are the -aga
    spells, Blizzaga, Thundaga, and Firaga. Much like the White Mage, the Black
    Mage can easily max out its Intellect (with the Lilith Rod, Omnirod, and Black
    Robe). All of these spells can (at max levels) do some average damage to the
    Giant. And unlike the White Mage, you have no chance of running out of spell
    charges (even if, for some impossible reason, you do, you've still got 10
    Now for the bad news. Because the Iron Giant has an above average magic 
    defense, these spells are going to do considerably less than if you're in the
    mood for frying Goblins or zapping Wolves. So you're not doing as much damage
    as another class, such as the Geomancer with Ice Pillar. While a decent damage
    dealer, I'm afraid this guy doesn't quite live up to the expectations required
    for hunting pieces of metal.
    Overall Rating: 5/10
    With Magi, this guy's useless. 
    Overall Rating: 3/10
    Red Mage
    These guys are sort of like Freelancers when it comes to fighting the Iron
    Giant. The Red Mage has a pretty good Vitality stat, which helps its beat-
    taking skills. This Vitality stat can be bumped up by 30 if you equip the
    Ultima Weapon, Excalibur, and the Crimson Vest (this would actually up all of
    your stats by 30. So overall, the Red Mage is pretty good physically, coming
    short of a Warrior but surpassing the Monk.
    However, these mages also get to use magic (hence the *mage*). At level 99,
    they can use 11 Curagas without replenishing. They can also cast Blizzaga a 
    couple of times if you see fit. However, these spells aren't quite as useful
    as if a White or Black Mage were to use them. So magically, this guy doesn't
    quite live up to the potential required.
    Overall, if you discount magic, you basically just have a strong Freelancer.
    If you're in that king of mood, sure, take one along. I'm just not (Although 
    this class is 2nd best out of the original classes).
    Overall Rating: 6.5/10
    There are few classes whose abilities are less useful for fighting the Iron
    Giant. Nah, who am I kidding? Ability-wise, the Thief has Steal and Flee as
    its abilities. The Iron Giant has no items, so stealing is absolutely useless,
    and you can't run away from him, PERIOD, so don't even try to use Flee! That's
    pretty useless if you ask me.
    However, the Thief does have its uses. The Thief will have a maxed out Agility
    stat at level 99, even when completely naked, therefore will act first in 
    battle 99% of the time, pretty much. So if you have a character with 692 HP
    sitting there, and you know Swipe is coming, you can almost guarantee that 
    you'll get an Elixir in and heal them.
    So, if you need a pinch healer, and you have 99 Elixirs, you can put this guy
    in. It's really not necessary, though.
    Overall Rating: 5.5/10
    This guy has problems. If you continued to use a Ranger after, say, Goldor's
    Manor, then you understand what a pain this guy is. First off, let's look
    at his stats. He has the lowest maximum defense for any job in the entire
    game! His best armour is the Ribbon (which everyone can equip, so he's not 
    special), the Protect Ring (again, everyone can), and the Black Garb, which
    you receive in Amur, therefore is not that protective. His only saving grace
    defense-wise is that he can reach moderate to high Vitality later on in the
    game, which reduces his damage taken.
    Now let's look at his attack. Considering he's a melee class, his base attack
    is actually quite low. Leave this to the fact that the attack of Arrows never
    tops 40. Also his Master Item, the Artemis Bow, has the same attack as a Dual
    Haken, a weaker, non-mastery weapon. So overall, the best attack he can ever
    achieve is 162. That's 78 less than the Thief's top physical attack. When you
    are fighting the Iron Giant, and you shoot the guy with your Ranger, just
    imagine that instead of a Ranger, you really just have a Black Mage with 
    Mastery equipment attacking it.
    Barrage doesn't help either. You'll waste 4 Arrows, and get 1.6x better 
    attack. Considering his base damage is still so low, he's still outclassed by
    just about every other melee class (except the Monk).
