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"Your One Stop Shop For Media!"

Wow, the PSP, Where to begin and what to say! Just wow. The general public has been waiting a long time for this and it's finally arrived. The PSP.

First Impressions: 10/10

Make sure you have some spiritual music on in the background because when you open that box. HOO BOY! As soon as you take it out it'll blow you away. You see the sleek design after finally unpackaging everything else in that small box and turn it on. Here it comes… BAM. Amazing technology at your fingertips.

Pack-Ins (Value Pack Only!!!): 8/10

The PSP Value Pack comes with a few add in to give you the upper hand. But do they? Not really.

Handstrap: Good for those gamers who are afraid of dropping 250$ worth of stuff on the floor. It's nice, but should've been black.

Headphones/Remote: The remote is a nice add in which most will use often. The headphones are not so comfy, so consider buying your own. The sad part is, they're both in white. This is bad because most headphones are black and when you plug it into the remote it'll clash.

Cleaning Cloth: Amazingly helpful. Any PSP will get smudgy after only one session of playing, which is unfortunate but inevitable.

Sample Disc: With sample movies, sample music and sample games it's a nice way to show off every aspect of the PSP to your friends and family, unfortunately they're all videos. So no game demos as of yet.

Soft Case: This will do more harm than good. With many bad reviews spilling in about this you'd be better off buying your own case. Try the Logitech case or the AeroForm case. Both are getting superb reviews.

Spider-Man 2 video UMD (1st Million PSP's ONLY. If you're reading this then you're probably too late): This little package of joy was a very nice add in. It may or may not stop you from buying the DVD but with amazing quality it's a good watch. Unfortunately the disc is too small for special features. So all you get are previews.

Hardware: 10/10

Wow, so much this thing can do aside from games, so we'll start with those first in sub-categories.

Photos: 9/10

One word, e-Books. Take you favorite book/e-Book and transform it into a .JPG to be able to read on your PSP! Big photos will start out blurry but the PSP will focus itself. It's a nice feature for normally large pictures.

Audio: 10/10

Watch out if you have a MP3 Player, It might be collecting dust. If you're not a music fanatic but like the odd tune here and there this is perfect! Good quality playback through headphones (not so good through speakers). With features like Repeat, Information, and skip songs (the basic features) it's a nice extra.

Video: 8/10

Amazing. The quality on videos is purely amazing. It's nice for long train rides and car rides but other than that most gamers wouldn't watch moves too much. If you do, you won't be disappointed.

Online Play: 8/10

NOTICE: Most games at the moment are only LAN Play so you'll need a program such as XBConnect or XLinkKai to tunnel

Online gaming ready out of the box. Except, you'll need a wireless router in order to play online. No USB or anything, if it isn't wireless. No online.

LAN Play: 10/10

Almost every game out now has LAN wireless play. Just you and (usually) up to 4-8 friends. You'll all have to be relatively close to each other for it to pick up their signals but hey, it's still fun.

Game Line-Up: 10/10 (Different For Everyone, Read Below)

Most games out now and coming out soon are aimed at teenagers.

There's almost something for everyone, except RPGers. So far not much love for RPGs.

If you like sports, you have Hot Shots Golf, Action Adventure: Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade, which is almost an RPG but falls under Ac. Adv. If you're a racing fan of any kind you're in luck. PSP has many racing games. Wipeout Pure for futuristic racing, NFSU Rivals for street racing, Ridge Racers for the drifter in all of us, and Twisted Metal: Head-On for good online and weapon mayhem (not so much racing as action.)

Graphical Power/In-Game Graphics: 10/10

The power of the PSP is undeniable. Almost as powerful if not more as the PS2. The graphics are wonderful. You can make everything out on that nice big screen with bright colors and not blocky character animations. It's a big step up in the world of handheld gaming.

PSP or DS???

You'll hear this one a lot these days. Anyone who gives you a definitive winner one over the other you should not trust. Every gamer is different and likes different things. Some like certain games one platform is getting while the other doesn't. Etc etc. Make your own decision, read the Stats, check the upcoming games and then decide.

Overall: 9.5/10

The PSP is a major step up in handheld gaming and will continue to push the limits for quite a while. For Movies, Music, Photos and games the PSP is your one stop shop! Enjoy!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/07/05

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