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"PSP: Is there anything more beautiful?"

The PSP, what is it? Everything. The PSP has everything a casual video game player, a video game obsessor, and a music/movie buff can want. With its performance capabilities, and its multimedia functions, I am amazed.

Graphics are one of the PSP's strongest points. Of the 5 games I have, all of there graphics are purely amazing. The showing is crisp and clear, although there are few jaggies in some games. And, on that screen, anything can look good. The backlight's different brightness levels also adds to the effect. You can be in the densest fog and be able to play your games. Back to the point now, the graphics are the best I have ever seen on a portable, and are comparable to the Next-Gen systems.

I never really pay attention to the sound on most things, on the account of I am sucked into the game. But the PSP's sound is great. When watching movies, be it on the headphones or stereo, the sound is great. When listening to music of decent quality, the sound plays great, especially on the earbuds. Most games have great soundtracks too.

The game lineup on the PSP is another strong point. If I had the money, I'd buy all of them. There is a wide variety of games, but for now it looks like the PSP is favoring sports and racing games. The PSP launched with many great titles, and has many great ones coming out. People complain about some games being ports, why would they port a game if it wasn't a good one. Imagine having one of the games you've played long ago on a handheld. With the analog nub and the many buttons, I find the games to play very well. But, the games are pricey. Most are $40 US, but some can go up to $50.

The PSP's design is perfection. It is sleek and small. The widescreen is a huge plus. I find that all the buttons and the analog stick are in the right spot, and are very comfortable. The use of UMDs(Universal Media Disks) was also a smart choice. I find the PSP is very good to hold in you're hands. Sometimes I won't play a game, and I will use the time to gawk at the godly beauty of the PSP. Also, included in the value pack is a wriststrap(don't wanna drop the PSP do you?), a 32 megabyte memory stick PRO DUO(more than enough for all your game saves), a pair of very comfortable earbud headphones, a handy case, and a cleaning cloth(keep that nice screen clean!). All these are great additions to your PSP. Also, if you picked up one of the first 1 million PSP's you get the Spiderman 2 Movie UMD, and a movie/music/game sampler UMD.

Overall, I find the PSP a milestone in video game history. This is my first review, and the PSP has the honor of having a review written by me. It is very deserving of my 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/07/05

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