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    FAQ/Walkthrough by caramelof

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/04/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ______           _   _         ___      
    |  _  \         | | | |       |_  |     
    | | | |___  __ _| |_| |__       | |_ __ 
    | | | / _ \/ _` | __| '_ \      | | '__|
    | |/ /  __/ (_| | |_| | | | /\__/ / | _ 
    |___/ \___|\__,_|\__|_| |_| \____/|_|(_)
                 Death Jr.
           By: Larry, aka caramelof 
               Version 1.00
    Table of Contents
    1) Introduction & Story
    2) Controls
    3) Characters
    4) PowerUps
    5) Weapons
    6) Walkthrough
    7) Enemies
    8) Other
    9) Special Thanks 
    10) Legal Stuff
    1)Introduction & Story
     You play as the son of the Grim Reaper's son, Death Jr. The game begins with
    Death Jr.'s class going on a field trip to the a museum of supernatural 
    history. His group is supposed to write a report and eventually stumbles
    upon a locked box. Pandora being ever so curios, attempts to open it 
    but fails. As the group is leaving, Death Jr. cuts open the lock with his
    scythe and a mysterious force of evil ruptures out taking his friends and 
    imprisons them into a stasis. The whole museum is then covered in organic like
    material. It is up to Death Jr. and friends to undo the evil they released.
    [O]=Use Weapons
    Square=Swing Scythe
    Square, Square, [Hold] Square
    Square, Square, [Hold] [X]
    Square, Square, Triangle
    [X], Hold [X]= Hover
    Key words:Rafter=Anything you can swing on.
              DJ=Death Junior.
    Death Jr./DJ- The son of the Grim Reaper. The main character of the game and
    which you control. He wields a Scythe and later many more weapons.
    Pandora-An obsessive-compulsive disorder girl. She has a tendency to try and
    open any box.
    The Seep-A limbless fetus in a tank, foul mouthed and stinks.
    Smith and Weston-Conjoined twins that help DJ upgrade his weapons throughout
    the game.
    Stigmartha-Likes School and bleeds through the holes in her hands when
    nervous. She is the one that writes the report.
    Dead Guppy-A dead rebel goldfish. Yeah...
    Moloch-The villain of the game and is actually DJ's uncle. He has Pandora
    Health Extenders-Pick up 4 of them to lower damage received.
    Weapon Widgets-Use these to upgrade your weapons.
    Assist Extenders-Pick up 4 of them for more Assist Stocks.
    Skulls-Gives DJ health.
    Mini DJ's-Gives and Extra Continue. Can only have 4 at a time.
    Psyche Piece-Fragments of DJ's friends. Find these to rescue them.
    Scythe-DJ's main weapon, can be upgraded to unleash combos.
    Twin Pistols-DJ starts with this. It has unlimited ammo and can be upgraded
    to fire faster and hit harder.
    Shotgun-Best used up close, can hit many enemies and be upgraded for more
    damage/fire speed.
    C4 Hamsters-Throw these similar to grenades(except they follow the enemy).
    Upgrade for 2 hamsters, one explodes and the other will implode.
    Chain Gun-Rapid fire machine gun but locks DJ into first person. Good for 
    taking out bosses. Can be upgraded for more damage.
    Flamethrower-Light enemies on fire with this. Can be upgraded with longer
    range and better burn.
    Electrical Gun-Shock your enemies with this and use it to activate certain
    switches. Can be upgraded for more damage and multiple arcs.
    Rocket Launcher-Extremely strong weapon. Can be upgraded to fire 2 rockets at
    the same time.
    [The Museum]
     DJ begins centered in the museum where the box was opened. There is not
    much you can do except examine Seep, Guppy and Stigmartha. You can head up
    to the top but the doorways like the others are blocked by the organic
    material. You can get a feel of the controls but most will be explained
    in the training up ahead. When ready, head through the only open door where 
    you began.
    [The Museum]
    --Basic Training--
    o--Item Checklist --o  Walk forward and you will see you first Hint box
    |                   | explaining how to jump[X]. Up the stairs is a
    | Health Extender(1)| [Health Extender], be sure to pick it up!. keep going
    | Assist Extender(1)| and you will see another hint box explaining how to use
    | Weapon Widget(1)  | your scythe and duel pistols. The first enemy of the
    | Psyche Piece(1)   | game will be in sight. Simply kill it with the scythe
    |                   | or shoot it(works better).
     The game will also explains souls. In short each enemy you kill gains you a 
    soul. These are needed to open "Eyedoors" in the levels. Eventually you will 
    reach an eyedoor. You need 1 soul to open this up. Before you go on make sure
    to get the [Assist Extender].
