Why isn't ff7 crisis core available for psp go in the ps store?

  1. I was considering buying a psp go because of lately i have been downloading games from the ps store and it gets annoying when I have to continuously run out of memory.I would never have to worry about a friend bugging me about borrowing a game (bringing up trust issues) and then find out they broke the umd. I figured that I could just sell my old psp games to gamestop and slowly regain them for the go. The only thing holding me back is the one game in my collection (and one of the most popular games) for my psp that is among my favorites is not in the ps store.

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    branh3o - 7 years ago

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  1. Well, there are types of PSP games:

    One in UMD/PSN - There are games in UMDs, but most of those games are in PSN, but not all of them.

    UMD only - It's in UMD only; cannot be found in PSN. Sometimes those games will be in PSN in about 5 months or more after UMD release and sometimes it will never be on PSN.

    PSN only - There are games only in the PSN. Those games are called PlayStation Exclusives and will not be in UMDs.

    So, in my opinion, you should have a PSP-1000, -2000, -3000, because you are able to get about any kind of game.

    *It is still possible for UMD only games playable on PSP go, but you'll need the latest version of Custom Firmware.
    Free Downloads take forever and you need to complete a survey, using a valid e-mail address, but Premium Downloads are so much faster and you don't need to use an e-mail address, but you have to pay for it.*

    Hope that helped!

    See Ya!

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  1. If this game will get released, it will take a while. Sony and SE will probably have to talk over how to split payments over the PSN release.

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  2. Dont know

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