    Overall Rating: 4/10
    Ahh, the Knight. The natural upgrade to the Warrior in every way. And since 
    the Warrior was so great, this guy must be way better! Well, let's compare
    them. The Knight has a much higher magic-defense, reducing the Meteor (and
    possibly Swipe, I'm not sure) damage. Also, the Knight has a much higher
    Vitality than the Warrior, which can be further enhanced with the Ultima
    Weapon and the Save the Queen blade. So the Knight is much better designed for
    taking hits.
    However, if you want someone for taking hits, you'll want the Viking. So let's
    now compare his damage to the Warrior. Well, with their best equipment 
    equipped, the Warrior has 15 more attack than the Knight. Also, the Warrior
    is far more versatile, seeing as it can use four different kinds of weapons, 
    to the Knight's one. Also the Warrior can use pretty much every weapon the
    Knight can, minus the Excalibur and Save the Queen. If that wasn't enough, the
    Warrior can also Advance the Iron Giant, something the Knight can't. Overall,
    the Warrior is simply a better job for this scenario. Don't write this guy out
    of the picture, though! If you are very good with using a Knight, you could
    probably still find a place for it in your Top 4.
    Overall Rating: 7/10
    Well, let's start with the negatives. You've noticed me talking about how a 
    high Vitality helps reduce damage. Well let me introduce you  to the Scholar,
    the misfit whose max Vitality is 38, and can only be enhanced by the Protect
    Ring (which only increases it by 2!). This could be excusable if you had some
    Crystal or Genji Armour to back you up, but unfortunately with the Scholar,
    you don't. You have the same max defense as a Black Mage. So the Giant will
    absolutely murder you if you don't have Protect on the plus constant Madura
    Harp use.
    Now here's the good news. The Scholar, as you may of heard from those creepy
    old men in the Inn can double the effectiveness of any item used. So if that
    White Musk should've done 5 000, it will now do 10 000. This is really useful
    come Swipe when you really want the battle to end quickly.
    Here's the downside to this strategy: These items are very rare. I think you
    get 8 Chocobo's Wraths during the game, and possibly 9 White Musks. If you 
    want any more, you'll have to go hunting the depths of Eureka, at something
    like a 0.6666667% drop per battle. This is really too much work for what it's
    worth. In the end, the Scholar may seem nice, but has far too many drawbacks
    for my liking.
    Overall Rating: 5/10
    How I wish this was taking place in Eureka. I don't know if it's just my luck
    there, but I find myself using numerous Shadowflares there. Might just be a 
    coincidence... Anyway, the Geomancer is not fit for fighting the Giant. Since
    the Secret Dungeon is underwater, the Geomancer will use the same Terrain
    effects as they would in the sea, or maybe in the Temple of Time. These moves
    are not very useful. Aside from Shadowflare, which has something like a 1/50
    chance of happening, your best move is Ice Pillar. This is pretty strong. You
    can also use Wind Slash, which is less powerful but still effective. However,
    if you're unlucky, you might just keep getting Whirlpool. This ineffective
    attack has a chance of killing all enemies on the screen. However, since the
    Iron Giant is a boss, it never works.
    There's not much to say about this guy. If you must use him, at least don't
    make it Luneth or Ingus, as they look really bad in the outfit.
    Overall Rating: 3/10
    The best class thus far, and one of the best overall picks for your Top 4 to
    take on the Iron Giant. For one, these guys (once again) have a very high
    Vitality, allowing them to take hits better. Secondly, the can equip Crystal
    equipement, which further boosts their defense. Thirdly they can equip the
    Aegis Shield (which, when equipped with the Crystal Shield, has high defense).
    Finally, since they're so good at absorbing blows, they can direct every 
    single attack at them (at Job Level 99)! This is with their invaluable Provoke
    ability. This allows attacks to be directed away from other classes that are
    great for fighting the Iron Giant, just come up short in defense (i.e. Bard,
    Devout, etc.). At Job Level 99, there is a 100% chance of having the Iron 
    Giant hit you all 3-4 times. These guys will take like 300 damage per hit, and
    won't take ANY status, due to the Aegis Shield. The only thing that they 
    could use is a Protect spell as well as an Elixir in the first round to help
    them survive. Take one of these guys if you want to win (but never more than
    Overall Rating: 9.5/10
    Dragoons are sort of a mixed bag. They can Jump for high damage, 2.4x if 
    you're at high levels. This is especially useful during Swipe, when damage 
    isn't distributed based on the number of party members around. The same can be
    said for the weaker Meteor. However, this has a downside. In doing such, you 
    are opening up back-line mages or low defense other classes like the Ranger.
