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"An Amazing Piece Of Technology, Otherwise Ruined By The Number Of Defects"

1994. The Play Station X is released. 1996. The PlayStation is released. 2000. The PlayStation 2 is released. Now. Comes the God of all handhelds. The Sony PSP...

I just don't know what to say. This is easily one of the greatest things to happen to me. Sony has just taken my breath day when you're getting old, you'll think back, nostalgic-like, and say "Wow. Just, wow". Sure we'll probably have 856765467-bit -::coughbitsdon'tmattercough:: -- graphics by then, but at least you know that the future of handhelds was started with the PSP.

Graphical Capabilites - 10/10 Wow. Just, wow. I never thought DreamCast-quality graphics were possible on a handheld! I thought handheld gaming would be forever stuck in the land of 2-D gaming. But no. Sony had to say "**** it", and went 3-D. But not like Nintendo. Sony had to make the resolution and texturing sexy as hell. The first time you turn on your PSP, you'll be "Wow. Just, wow." Oh, yeah, UMD movies look better than there DVD counter-parts on this thing.

Sound Capability - 10/10 Wow. Just, wow. I never thought CD-quality sound was possible on a handheld! I thought handheld gaming would be forever stick in the land of 32-bit sound. But -- ::Gets shot:: No really. The sound on this thing is amazing. Maybe that's the reason this baby is can have Atrac3 and MP3 files saved on a memory stick and played through the system. THe sound may sound unnoticeably...crusty when you're not using headphones or stereos, but it still sounds great.

Extra Features - 9/10 Nice, but not necessary. I don't really plan to cram all my music videos and movie trailors in there until I have at least a 256MB. The 32 is everything, game save/picture-wise, but absolutely crappy when it comes to videos and music, it sucks. So I would recommend dropping a few bucks for a bigger memory stick.

Durability and Defects - 4/10 Alright, now this is what brought the overall rating down. It's durability is decent, for the most part (won't break very easily, but scratches like a mother), but it's the defects that really bother me. I currently have a 15 dead pixel PSP in my room, but I'll still be playing. The dead pixels aren't really annoying, but just not acceptable. Sony really brings a pain in the ass, with their level of craftsmanship. I'm severely disappointed in how they handle things, and sometimes, can just be plain stupid ::coughplaystation-xcough::

Price - 7/10 $250 for a portable isn't really great, but is kind of reasonable, if you ask me. $40 for a game isn't too bad, at least. But a UMD movie price range of $13 - $30 is extremely idiotic, om Sony's part. Especially when you consider that there are no extra features. I would gladly pay $10 to $15 dollars for UMD music, but the movie price is stupid.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/25/05

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