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"PSP is the Future!"

Ok, now that I've had time to spend with the PSP, I'll now begin a review. Lot's of this you might have heard before, but every review is important.

*First let's note that my PSP has 7 Pixels that remain lit, two of which are red, the rest of them are white. The square button sticks about 1/3 of the time, due to the fact that the LCD panel underneath is located way too close to where the square button comes down to hit the spot where it recognizes that you hit the square button. Also the D-Pad rubs against something, making a squeeking sound every so often. Last but not least, the screen has 2 bubbles in it, which does drive me nuts!*

When you first get a hold of a PSP, it is amazing. It is very comfortable to hold in your hands. Button placement is of course the same as a Playstation controller, so it has to be good. The control nub seems like it would work well, but I do not know how it would work in a game, seeing as I only have Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, which makes you use the D-Pad. The look of the unit is quite awe inspiring. I mean it is pretty to look at, that is until you touch the thing. Every single finger touch you make, is very noticable. No amount of cleaning can really get it 100% clean. Overall the system seems tough, but in all, it's actually very cheaply made. If you were to say drop it, with the UMD cover open, it would break. Accidents do happen afterall. The L and R buttons I must say are the cheapest thing on the unit. They are loose beyond belief, and do not press in right all the time.

Battery Information

The PSP has an easy remove battery. Kinda like the battery in camcorders. This makes it very easy to swap batteries if you have bought a bunch because you're paranoid of the battery life on the thing. Well let me tell you there's nothing to be paranoid about! The battery life is approximately: 8 HOURS with low backlight, 6 HOURS with medium backlight, and about 4 HOURS on high backlight. Now I don't think anyone plays a handheld more than 8 hours. Even if you did, there should always be a plug in nearby to recharge. Also to note, if your playing any game and the battery dies, you can swap batteries or find a power source, and the PSP remembers where you were and instantly you start from where you left off in the game! Pretty cool huh? =D

The Graphics

The graphics are good. Of course they are better than the DS's, but graphics arn't everything you know. Although I only have a 2-D fighting game, it still looks very nice with flawless animation. The screen's quality is that of a mini-HI Definition T.V. It looks great, simply amazing! It's so big too!

The Capabilities

I bought a 256MB Memory Stick Pro Duo card, because the 32MB card, although it can hold lots of game data, if you ever want to show what the PSP can do besides play games, you'll want to pick up a bigger memory stick. The process of getting video on the PSP is slightly confusing, I mean you have to make your own directory and name it a certain way. It's not drag and drop like it should be. The PSP only plays video in the new .MP4 format, which is a more condensed form of video. Now the problem with that is, all my videos I have are in Windows Media format. To convert them Sony released a converter program, but it's only available in Japan. People have already pirated this software, and I have it. Be it in Japanese, I figured it out, but found that Sony's program compresses the video too much and it doesn't look too good. Of course there are lots of programs on the internet that can convert video of any sort to .MP4, I found them all! Theres a program called 3GP, it converts your video really close to DVD quality! It's nice. When you convert to DVD quality video, you can't really fit too much on a 256MB stick, but I managed to get a sweet five minute clip from the Spiderman 2 DVD that I got for Christmas. It sure looks neat seeing it on the PSP.

The music side of the PSP is also great! Although I do have many more songs on my 15GB Dell DJ, than could ever fit on a PSP memory stick. The sound quality is very good on the PSP. Crystal clear! The way it plays music is pretty basic, it just shows you the name of ths song and how far into the song it is. Unlike trying to get video on the PSP, music is simply drag and drop. You can have .MP3's and even Sony's super duper ATRAC format. No nifty visualizations or anything like that, but you never know, Sony could do something like that in a firmware update!

The wireless internet on the PSP is totally possible! It has the ability to see any WIFI connection in the area. It tells you if it's encrypted or not, and if it's not you get the IP address and the capability to connect to the web. This is truly amazing I must say, and it looks like the PSP might be able to make online games very easy to do and play! Sony just needs to setup the proper servers and such. There is even talk about making a web browser for the PSP! The possibilities for the PSP are endless, or go as far as the storage on your memory stick anyways. =D

Overall because the public is so infactuated with "SUPER GRAPHICS", that people like their technology to do more than one thing, even if it does many things poorly. I mean come on, make one product to play games, that plays good games well. Not all this added on stuff that only goes half way! The PSP will be tremendously popular! It might even dethrone Nintendo from the handheld market. But Sony still has many bugs to work out, and they do still have time to make the PSP even better than it is. Competition is good. I mean if Sony never said anything about making a handheld, we probably wouldn't have the DS innovation! In my opinion the DS and the PSP are both great. In my eyes one is not better than the other.

That concludes this review...well what are you waiting for? Either go and pre-order the U.S. PSP! The future is here! Prepare yourselves! ^_^

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/30/04

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