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"One Word....Amazing"

The PSP is absolutely amazing. Download videos, music, pictures, and play games. What more could you ask for?

The graphics for the PSP is spectacular, making you feel like you are in the game. I originally did not think the graphics would be this amazing, but I was definately wrong.

The gameplay is pretty fun. Its up to standards for a portable. But the reason I only gave it a nine is because I am not sure if its just me, but if I play for a long time my hands will start to cramp up. But thats just a small price you have to pay for such a beautiful system.

Battery Life-8/10
Although the battery life isnt all that good, It is actually not that bad. But it is not something I would brag about. I watched the Spiderman 2 UMB on low light and was still able to get 2 hours of gameplay in before the batteries died. I find that to be pretty good. But the DS shouldnt worry about competition for this factor.

Download things of internet/online play-?/?
I have yet to try either of these two things, so I have not rated it. But from what I heard, all you need for download play is a link cord thing(cant remember what it is called right now,[consult the psp handbook] ) and a computer(obviously) The online play is simple. All you need is a router or all you have to do is go to a place like star bucks somewhere that was wireless internet connections.

Size and Size of Screen-9.75 /10
Another factor that the PSP prevails in. The PSP fits perfectly into the hands of the person making it comfortable play. The size of the screen is absolutely amazing.It is also like a mini plasma screen.

Memory Stick-10/10
Who wants to save all their games on a game cartridge. I know I wouldnt. The memory stick duo took my breath away. Although the memory stick that comes with the PSP can only hold 30 mb(only enough to save games onto) it is still a awesome thing for a handheld. It just easily inserts into the side of the PSP. My friend made a joke and said(you may not find it funny but it was at the time) Look at the DS, you can fit one of their games into your memory stick slot. Who would want that many small games to lose easily.

UMDs are how should I say it. They are like wow. Definately was not expecting this from a handheld. The UMD is like a miniature like disc stuck in a hard outter plastic covering. It inserts into the top of the PSP.

The launch games were absolutely amazing. I've yet to play all the launch games and I am already amazed. Untold Legends is so fun to play, along with T.H.U.G 2. Way better than the DS launch.

Upcoming games-9/10
The games upcoming I am also looking forward to. I like to play different variety of games so I am happy either way.

I was somewhat disappointed in the price of the PSP. 250 for a handheld, thats really crazy. I really recommend the PSP for people who have jobs. But for kids who have an allowence, your pocket change will not be enough. Also the price of the games made me dissapointed. 40 and 50 bucks a pop is like woah alot.

great system, great games, great everything. I think I am in love.
Move over nintendo there is another contender in the arena.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/11/05

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