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"PSP Is A Great Portable System!"

PSP Review!

Introduction -

The PSP Offers great graphics, great choice of games, the ability to watch movies, save your favourite music & listen to it on the go, save data, download special content and demos, store pictures and backgrounds and a whole lot more!

Instead of trying to match Nintendo 's DS system, Sony made a completely different system, they went beyond creating a new portable gaming and the end result was impressive

First Impressions - Well when you first pull the shiny gaming device out of the box, you immediately notice the size of the screen, for a portable system the screen is big and it makes playing games a whole lot better. After setting up, your nickname, setting the time/address, and choosing one of the cool backgrounds already on the system, you are graced with the " Home screen" from here you can change settings, play games, watch movies, listen to music, browse the Internet and more. Ah the PSP's browser, well lets look at this in more detail:

Browser -

The PSP has an Internet browser, that has a low version of flash and Java! even though it is a low version, it is still impressive for a system this small. If you have a wireless router, you can pick up the signal and surf the Internet. you can go on many sites including Google, my space and more!

Heres some information on the other PSP features-

Universal Media Disc ( UMD) - The games/movies are stored on special discs known as UMD's. These look and feel A whole lot better than Nintendo 's cartridges and they are easier to store. They are capable of holding a total of 1.8 GB!

Upgrade ability -

The PSP Has a built in upgrade system, which basically means if you are connected to the Internet, you can receive Updates from Sony to make the system better, by adding new features such as the camera software, music player upgrades, online manuals and more!

Ability To Connect To PC -

You can buy a special mini USB cable, which enables you to connect your PSP to a PC and download pictures,videos, MP3's and other software! this is a great feature and you can download software made by other people such as windows Vista/XP portals, game Demos, backgrounds and a lot more!

Graphics -

The best thing about PSP games is the graphics, the graphics are amazing for a system this small, DS focuses more on 2D and low leveled 3D graphics but PSP takes this to a whole new level by creating realistic 3D graphics that look great!

The Graphics truly are great on this system!

Buttons/Controls -

Another good thing about this system is the controls. Basically It has the D-Pad. An analog stick, triangle,circle,square, X, and R & L shoulder buttons, underneath the screen it has a home button to go back to the main menu, volume control buttons ( +, -), A Brightness button, which basically makes the screen brighter or dimmer, select and start. Basically if you are familiar with a Playstation controller, you wont have any trouble with the PSP controls.

Sound -

The speakers are located underneath the system, and they are small holes, even though they are small the sound/music is great. The games feature great sound effects and music, and you won't be disappointed whilst listening to your favourite MP3's, You can also buy PSP Headphones that also give great sound!

Other Accessories Recommended -

I Recommend getting the PSP wrist strap, incase you drop your PSP, the wrist strap is available in black or white and it features the symbols, triangle, circle, square and X, the straps are made of leather and they look and feel great.

I Also recommend buying a case, to protect the screen from getting scratched or to further protect it incase of an accident, Any of the cases available for well and they are available in many sizes, some also have room for other stuff such as UMD's, Charger, and more accesories.

A Screen cover, would also protect the screen from scratches and you should get this to save the screen from getting damaged.

You can also buy speakers for the system to further project the sound, these are also a great feature and if you want loud sounds, these are just the thing.

There is a lot more features available for the system that I have not talked about here, for example, the in car charger, used to charge the PSP inside a vehicle, and the PSP camera, which sits on top of the system so you can take pictures, store them on the PSP and upload them to the computer! so these features are also good to have.

Overall The PSP is amazing, the games are fun, the browser is great and the big screen makes playing portable games for interesting, so over all I give the system 10/10, I recommend it to anybody! If you are a younger gamer, then the DS is the way to go, but if you are slightly older and you have a good knowledge of computing then the PSP is a must have, many packages are available that feature other Accessories such as the wrist strap, games and more!

Well I hope I have helped you in this review, and the PSP is a great system and overall I have in 10/10, even though the flash could be improved its still amazing that it actually features flash at all!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/30/07

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