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"Has strayed way, way, waaaaaaaay too far from video games."

The PSP, is Sony's first attempt at a portable system, and is actually pretty decent in terms of it's features. It's portable (Very important!), stylish, and does not come with free faults, thus a decent score. However it strays way too far from video games, which is what video games are all about.


Definetley better than the DS which is really good for a portable to have such good graphics. The games run smoother than a greasy marble and have no annoying blurs or explosions of millions of pixels. Games such as FIFA and Ridge Racer have brilliant visuals and all games are a sight to behold.


The music works fine and the sound effects are passable but nothing really special, the EA Trax can get VERY irritating after a while, but otherwise the sound is probably as good quality as the DS, but the music choice is definetley better.


Yes, YES, NO!!!!!!!! After experiencing the graphics and sound and then running into the, well, deplorable game selction is like falling from the peak of Mount Everest to the very bottom of Mariana Trench. The game selection at launch was somewhat on the poor side, with only sports titles which were already available on every other system, but Sony's excessive focus on music, DVDs and internet mean that the game library has done less than George Bush during Hurricane Katrina. The only things we can milk from this dead cow are mediocre sequels and remakes, completely obscure games and downright unplayable garbage heaps. And whilst Sony has continued to place emphasis on the PSP's super duper Internet and it's UMD movies, the fact remains. We want games.


The design is pretty good. The PSP looks smooth and sleek (especially in white) and the wide screen adds a real sense of power, thus making the graphics seem extra nice. The portablility is also good, it's just a little on the large side for pockets so a bag or case is required.


The PSP has strayed too far from games, and places it's focus on Mp3 functions, movie playback, internet capabilities and the like. They've made a huge salad to accompany your steamed lobster, which they forgot to include. The extra features excited most fans and they shouldn't be dissapointed with the extra features, but when your extra features become huge, your regulars become extras. The PSP has learned this the hard way.


I give Sony 5 gummybear stars for the sheer fact that the graphics and sound are brilliant as well as the design just makes you look cool playing one. However they have overcomplicated their dish and as a result the game library has suffered. A good attempt and their next portable, if they play their cards right, will be a force to be reckoned with.


Excellent capability to play games, but no effort to realise the potential. The DVDs, internet and music have ousted the games here, and if that is the future for game systems then we should all be worried...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/24/07

Game Release: PSP Hardware (EU, 09/01/05)

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