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"Mmmmm PSP *gurgle*"


I played this system Friday and got a good look at all of it features, so I will rate all of them. Let me start by saying, I am a devout Nintendo fan boy, however, one look at this and you will be saying Gamewho?

Look and Feel 9 1/2

Near flawless! The PSP feels great and looks great, and it has a nice big screen. Fits comfortably in my meaty paws. While I love my SP the thing is too small especially the shoulder buttons. Not so on this baby, shoulder buttons feel great, and the look is so smooth and beautiful that it deserves praise. Lots of access that will not make your hands cramp after 10 minutes. Now on to why this is only 9 1/2, if you look at this system under the control pad what looks like a speaker is actually a joystick, now it feels good and moves good as well, however, my gripe is that its a little small for my liking. Still its incredibly responsive and you will spend most of your time using digital controls rather than analog, so no biggie there.

Graphics 10

Put PS2 graphics in your hand, that about sums it up. I played Ridge Racer on the PSP and it looked positively amazing. I could see every detail even when the car pulled back to 3rd person. There wasn't a trace of any pixiliztion either at closer inspection. This is what we have been waiting for in hand held graphics. I would compare these to PS2 and Xbox graphics, they are that good. The back lighting doesn't wash the screen either you get clean, crisp images.

Peripheral 10

The PSP as you all know can play special DVDs MP4's and the like. Unfortunately I was not able to see these things in action. However what I saw still warrants a 10. Unlike any other hand held this system uses memory cards, this comes in handy storing your music and game files. You also don't have to worry about batteries, its rechargeable just like the SP. It has a USB port, like a digital camera, and you can use it with a pretty basic computer.
Now onto the games, they are CDs but you use them like cartridges. Encased in plastic these will not scratch easily or get ruined. In fact the only way I could tell to destroy them, is if you took a pen placed it in the opening and proceeded to scratch what little of the disc is in fact exposed. This is the basic stuff and I was told by the guy who owned (He was also the clerk at this particular Gamecrazy) it that they were coming out with plenty more things to make this system worthwhile. Also, forget the days of game cables to play with/against your friends. Totally wireless. Oh yeah its good to have friends.

Price and Final thoughts

At $250 American its not a bad deal, if you have the cash to spend, also the games run about $50-60. I will say the system makes it hard to want to say no and it is worth every penny. However, if you don't have the cash now then I would wait till summer. The price might drop to $200, and the game library (which is very limited) will have expanded. If you can't seem to wait any longer then by all means go and buy this system. This will be a excellent purchase, not doubt about it. Even if you don't like games, you can buy movies for it, and download music. This raises another point, with iPods being so expensive (and not nearly as versatile) this would be a nice alternative.

Bottom line you can't go wrong, if you wait then you'll have time to save up and get to choose frm more games. If you don't, then rejoice because you have entered gaming Nirvana.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/04/05

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