    Also, unlike other strongmelee classes (like the Knight, Dark Knight, and even
    the Monk), the Dragoon has Freelancer worthy Vitality, with little means of
    increasing it. The good thing about lower Vitality is that those stats are
    spread amongst Strength and Agility. And since you might not even be on the
    ground to take hits, these stats are far more useful. So in the end, you can
    take one of these guys along, you just have to use a little more luck.
    Overall Rating: 7/10
    Dark Knight
    If this were the normal game, I would not hesitate to bring one of these guys
    along for the ride. These guys are my favourite melee class. I absolutely love
    this guy. He has high Strength, Vitality (which, as you know, is infinitely
    useful), and good Agility when equipped well. They can equip amazing 
    equipment, such as the Crystal equipment as well as the Ultima Weapon, 
    Ragnorok, and Murakamo. These guys are just perfect in every way.
    However, when it comes to fighting the Iron Giant, their usefullness goes down
    a bit. Part of this is because physical attacks just aren't quite that great
    vs. the Iron Giant. Also, their Mind stats are average to below average 
    (although, if you have the Ultima Weapon equipped, you'll be fine), so their
    tolerence for Meteor will be relatively low. 
    This isn't to say that they'reuseless, though! Their Souleater ability is 
    still useful. This is because it
    doesn't matter what the enemy's stats are, just yours. At max Job Level, HP,
    and high attack, Souleater is very useful. You can hang out in the back row
    while Souleating the Iron Giant to pieces. Just have a White Mage/Devout using
    Curaga/Curaja across the party to ensure maximum damage. Take one of these 
    guys along if you so choose. They're awesome in the normal game, and decent 
    vs. the Giant.
    Overall Rating: 7.5/10
    This is the worst class you could possibly take into the fight with the Iron
    Giant. They have so many bad points that it's just impossible to name them 
    all. However, I'll give it a try:
    This class has the second lowest Vitality in the entire game. They are 
    suceeded only by Scholars in Vitality lowness. This means they're a contender
    for the worst at taking hits. Secondly, this class has a fairly low defense.
    They have defense just above that of an average Mage, which does NOT make up 
    for their pathetic Vitality. Thirdly, their special ability is just garbage. 
    The summon is only useful if executed with a Summoner. The Evoker's magic is
    ALWAYS random, so you don't know if you'll get the desired effect. For 
    example, if you use Icen, Spark, Leviath, or Bahamur, you have a 50% chance of
    inflicting a negative status effect, that is always 100% ineffective. With
    Hyper, you can deal average damage to the Iron Giant, which is entirely 
    outclassed by the Black Mage's -aga- spells. Heatra might cast Curaja on the
    party, which while useful, is much better executed by a Devout, or cast Firaga
    on the enemy. Catastro will either cast Reflect on the party (which works
    against you), or hit the enemy for low damage. Chocobo is... well, about as
    useful as using Poisona on the Iron Giant.
    As you can see, there is no reason to ever use this class when facing the Iron
    Giant. If you do, well, you're in for an adventure (and not a fun one).
    Overall Rating: 1.5/10
    Get ready for a change in pace. You just read about the worst class for facing
    the Iron Giant, now prepare to read about the best. The Bard is without 
    question, the best class for facing the Iron Giant. Why? Let me count the 
    For one, these guys have great Magic Defense. Seeing as they can equip the
    Protect Ring, Bard Vest, and the Ballad Crown, they can achieve very high
    magic tolerence. Secondly, their Mastery item, the Ballad Crown, has stat
    boosts identical to that of the Knight's Mastery item, which means that they
    get a large Mind and Vitality boost, the two stats that reduce Magical damage
    and damage respectively. Thirdly, and most of all, their Sing ability is the
    best ability in the game. The sole reason for this: the Lamia Harp. This harp
    has the ability to reduce the enemy's HP by 10-20% per song. It has been said
    many a time that this ability is uesless. Let's see what they think when the
    first move of the first round deals 30 000 damage to the Iron Giant. Yes, 
    these guys damage the Iron Giant like there's no tomorrow. Their other harps
    aren't quite as useful, as the Protection/Hastening/Healing/Magic Defense
    enhancing aren't that great. However, their damaging skills make them the best
    class for facing the Iron Giant. Bring it along, though you might choose to
    bring two. They're just that great.
