How do I put a game save on psp?

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    XtremeNitro - 9 years ago

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  1. You need a small USB cable that can be connected from the PSP to the computer. Find one, it's also used for cameras and such. When you connect it, choose the USB connection option. You have your save you want to transfer in the folder right? Well, don't rename it or anything. In your PSP memory stick (which is there by default - disk E, F, G whatever name it is, it should say Memory Stick), go to SAVEFILE directory and paste your save folder there. I hope this helps.

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  1. It is a Mini type B USB cable

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  2. Download save and open it with Winrar. Connect your PSP to the PC and go into ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA and put the folder inside. If you already have a save, you may have to overwrite it.

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  3. Okay!
    1. Click the link and save the game save into you psp.
    2. After you do that, go into the zip file, and extract all of the files. That, or you have to go all the way into that US191837 or whatever (NOT THAT NUMBER I JUST WROTE). That number is very complicated. With that folder with the complicated name, you must copy and paste that folder into your SAVEDATA folder. Look for where your other saves say another complicated number, and you'll have found where you paste the file.
    3. Paste the file.
    4. Check your psp save data utility to see if the save had worked.
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