     The eyedoor will lead to a big room with a few bats, a hint box explaining
    how to dodge and destructibles. Another eyedoor will be in the way requiring 
    3 souls to open. The room contains a few bats and more destructibles. More
    hint boxes will explain the camera controls. There is also a [Skull] which 
    restores DJ's health.
     When done proceed to the next eyedoor(7 souls). Right in front of you will be
    a [Weapon Widget] and hint box. As you go down the stairs, you will find a
    [Psyche Piece], ending the level.
    [The Museum]
     DJ is back at the center of the museum, a red exclamation point shows you the
    way. Seep's doorway will now be accessible. A cut scene will be played 
    as DJ walks near Seep and another in the room. Head through the portal when
    you are ready.
    [Suburbia: Seep's Hood]
    o--Item Checklist ----o
    |                     |
    | Weapon Widget(4)    |
    | Health Extender(2)  |
    | Assist Extender(1)  |
    |Weapon Widget(A+Rank)|
    |                     |
     Right away an enemy will charge at you, kill him preferably with your gun.
    There is a [Skull] at the first house to the left, if you need health.
    At the beginning there will be a truck crashed into a electrical post. The
    wires connecting the 2 post from the truck will contain a blue wire in which
    DJ can swing across to obtain a [Weapon Widget]. There is not much behind or
    on the top of houses, except a few enemies and Skulls. When you are done
    exploring, follow the trail of hint boxes until you reach a eyedoor(13 souls).
     The new area will have a swarm of bats. Take them out with your pistols. Jump
    over the ledge or fall in to read the hint box. Another pit will be in the
    way. Jump and hold [X] to hover over the lava pit. Walk forward and a short
    scene will occur collapsing some of the area. Pick up the Skull if needed and
    jump down the ledge. Use your pistols to wipe out the enemies across the lava
    pit. Jump and hover across from the left or right. Kill the enemies and jump
    on the playground equipment until you get the [Health Extender]. Nearby is a
    eyedoor(10 souls).
     Keep walking forward and killing the enemies along the way. Climb up the wall
    that just rose and pick up the [Weapon Widget]. The big house to the right 
    will have an another [Weapon Widget] on the roof. Eventually you will find a
    grill and DJ will say "I smell gas!". Shoot this to make a hole in the ground
    to appear. Jump in and collect the [Assist Extender]. At the end will be a
    eyedoor(20 souls).
     This leads to a huge area with a lava pit in the middle. The middle island 
    contains a [Mini DJ] if needed. Head to the far end and grab the [Weapon
    Widget] on the bus. Proceed to the gate and hit the switch with DJ's scythe.
    A new enemy will appear as it opens, a spider creature. Kill the enemies and
    head behind the house to the left to get a [Health Extender]. Backtrack to the
    front of the house and open the eyedoor(20 souls). Inside will be [Seep's 
    Psyche] Piece, ending the level.
    o--Item Checklist ---o
    |  Shotgun           |
     A short cutscene will play and DJ will be back at the museum. Smith and Weston
    will give DJ the [Shotgun]. You can also get some upgrades if you have enough
    Weapon Widgets. Many places will be opened up but first head to Advanced
    training on the top floor.
    [The Museum]
    -Advanced Training
    o--Item Checklist ---o
    |                    |
    | Weapon Widget(2)   |
    | Health Extender(2) |
    | C4 Hamsters        |
     A hint box will be at the beginning explaining how to swing on the rafters.
    The area below is there if DJ falls down on the rafters. Use the stairs to
    climb back and try again if you fall. The middle island will contain a
    [Health Extender]. Go across the next set of rafters and then use the wall
    jump technique as instructed. There will be a large room with platforms and
    a below area if you fall. Hop across the platforms and collect the [Weapon
    Widget]. Ledge grab up and cross the series of hooks. The next room will
    contain Smith and Weston and which gives the [C4 Hamsters]. Use the C4 
    hamsters to easily dispatch the monkeys in the other area. An 
    eyedoor(10 souls) is also present.
     Yet again 2 eyedoors(4/10 souls) are in the way. Before you head through
    the 10 one, pick up the [Health Extender]. The huge room ahead will have
    2 zip lines. Jump and hover to the middle island and take the lines. It will
    lead to a [Weapon Widget]. Take the last zip line and head into the portal.
    Once at the museum you are free to choose many levels but for the sake of
    consistency we will continue to help Seep.