    Overall Rating: 11/10 
    Black Belt
    These guys have one great use for fighting the Iron Giant, your leveling
    before-hand. They have the best Vitality in the game, which means that your HP
    for fighting the Iron Giant will be very high. This class is actually the only
    class that can reach 9 999 HP, so if high HP seems useful to you, then level 
    up with these guys.
    However, when it comes to the actual fight, they're not that useful. Remember
    the Monk? Well, it's basically the same story. Their base attack is immense at
    high levels, yet it still seems to have little effect on the Iron Giant. Also,
    Boost is a worse ability than Retaliate. You can take 3 turns using 2 Boosts
    followed by an attack for 3 turns worth of damage, or you could attack 3 times
    for 3 turns worth of damage. It's the exact same! Therefore, it has no place.
    Even though this class has high Vitality, they're surprisingly bad at taking
    physical attacks. Overall, this class is great for before the battle, not so
    great during the battle. 
    Overall Rating: 5/10
    The Magus has often been shadowed by the Summoner and the Sage. This is 
    because for the Summoner, you can do the same amount of damage to multiple
    targets rather than the one with the Magus, and with the Sage, you can cast 
    both Black and White magic. Normally, this is true, but when fighting the Iron
    Giant, such is not always the case.
    Since there is only one Iron Giant, it doesn't matter if you'd do the same 
    damage to all enemies. You can cast a Thundaga spell for roughly the same as a
    Judgement Bolt with Spark. So they're basically the same as a Summoner in that
    context. The same goes for Flare and Bahamut.
    Compared to a Sage, in terms of Black Magic, the Magus is way better. The 
    Magus has a guaranteed 99 Intellect at level 99, while the Sage has only 85
    (granted, it can be increased). However, the Magus has four more Flare casts
    than the Sage would. This brings the Magus up in that context.
    However, the Magus does fall short of the Summoner, eventually. By level 99,
    the Summoner will have a couple more Bahamuts than the Magus will have Flares,
    and a whole load of Leviaths. So, in the end, the Magus would be good if not 
    for the Summoner, but with, falls a bit short.
    Overall Rating: 6/10
    The Devout is absolutely essential to fighting the Iron Giant. I'm almost
    tempted to rate them above the Bard (but I didn't). The Devout can heal the
    party better than any other class ever.
    There's not much to say about this class. With constant Curaga/Curaja use,
    you'll be healing 4000-6000 HP every turn. They can also use Protect, which
    is exceptionally necessary if you have a Viking with Provoke. They can also 
    use Arise, which is infinitely better than Pheonix Down/Raise. You will not 
    have a very easy Iron Giant battle without the Devout. Bring one along- no
    questions asked.
    Overall Rating: 10/10
    If you were going to bring and offensive minded Mage to face the Iron Giant,
    this would be the one to take. No other class of its kind (i.e. Black Mage,
    Evoker, Magus, Geomancer, and even Sage) has anything on the Summoner. Why?
    Let's check them out...
    To start, these guys have very high magical stats. They have 85 Intellect and
    85 Mind at level 99, both of which can be enhanced by the incredible Astral
    Bracers. The Summoner also has moderately high physical defense. Once again,
    the Astral Bracers prove strong, with a big 47 defense. That's 16 above 
    Crystal Gloves!
    Thirdly, and most importantly, the Summoner can use many high damage spells/
    summons. You probably won't find a whole lotta use for the first six, but
    Leviathan and Bahamut are devastating. Bahamut is actually the best damage
    spell in the entire game (above Flare, Meteor, and Holy). You can spam these
    attacks against the Iron Giant and do a lot of damage.
