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"Sony's juggernaut enters the portable world"

The arrival of the new PSP is truly a day in history. That $250 you'll be spending will be for the best portable system out today. The incredible visuals that even rival that of the PS2, and the great sound and the multi-functions it is capable are incredible indeed.

What 's in store for you:
The PSP comes in a little box, packed with goodies. It comes with a charger, headphones with an extension to also increase sound, a 32MB memory stick, the battery pack, a sampler disk with music videos and movie trailers or the Spider-Man 2 movie if you are one of the first million buyers of the PSP, a nice carry pouch and screen-cleaning cloth, and of course, the PSP system itself. It is alot, but it takes a few minutes to get the PSP up and running. It's a great purchase, and offers a lot. You can buy games for it, if you are willing to fork up dough, but trust me, it is worth it.

The hardware of the PSP is solid, although, there are less than 30 games out right now, more are in development. The first you'll notice is the amazing visuals this thing offers. The graphics for the games are incredible. Games take up about 500-1000KB depending on the game data being stored, but luckily the 32MB memory stick has enough to fit over 40 game saves.

The sound of the PSP is decent, but if you're in an area with lots of ballyhoo and such, you'll quickly find the stereo to be mediocre. To maximize your listening experiences with the PSP, headphones are a must. The headphones the PSP comes with are good, but if you really want loud, purchase a better set of headphones.

The overall hardware is grand. I have never seen a portable system with this kind of power. The fact it can store movies and music just makes me want it more. Photos can be stored as well, and with the help of a USB Cable realizing this is merely a button away. Music and movies are easy to store in your PSP, especially if you already have a program in your computer that does it for you.

The default memory stick is great for game saves, but if you want music and movies, you'll need to buy a higher capacity one. Any with 128MB and above is great for music, but for movies, you need at least a 512MB stick or higher. A 1 Gigabyte stick is the ideal one for movies. You can fit up to 3 full-length movies with it. Although this is great, the price can seriously kill this dream. Higher-capacity sticks can sell for as much as $40 to even $150. But really, it is worth it all.

There isn't much to talk about flaws, but one major flaw could be the battery life of the PSP. With the volume turned to max and the back-light on, the battery life goes up to 4 hours. There is the dead pixels, but really you shouldn't worry.

Final Words: Is it worth it? YES!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/16/05

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