    [Suburbia: The Corner Store]
    o--Item Checklist ------------o
    |                             |
    | Weapon Widget(4)            |
    | Health Extender(2)          |
    | Assist Extender(1)          |
    | Weapon Widget(A+Rank)       |
    |  Chain Gun(Upon Completion) |
     Head down the road and kill all the enemies. There are 2 Skulls if needed
    for health and an ammo crate. Then proceed to the eyedoor(15 souls). From the
    bus take a left to the house stairs to pick up a [Mini DJ] and hop onto the
    grapples for a [Health Extender]. At the side of the house is a pool with
    a [Weapon Widget]. Either backtrack or continue from where you are at. Go
    behind the huge tree in sight for a [Weapon Widget]. Jump across the lava
    pits and head up the hill. Don't forget the [Weapon Widget] but watch the
    flame. There should be a eyedoor at the top(20 souls). Kill the enemies in the
    woods and head to the next eyedoor(8 souls). DJ will be in toxic dump site. 
    Not much to do here so continue up the 2 jump walls. 
     On top is a [Mini DJ] and some pipes which will initiate a short cutscene 
    when approaching them. Jump on the first formed platform then the next. Take
    a left at the intersection for a [Weapon Widget]. Backtrack to the other way 
    and grab the ledges up. When you pass the first two flame towers take the 
    path to the right. The left only contains enemies,health,and ammo. The last
    flame tower will block your way, hit the switch to deactivate it.
     Inside the supermarket will be crowded with demons and a well hidden 
    [Assist Extender] behind a sign. Kill them all and head
    through the Eyedoor(20 souls). Outside the gas station will explode leaving a
    hole to go through. Before that, pick up the [Health Extender] to the left. 
    Down below is a sewer. Proceed to kill everything. At the end will be a 
    stronger demon. Take him out to obtain [Seep's Psyche] and end the level.
     Upon completing the level it will unlock the Chain Gun.
    [Suburbia: My House]
    o--Item Checklist -----------o
    |                            |
    | Weapon Widget(4)           |
    | Health Extender(2)         |
    | Assist Extender(1)         |
    | Weapon Widget(A+ Rank)     |
     The Objective of this level is to defend DJ's house. Use all your weapons for
    this and if needed collect the ammo in the back. When all clear, make sure to
    collect the PowerUps. There is a [Weapon Widget] at the far end, behind DJ'S
    house, on a roof(x2). A [Mini DJ] in the truck, on a zip line and on top the 
    bus. A [Health Extender] at a nearbyzip line, and the other at the zip 
    line near the truck. Lastly a [Assist Extender] at the middle zip line.
    [School:Higher Learning]
    o--Item Checklist -------------o
    |                              |
    | Weapon Widget(4)             |
    | Health Extender(2)           |
    | Assist Extender(1)           |
    | Flamethrower(Upon Completion)|
    | Weapon Widget(A+ Rank)       |
     Head down the hallway to the exit sign. Get the hidden [Weapon Widget]
    behind the locker. Open the Eyedoor(15 souls) in the next room. It will lead
    you into a library. Kill the enemies and go to the Eyedoor(10 souls) on top.
    Down the hallway, destroy the left wall for a hidden [Assist Extender]. DJ
    will soon be in the cafeteria. There are 2 lights that you can grapple. 
    This can be tough because of the camera but if you succeed, it will lead to a
    [Health Extender], a [Mini DJ] and ammo. In the courtyard, go to the top left
    corner and pick up the [Weapon Widget]. Hit the switch at the end and go in
    the gate. You will come across a bigger library. Climb to the top and head
    to the back where swingable rafters are. This will get DJ a [Weapon Widget]
    and lead to an Eyedoor(10 souls). 
     Continue forward killing all the enemies and moving up the curved pathways to
    another Eyedoor(10 Souls). Outside will be huge books to jump on. Proceed 
    and go behind the first big wall to find a [Health Extender]. Up on the next
    set of books will be [Stigmartha's Psyche]. Don't collect it yet, continue 
    forward, swing on the rafters to get the [Weapon Widget]. Then you may get
    [Stigmartha's Psyche], ending the level.
    [School:Growth Spurt]
    o--Item Checklist ---------------o
    |                                |
    | Weapon Widget(4)               |
    | Health Extender(2)             |
    | Assist Extender(1)             |
    | Electrical Gun(Upon Completion)|
    | Weapon Widget(A+ Rank)         |
     Go down the hallways and to right into the "teacher's lounge". Hop on the
    series of platforms and use the ziplines to get a [Health Extender]. Go left
    at the next intersection for an Eyedoor(30 souls). Jump through the bathroom 
    window and hit the switch. This will raise several platforms. First take the
    higher path and destroy  the secret wall for an [Health Extender]. Head to the
    platforms and to the side room. Swing on the Rafters for a [Weapon Widget].
