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"The real revolution has already been released, and we call it the PSP....."

I'm sure we've all picked up and played a hand-held one time or another. After all, they are some of the coolest gadgets around. I always liked the Nintendo Game Boy's the best though. Not only because they were so innovation-al and easy to afford, but also because they had a nice selection and were small and just nice to have. Times have changed however. Nintendo is falling apart and gloating about their new Hand Held, the Nintendo DS. However, I didn't buy a DS. I bought quite the opposite, in which I would consider a gamble. Despite rumors about the delicacy, the large price tag, and the small game selection(as of now) I picked up a PSP anyways. I'm not here to bash on nintendo, and I'm not here to praise Sony. I'm here to tell you about the Sony PSP and why it just might be worth your time and money.......

One thing I would like to point out about the PSP is that no matter how many pictures or videos you've seen, they're not even close to what it looks or feels like to hold a PSP in your hands. It's so smooth and sexy, that you can hardly believe that it is only 250. Trust me, I thought it was a deal of a lifetime. The big factor that I adore about the PSP is the fact that it looks so delicate, yet it's quite durable. Despite the ease in which greased can get on the screen, the buttons and control pads, and especially the *analog stick* are in tight and secure and I found no problems with them. It's nice to have equipment that looks like it could break so easily, yet it's strong and durable. That's a big plus.

When you see the PSP in action your heart might stop for a second. This is natural, as one would not expect to see their every day PS2 graphics down on a portable screen. That's the case here. I'm serious. Dead serious. The games can match the graphical power of the PS2, I swear on my life! This is quite an impressive statement to make and the fact that it is true should send a shock of excitement down your spine. Not only this, but the PSP has a HUGE screen and despite it's size it displays excellent resolution and detail. The DS was destroyed in this department.

The PSP has two different audio options, so to speak. The first option is that of using the PSP's own speakers to play that sound. The power behind the sound is unmatched in any handheld, and even in some DVD and CD players!!! Though that statement is staggering, nothing is as insane as when you put on the headphones. Trust me, you have never heard good audio until you've heard this, as far as handhelds go. The audio recieves a perfect score simply because it has no faults, at all, ever, nadda, no, nothing!

The PSP as you've heard utilized a lot of extra multimedia features including that of a DVD player and CD player as well as video game console. It can also be used as an picture viewer, clock, pet, friend, girlfriend, wife, uncle, etc..... It can hold memory cards that can hold as much as a whopping 1GB!!! Though the price tag is high, the amount of information that you could put into your PSP is mind boggling. Not only this, but you can either connect and play against people via Wi-Fi which includes a 300 meter radius which allows you to play "online" or you can actually connect online to play people around the world. Not only this, but's FREE It is certainly worth the money in my opinion. You are putting together a high quality CD Player, a high quality DVD player, a high quality Game System all in one beautiful package. An excellent score is to be shown here.

A small lineup right now, the selection is still impressive. It includes a port of the original Ape Escape(PS1) which includes better graphics than it predacessor, better audio, and overall more appeal. It is also the first game I purchased for my PSP. It includes a twisted metal, Wipeout: Pure, a variety of sports games, Metal Gear Acid, and as far as the future goes is where it really shines. I am looking forward to Metal Gear Acid 2, GTA: Liberty City Stories, BattleField 2: Modern Combat, Star Wars: BattleFront 2, Harvest Moon, The Sims 2, the list can go on. Not only this, but these games aren't just little horrible 2D rip offs. They are fully 3D games that match or even improve upon the graphics you would see on a PS2. Just sit back and think about that for a second. Take a breath and continue to read.

To Buy or not to Buy?
It depends really. If you own a PS1 or PS2, have a DVD player, CD player, and can go online with your PS2, then you should buy it. If you don't have any of that stuff you should buy it. If you're poor, you should get a loan and you should buy it. If you just broke up, you should buy it. If you just won the lotto you should buy it. Catch my drift. It's something every household should have, it fits nicely on top of a PS2, Gamecube, or XBox, and trust me, you just might find yourself hooked on a PSP, and those Consoles of yours, just might sit and collect dust.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/24/05

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