Psp go registration?

  1. I ordered a go recently and know there's a deal to get socom 3, R&C SM and LBP for free from email but... do you just activate the system and sign into psn for the email or do you have to do something on their website?

    User Info: masterchief8495

    masterchief8495 - 7 years ago


  1. First you have to sign up. When you sign up they will ask you for your name email and your date of birth. Also in order to get an psn you must be 18 years older to get a psn account. if you are under the age you must have a sub account by your parents. this means that you must have a parent's email address in order to get an account. yes you can register on your psp go/ or on the Playstation website. then go to your email and you must activate your psn account.

    well that's it

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    User Info: wabuss

    wabuss - 6 years ago 0 0

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