    Continue hitting switches and hopping platforms till you get to an 
    Eyedoor(20 souls). 
     Destroy the organic wall for a [Weapon Widget]. Shortly you
    will be in the girl's bathroom and then another school hallway. Take a right
    and face the 2 bulls. Walk up the spiral room and dodge the lightning. At the
    top jump on the rafters to get a [Assist Extender]. Keep going and DJ will
    reach the outside. Outside will be a few enemies, and lead to a
    Eyedoor(30 Souls). The next room will have a spiral walkway. At the top
    take the ziplines to reach a [Weapon Widget]. When ready head into the
    big Eyedoor(15 Souls). The last room in sight, a locker room. Nab the
    [Weapon Widget] in the corner and kill the 2 big demons that spawn. Finally
    grab [Stigmartha's Psyche] to end the level.
    [School:Bottom of the Bell Curve]
    o--Item Checklist ---------------o
    |                                |
    | Weapon Widget(4)               |
    | Health Extender(2)             |
    | Assist Extender(1)             |
    | Weapon Widget(A+Rank)          |
     Go down the hallway and grab the [Weapon Widget] before the Eyedoor(15 Souls)
    It will take DJ to a pipe room and another Eyedoor(10 Souls). Cross the moving
    platforms in the next room and pick up the [Weapon Widget]. The next area is a
    Box maze room. At one of the dead ends, wall jump to reach the 
    [Assist Extender]. Navigate through the maze and in the new room use your
    electric gun on the switch. Continue to use DJ's electric gun on switches to
    get across. Make sure to get the [Weapon Widget] on the platform. When at the
    top zip line down to get a [Health Extender] and an Eyedoor(10 Souls). The 
    next room has platforms that move and sink. Get the [Weapon Widget] and 
    head upwards. In the huge grass area kill all the enemies and find the 
    rafters in the corner to reach a [Health Extender]. The proceed to the
    Eyedoor(15 Souls). The last room contains a BOSS.
    Huge Spider
     He uses Fireballs and can summon minions when on the wall. Hit the switches
    corresponding with the water vents to kill minions quick. Hit him with DJ's
    scythe when he is on the wall to knock him down and then score a hit. Repeat
    this until he dies. Get [Stigmartha's Psyche] to end the level.
    [Meat World:Utter Madness]
    o--Item Checklist ---------------o
    |                                |
    | Weapon Widget(4)               |
    | Health Extender(2)             |
    | Assist Extender(1)             |
    |Freeze Gun Upon Completion)     |
    | Weapon Widget(A+ Rank)         |
     Turn around to find a [Weapon Widget]. Head through the entrance, 
    Eyedoor(7 Souls). In the town area head up on the awnings and swing on the
    red wire for a [Health Extender]. When done proceed to the Eyedoor(13 Souls).
    DJ will be in an alleyway. Head down and go into the room blown up by the
    enemies for a [Weapon Widget]. Go down the other alleyway for a 
    [Assist Extender] then backtrack to the lava and use the red wire to swing
    to the Eyedoor(14 Souls). DJ will be in a Rib Room. Explore the various doors
    for goodies including a [Health Extender]. Then go to the Eyedoor(16 Souls) 
    which leads to the "tribute of fire" room. Dodge the flames and open the
    Eyedoor(10 Souls). 
     The other area is called "the grill". Climb up and use the hooks.
    Before going to the next hooks, look behind the platforms for a [Weapon
    Widget]. The next Eyedoor(8 souls) will take you to a steak room. Cross the
    platforms and pick up the [Weapon Widget]. Proceed to the Eyedoor(1 Soul) and
    kill the enemies/drumsticks. The Eyedoor(15 Souls) at the end will take you to
    Haunted Meathouse. The last Eyedoor(20 souls) will take you to the boss.
    Crazy Cow
    -Shoots bullets, missiles and blocks its self with barricades. Strafe to 
    dodge and shoot at him. The flamethrower and Electric Gun are quite effective. 
    [Meat World:How a Cow Becomes a Steak]
    o--Item Checklist -----------------o
    |                                  |
    | Weapon Widget(4)                 |
    | Health Extender(2)               |
    | Assist Extender(1)               |
    | Rocket Launcher(Upon Completion) |
    | Weapon Widget(A+Rank)            |
     Head to the conveyor belt and get the [Weapon Widget] where it starts. The
    first room to the right has a [Health Extender]. Head back and climb on the
    ledge to get a [Weapon Widget]. There will be an eyedoor(27 Souls). The star
    room ahead will have many enemies. Kill them and go to the Eyedoor(16 Souls).
