Can anyone help with lost saved game data?

  1. Can anyone help please. My son entrusted his PSP to me to upgrade and try to find out why he couldn't get his new game Miami Vice to play. I have accidently deleted his saved game data. His games were Scarface, Sims 2 Castaway, King Kong, Need for Speed underground rivals, Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end, Alien vs Predator Requiem, Gangs of London the Godfather. I dont know very much about PSP and have tried to download data via usb connection and it displays on PSP as corrupt data. Any help would be very much appreicated. Jbrbsb.

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    jbrbsb - 9 years ago

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  1. Regardless of what you do, he will indeed notice that the files are not what he had before. The only thing you can hope is that he had a backup on the computer. If not, you should advise him to regularly do so, so something such as this does not happen again. The names will be different, in something like NFS, his cars would be different, in Sims, in others, the place he is at would be different.

    Also note that if Miami Vice required an upgrade to work, it should have an upgrade option listed under the games option to use. If not, it can be downloaded from the official Sony PSP site.

    For getting similar files though, you can download the ones here. Download them and place them in the SAVEDATA folder. Make sure they are the correct versions of the game. You will need to download them onto your computer, extract them, and place it in that folder.

    I suggest that you come clean to your son that you screwed up though, he will notice eventually. I also suggest that to make up for it, you purchase him a game or two. Start with getting him Monster Hunter Freedom and something like GTA, Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Final Fantasy Tactics, Star Ocean, Phantasy Star Portable etc. Don't mean to be so harsh, but none of the games that he has are good games for the PSP.

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  1. You've got to put it in the "SAVE DATA" folder.

    Also, he'll probably notice that the save is different.

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  2. U can dl saves from this site and put them in the SAVEDATA folder

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  3. You are basically screwed most of the saves on site are corrupt.

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  4. you can download it from this site,but need to choose the country,e.g you downloaded united states saved game data and you already put it on your son's psp(use a USB cable),but it say the file is corrupted,then u need to delete it before you download another data,if united states saved game data cannot,try to download another country,then put it on the SAVEDATA.

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  5. hmm... u have backup?? or u could down load the save games first and copy them to

    PSP folder and to the folder where there are save games if not contact sony co operation
    for trusted web sites

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  6. you can download it from this site, but first chek your game. if download games it will show you where the game was made. if it said uk then download uk database. if japan download japan.. and so on. On and if you dont want to make the same mistake... my advice make a backup file. connect psp to computer, click psp and find the save data file, copy it and paste it on your computer. and there you had it, if the data been deleted just put the back up memory to your psp. :D

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  7. The other option is to buy PSP Action Replay 1GB from Argos for 14.99 should have most of those games, and if not you can download the saves and cheats. Before you do anything again, read the instruction manual and take the time to familiarise yourself with how the console works fully.

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  9. oh and are you sure they are deleted? Perhaps you have just tried to update the PSP the wrong method. You can always delete the corrupted file that you put on your memory card. Try loading up the game and loading a save game through the games menu.

    To update the PSP. You can download that very easy from your psp menu

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  10. Well i think sir you've corrupted the to put it simple son's gonna be mad.

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