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"Good Job Sony"


When I first saw the PSP I knew that it was worth every penny it cost. It was sleek easy to use and very nice to look. But as you can see from the score I will give it just like the DS it has it's fair share of faults. So I will be talking to you about the strengths and weaknesses.

First Reactions

This section is going to be about the first few days after I got the PSP.As I stated earlier when I first opened the box and looked at the actual console I knew I had spent my money well. Sure I could of gotten a DS and saved some money but I knew that multimedia was the way to go. It looked like a PS2 controller without the second analog stick and with a LCD screen on it.The multimedia was amazing within a few days I had almost 90 songs on it. Soon I learned that games can scan your memory stick for music and add it to the soundtrack so you can customize the soundtracks.

Graphics: As I mentioned before the PSP has an LCD screen so it has amazing graphics like all Sony systems. There was no reason for the not to give it and LCD screen. Sony makes many LCD TVs a day so if you can give your video game systems why not. Nintendo still can't get it through their heads that good graphics help enhance the gameplay. The screen can become much lighter than the DS screen can as a bonus. This also helps while you are trying to watch movies and videos.

Audio:On the PSP there is a button which helps you choose the music mode. Some modes will enhance vocals while others will enhance instruments. The volume is not as amazing as it would with the headphones but still good.

Gameplay: Now this might shock people. Yes the PSP doesn't have gameplay that is as good as the DS gameplay , but still has some good gameplay. Now it is not as good as it would have been with the second analog but it doesn't make that much of an impact.

Online: The online is pretty cool and not for the reasons you think. You can't play online with it, but you can still surf the internet. Online also brings you the RSS Channel. The RSS Channel allows you to download demos, videos, full games, and screen shots.

Nothing Is Perfect(except for the PSP's graphics)
Durability:The PSP is not very durable. The top part of the analog stick comes off extremely easy and the console itself gets scratched and cracked easily.

The Screen: The screen gets scratched and smudged very easily. The perfect graphics of the PSP just aren't the same with all the fingerprints, smudges and scratches.

The PSP is a good system for people who are careful. It is worth every penny you pay for it and the multimedia is amazing . So my last word of advice save up and buy this system .

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/08/08

Game Release: PSP Hardware (US, 03/24/05)

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