    While not essential to an easy victory against the Giant, these guys help. The
    Summoner comes strongly recommended.
    Overall Rating: 8/10
    The Sage is sort of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to magic. For starters,
    they can cast every White Magic spell in the game, including Curaga/Curaja,
    and Arise. They can cast every Black Magic spell in the game, including Flare
    and Meteor. Finally, they can use all summons, including Bahamur. This sounds
    too good to be true! Well, it is.
    If you care to hear about the Sage's summons, just read the Evoker section. It
    is pretty much the same deal. About the Black Magic, the Magus is way better.
    This is because the Magus has more casting for Flare, Firaga, and Thundaga, 
    whereas the Sage has those same castings for Blizzaga, Fira, and Thunder. This
    just doesn't compare at all.
    Even worse, the Summoner can cast many high level summons that completely 
    leave the Sage in the dust. Finally, when it comes to White Magic, the Devout
    is 99% better. Really, if you want to cast mass healing spells on your party,
    just use a Devout.
    In the end, the Sage's stats may look classy on paper, but in reality, they're
    not that good.
    Overall Rating: 5.5/10
    I like these guys. Not as much as the Dark Knight, but I do nonetheless. I 
    like them because they can use Dark Swords. Any class that can use these
    amazing blades are always one of my favourites. Now to get back on track. The
    Ninja is a fairly good choice for fighting the Iron Giant. I say this because
    their signature attack, Throw, does damage based on your own attack, NOT your
    opponent's defense. So you can fire Shurikens at them all day long, and you 
    can pretend that you're throwing them at a Goblin. It's the exact same.
    The Ninja does have one downfall, though. Its magic defense. Meteor will 
    wear away at you Ninja quicker than most. So to have a Ninja in your party, 
    you pretty much NEED a Devout. Otherwise, your Ninja won't sustain very long.
    Overall, unlike the Sage, this job isn't too good to be true. Just make sure 
    you play smart.
    Overall Rating: 7.5/10
    Onion Knight
    Oh, boy. These guys. I think that they take a lot of the fun out of the game.
    To have a class as perfect as them just isn't that fun to me. Hey, if you want
    to sit in the back row and spam Flare on the Iron Giant, be my guest. I just
    don't find it that fun. Sure, use them if you want. I'm not going to rate 
    them, because I wouldn't be impartial. Anyway, do what you want.
    Overall Rating: ?/10
    VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. Isn't there another Dragon enemy simply named Dragon?
    A. Yes, there is. These are found in the Temple of Time. They're not nearly
       strong enough to pose a problem to a Dragon hunting party. Also, the 
       Yellow, Green, and Red Dragons all look exactly like each other, while
       the Dragon looks like Bahamut.
    Q. Why don't you like the Onion Knight?
    A. Well, honestly, I think that they take a lot of the fun out of the game. If
       I wanted to just decimate everything with no effort, sure, I'd use an Onion
       Knight. I just don't.
    Q. What is the best party for facing the Iron Giant?
    A. There's not really one best party for facing the Giant. I'd recommend 
       taking a Viking, Bard, and Devout, at least. The other spot could be filled
       by either a Warrior, Summoner, or any other class that you like (such as
       a Knight, Dark Knight, Ninja, or Dragoon).
    IX. Version History
    Version 1.0 (2011-08-24): Basic Walkthrough, Jobs, and Monster Info. Minor 
    X. Credits
    penguin-knight: For his great Job Stats FAQ, for it helped me a lot.
    Seferaga: For his FAQ/Walkthrough for Final Fantasy III.
    arkfullofsorrow: Also for his FAQ/Walkthrough.
    Square Enix: For making such great games.
    GameFaqs: For posting this guide.
    You: For reading this FAQ.
    XI. Copyright
    This document may not be reproduced in any way other than for personal use. 
    You may not make this FAQ your own. This document may not be posted on any
    public website without my permission prior. Any violation of copyright laws
    concerning this document are entirely unlawful.
    Copyright 2011: gackmiffs
    Thanks for reading! :)

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