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"The WCW to the Nintendo's WWF."

Before we go any further, I want to say I know the current name of the WWF is WWE, but I am establishing a timeframe here, I mean WCW as in WCW/NWO not the WCW that used the finger poke of doom, or gave their heavyweight title to a celebrity(though I didn't mind it all that much). I am talking about the time when either one was a fully valid alternative to the other, much as the DS and PSP are. Neither one has a major advantage, they are just different and the one that is better is the one that has what you want. As I sat through another Friday at work, mulling over the choice of PSP or DS as my new handheld of choice, I figured I would give the PSP a go as it had the games that looked most appealing to me, and had the features I needed most. So far that choice has been a good one, and I would like to expand on why I believe this to be the case.

Design: 8/10
While I think the PSP is a very stylish system, I am also ready to admit that it does have it's flaws. I will assume anyone reading this review already knows what the system itself looks like so I will forgo describing it and get right to critiquing it. While the large widescreen display looks gorgeous, and the black color is very nice, the whole system is prone to fingerprints and smudges. Since I bought the system yesterday evening I have already noticed myself constantly wiping the screen and making sure it looks presentable. Basically it comes down to how much you like to clean the screen, if you don't mind it that much the system design will suit you fine, if you would like to be able to go for several weeks without so much as a hand sliding across the screen, then yo might not be all that keen on the PSP.

Control: 8/10
This is the only handheld console I have ever seen with an analog stick, and could very easily be the only one. This feature along makes the PSP a joy to use. The position of all the buttons works very well, but with only one gripe, using the PSP for any extended amount of time has lead my hands to begin to cramp, I will plan to purchase a grip for the system to rememdy this in the future, but for now the pain in my hand keeps me from giving the PSP a higher score in the control department.

Features: 10/10
This is where I can say with no hesitation, that the PSP truly shines. While technically the PSP is a gaming handheld, in all actuality it is a portable media center, playing videos, music, pictures, and it even has the ability to browse the web and play games on line with it's built in WiFi capabilites. Let's begin with movies, there are two ways to watch movies on your PSP, either download them onto your Memory Stick, or purchased a UMD version of your favorite film. In regards to music, the PSP plays both MP3 and ATRAC formats, making it easy for you to move your PCs music collection right to your PSP if you have a big enough Memory Stick. What is, in my opinion, one of the coolest features of the system is the ability to browse the web using the built in browser. While it may be novelty to some, the ability to get online wirelessly in a pinch when needed can definitely come in handy. Another awesome feature is being able to play against other people online using the built in wireless functionality, online play has finally come to the handheld arena and the PSP does it exceptionally well. Finally, more as icing on the cake than an actual needed feature, the PSP can view pictures you copy to your memory stick or ones on the web.

Library: 7/10
The PSP has something for everyone, be it the puzzle freak, the strategy buff or believe it or not, the wrestling fan. First you have Lumines, is billed as one of the best puzzle game s since Tetris itself. Next you have Metal Gear Acid, a strategic turn based card game set in the stealth world of MGS. Finally you have a port of the PS2 wrestling hit, Smackdown Vs Raw 2006, which brings a console quality grappler into the palm of your hand. The best part about it is, these a 3 of many good games available on the PSP, so if you didn't find something you like here, check around, as the PSP should easily have something to offer for you.

Overall: 9/10
In terms of the overall package, the PSP has it going on, with a sleek if flawed design, solid control, great features, and good games. If you are looking for a handheld to do your games AND your music, look no further. If you are looking for a more gamecentric handheld with powerful franchises, then you may want to give the DS a look. However, either way, you can't go wrong.

While the PSP is your one stop shop for media, the DS is your one stop shop for all things Mario, Kirby, Link and Yoshi. While you get more functionality with the PSP, you may like the big N's franchises and touch screen gameplay enough to pick up a DS, which is fine too. Much like WCW and WWF, around the time of the NWO they both offered a solid product, and no matter which one you chose you were going to get a solid showing, just like the DS and the PSP.

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Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/21/06

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