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"PSP 4 Life!"

I just can't get enough of the PSP. It does everything. It plays games, plays music, plays videos, allows you to look at pictures; it's too good to be just cool. It's more like SUPER DUPER MEGA INSANE CRAZY cool! It's like an iPod, a portable picture frame, a portable DVD player and a GameBoy crammed in to one sweet package! But thought it may be small, it packs a nice punch when it comes to quality. It really is a Portable PlayStation!


As I said before, it is a Portable PlayStation. More like a portable PlayStation 2! It resembles the PS2 in every way when it comes to graphics. A nice screen; small, but it IS portable, so what do you expect? Games are using the PSP's graphics capabilities to its full capacity, and although you experience some lagging in some games (Crash Tag Team Racing, for example) it doesn't occur often. Lagging was a big problem for some games on the PS2. The interface is also quite high in quality. Basic, but it serves it's purpose without going overboard with fancy graphics. The PSP's FMV capabilities are also very similar to the PS2. Movies (both in game and on the Memory Stick) are not distorted in any way, and don't cause lagging either., Playing Tekken Dark Resurrection on the PSP is just like playing Tekken 5 on the PS2. They sure have packed a lot of power in to the PSP when it comes to graphics.

SOUND: 8/10

Although I think my PSP speakers are stuffed because I dropped it, the quality is again PS2 quality. If you're wearing headphones or earphones. The speakers, quite frankly are bad. Really bad. There is no bass at all. Listening to music without earphones or headphones is quite lame on this machine. But if you do use head/earphones, it's amazing. The quality is exactly the same, if not better than the PS2. The ability to listen to music on the console is quite cool, and it does just as well as any other MP3 player, but it you leave the screen on, you won't get much music because of the battery life.


It obviously resembles the original PS controller, but it can strain your hands if you play for a long time. Some games use the control system well, and others use it horribly. Tekken Dark Resurrection is in the middle. It mainly uses the X, O, [ ] and /\ buttons and the directional buttons, so it's OK. But for driving games, such as Crash Tag Team Racing, I would prefer the PS2. I hate driving with X as the accelerator and [ ] as the brake. It hurts my thumbs a lot, and I prefer the right analog stick on the PS controller. Unfortunately, there is only one analog stick on the PSP, but it's just as good as the left analog stick on the PS controller. It's a bit different, but you'll get used to it. Many say you'll prefer the directional buttons, but I disagree. A right analog stick would have been nice, and it would have fitted, but what are you going to do?

One significant difference is all the buttons down the bottom. You can quit the game, change the volume, change the screen brightness and pause the game down here. You won't use these buttons in games, but there quick and easy ways to access some of the PSP's features. Also, there are only two shoulder buttons, compared to the PS controller. They are a bit different as well, but I think they're better than the one's on the PS controller. Two of these, however, would stuff the shoulder buttons up.


The battery life. This is where the PSP fails miserably. The battery life is only 6-9 hours. Usually you get about 7 hours with the volume and screen brightness on average, but going on a long trip requires you to bring the PSP's charger. But, the charging times are quite short. Even with the PSP on while charging, a full charge takes about 1 to 2 hours. So, you'll be playing again in no time!


My God! No more shall we suffer under the fact that we have to carry 3 or 4 things just to have fun! Now Sony has gone haywire and included so much extra stuff, it's not really a gaming console, it's a Multi Purpose Cool Thing Made By Sony! You used to only be able to play games, but you can look at photos, listen to music, play videos and browse the internet! With one piece of hardware!

The Wi-Fi capabilities stretch far beyond playing games. You can listen to the radio and watch TV on it too! Now I love Flash games, so with firmware 2.6, they included the ability to play Flash games! It's like they know what I want all the time! So if you don't like games, then just use all the other features!

And just because they've crammed all this in to one piece of hardware doesn't mean features are limited. It operates just like a normal iPod, or portable DVD player, depending on which one you're using. It could even be said that the PSP's features are equal if not better than a competing product! That's how good it is!


At this point, most of the games for the PSP are either ports from the PS or PS2, or games based on series that originated on the PS or PS2. But, there are also the games that are only for the PSP. And THOSE games are good! Killzone Liberation looks amazing, and Gangs Of London is also quite a good game. The library at this point can be improved a lot, but they're doing OK.

PRICE (In November 2006): 6/10

Bliss comes at a price. A big, big price. $300 for a gaming console seems like a rip off, but you get your money's worth, believe me. If you're on a tight budget, then you're better off waiting for a price drop, or until the holiday season. Or maybe you could try to win one. They seem to be very popular prizes these days!

OVERALL: 10/10

Until they release the PSP2 or whatever it'll be called, I'm gonna be using the PSP a lot! PSP 4 Life yall!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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