"One of the best thing to come to gaming...PSP"

The PSP is a brand new system put out by Sony. It has basically ever function of the PS2 but IMO better. It has movies, games, and a few other things the PS2 doesn't have. For example online and you are able to download movies and music to the memory stick. So if you think about it the PSP is also a Mp3 player...and only for $250.00 WOW were can you go wrong? Now I will hopefully change your mind about getting the PSP because of the price of $250.00...I think you might have some second thoughts about getting this because of the fact that you don't want to blow your money on something that you might not like.

The graphics are just as good in some cases better and in others worse than that of the PS2. This PSP has the best graphics I have ever seen for any handheld system. When people here PSP they sometimes thing, "the most powerful handheld system ever built." This system has great graphics. Thug 2 remix has some excellent graphics for a handheld system. They look basically just like the graphics for the PS2 and the Xbox.

The PSP has some great games out right now. To name a few Metal Gear Ac!d, Lumines, Ridge Racer, Wipeout Pure, and Thug 2 Remix. All these games are here to give the PSP a great name. It also has some great games coming out soon...I am personally thinking of Coded Arms which some people are saying to the the Halo or the PSP. With games like these who is going to complain? Oh did I mention that the games for this thing are usually cheaper than a PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube game. Thats right most games for the PSP are $40.00...don't let me get you confused though some games are $50.00 but most aren't. The games that are worth the $50.00 are still worth the price. Like a lot of people don't like the Dynasty Warrior games but if you are a fan of it than you will be happy to know that this game if for the PSP with the price of $50.00. There are some good games out right now but they are limited. Hopefully at E3 there will be many more games being announced to make every PSP owner happy. There is even talk about being a GTA for the PSP.

The PSP has some very good sound. When playing a game or watching a movie I would recommend that you put in the headphones. It makes the music and the words sound so much better. Now I am not saying that the stereo is bad because it isn't. If you are by yourself then stereo is fine but if you are watching a movie with more than yourself than the sound for the stereo isn't all that good.

The PSP seems to mold to your hands. You get a DVD player, a MP4 player, a video game machine, and also a internet source. Like I said before WOW for only $250.00. Who would wanna pass something up like this. I know that if you are planning on buying a new system any time soon whether it be a PS2 and Xbox or even a GB DS...I would recommend you throwing down the extra money and getting this. This should be a must have for every gamer and Sony fans will not be disappointed with the PSP...I know I wasn't.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/07/05

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