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"PSP GO - Time to embrace the future...maybe."

The PSP Go is a download only version of the PSP Model 1000, 2000, and/or 3000. The Go's unique features include a smaller footprint from virtually every dimension, a slide away control pad, Bluetooth, and 16GB of built in memory. The device utilizes M2 Micro Memory Stick cards for additional storage. The PSP Go comes in black or white as of launch and retails for a steep $249.99.

Many PSP loyalists have criticized the new system's lack of a UMD drive, and no “legacy” program to convert UMDs to downloadable formats. Still others note the lack of downloadable games currently available on PSN. Those who have adopted the “Go” as the PSP of choice love the fact that it is no longer necessary to lug UMD games and movies when they travel. They also seem to truly appreciate the smaller footprint and embrace digital distribution for its merits.

I have fallen absolutely in love with the Go. Sure, I miss the UMDs and some of my favorite games are noticeably absent as of this writing (Final Fantasy games are scarce in particular), but having 5 games, 5 movies, 150 songs, and an albums worth of photos on a device slightly larger than a smart phone truly resonates with me. And I am a digital distribution fan. Not simply for the immediate gratification of wanting a game, and minutes later, it's on my system…but for the green impact this can have. Think of it this way; no more manufacturing plastic discs, games case, paper instruction manuals. No more transporting cases of games to brick-and-mortar stores (and the gas that uses) and no more having to drive to the store (more gas) to buy those games or movies.

We all seem to be doing fine living in an “iTunes” and “Amazon Downloads” world. Digital distribution is the way we will consume our media as a society, and it has already begun.

Better battery life (over the PSP 1000, 2000, and 3000)
Smaller footprint
Bluetooth (to tether your cell phone, PS3 controller, headset, etc…)
On board memory
No more UMDs (also a CON)
Much more durable than previous models

Legacy PSPs can store games as well (with a memory stick)
Yet another proprietary memory stick format – ugh!
Legacy PSP peripherals are useless with the “Go”

If this is your first PSP, by all means, get the “Go”. If you're a PSP stalwart, and the thought of giving up all of your accumulated loot, then hold on to the legacy product. It still works perfectly fine, and will do most of what the Go will do.

All that being said, I am a long-time PSP owner, and I still bought the Go. I love it and have utterly no regrets in my purchase….even at $250.00…ouch.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/20/09

Game Release: PSP Go (US, 10/01/09)

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