How do u deactivate a psn account?

  1. I recently bought resistence retribution and to play online the game uses ur psn account. It used my originale account. I created a second account and when i logged in using my second account it wouldnt let me. It said "u can no use another users account". How do i deactivate my originale account?

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    _IR0NMAN_ - 8 years ago
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    Thanks for the help man. It worked

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    _IR0NMAN_ - 8 years ago

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  1. Your PSP can only hold/use one account at a time. In order to deactivate and delete one account, start your PSP to use the XMB menu. Go all the way to the right to the PSN Account Management icon, then press Triangle. It will give you the option to delete your account. Do this and use your second account instead. Hope this helps.

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  1. Your welcome.

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  2. i have a question too, my friend bought dissidia through my psn account on the PS3, we first copied it to his PSP, I didn't copy it to my PSP since i have it on UMD, but, when we tried to copy the game to his gf's PSP, it wouldnt let us saying "there are already 5 psp with this account"

    And so, we started thinking who might have my account on their PSPs. If I copy a game that's from my PSN account, is my account saved on their PSP? It should, but now i tried deactivating my account on another friend's PSP, but like the issue above, it wont let me log in to my account PSP on his PSP, but i dont want to delete his account on his PSP.

    So far, I do know of five people(including me) who have copied games from my PSN account to their PSPs, so they all should have my account on their PSPs, but how to deactivate one? only two of them were copied from different PS3s to their PSPs, the other 3 were copied directly from my PS3 to their PSPs.

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