    Take the first set of hooks in the next room and head right for an area with
    a [Weapon Widget]. Backtrack and use the corner hook for another
    [Weapon Widget]. Finally take the last set of hooks to an Eyedoor(15 Souls).
     DJ will be in a meat grinding room. Near the beginning of the grinder table 
    is a [Assist Extender]. Jump on the shelf to reach it. To the top left is a 
    ledge with some grapples. Use these to reach a Eyedoor(15 Souls). The 
    Antibiotics room will have water jets you must freeze to cross. Make sure to 
    drop down and collect the [Health Extender]. Crossing the platforms will lead 
    to a room with enemies and another Eyedoor(10 Souls).
     The freezer room contains a machine in which DJ must use his Scythe to knock 
    cows into it. Climb up the newly accessible boxes and to the next 
    Eyedoor(25 Souls), [Guppy's Psyche] will be located behind this ending the 
    level. DJ obtains the [Rocket Launcher] upon completing.
    [Meat World:The Burger Tram]
    o--Item Checklist ---------------o
    |                                |
    | Weapon Widget(4)               |
    | Health Extender(2)             |
    | Assist Extender(1)             |
    | Weapon Widget(A+ Rank)         |
     At the beginning will be a red wire that DJ can slide to. It leads to a
    [Weapon Widget] and eventually to a Eyedoor(8 Souls). The next area is quite
    huge and has many platforms/ziplines. First take the red wire to the right for
    a [Health Extender]. There is not much else there so proceed to the Eyedoor
    (20 Souls) when you are done exploring. Grab the first red zipline you see
    and time it to reach the other for a [Weapon Widget]. Kill the enemies for 
    souls, jump into the mouth and open the Eyedoor(13 Souls). DJ will be in a 
    dining room with a red zip line at the beginning. Ride it down for a 
    [Assist Extender] and another Eyedoor(10 Souls). A brief cutscene will play.
     Hop on the platforms while avoiding the fire. Walk the drumstick spiral and
    jump to the Eyedoor(3 Souls). The next room contains a lava river. Hop on the
    moving platforms until you reach the cow mouth. Get the [Weapon Widget] to
    the left before heading in.When inside the cow's mouth awaits even more lava
    and platforms. Hop your way to the end but do not miss the [Weapon Widget].
    Upon exiting you will find a courtyard, kill the enemies and swing on the zip
    lines to obtain a [Health Extender]. When finished head through the Eyedoor
    (6 Souls). 
     It will open up the "gift shop" and a Eyedoor(18 Souls) at the end. Another
    huge grassy area with nothing much except enemies/ammo. Head to the Eyedoor
    (15 Souls) to end the level.
    [The Asylum:Happy Trails Insanitarium]
    o--Item Checklist ---------------o
    |                                |
    | Weapon Widget(4)               |
    | Health Extender(2)             |
    | Assist Extender(1)             |
    | Weapon Widget(A+ Rank)         |
     Clear the way and head to the Eyedoor(10 Souls) to enter the Asylum. At the 
    entrance take a right for a [Health Extender]. There will be many enemies
    through the next few corridors. Kill them and proceed to the Eyedoor(45 Souls)
    .Follow the long hallway to another Eyedoor(10 Souls) and do not forget the [
    Weapon Widget]. The middle platform in the next area has a [Weapon Widget]. 
    After the platforms/rafter, get the [Health Extender] in the corner. Open the
    Eyedoor at Block E. Upon entering the place will collapse. Take the bottom
    moving platform for a [Weapon Widget]. Then proceed to the top. Collect the 
    [Assist Extender] near the Eyedoor(5 Souls) and then go in. Take the last two
    yellow ziplines, collect the [Weapon Widget] and [Pandora's Psyche] to end
    the level.
    [The Asylum: Inner Madness]
    o--Item Checklist -----------o
    |                            |
    | Weapon Widget(4)           |
    | Health Extender(2)         |
    | Assist Extender(1)         |
    | Weapon Widget(A+ Rank)     |
     The first room in front has a [Weapon Widget]. The next room has platforms 
    with electricity. Time your jumps and grab the next [Weapon Widget] as you go. 
    Kill the enemies in the other room and use the flamethrower on the bear door.
    Be careful in the next area and flame the other bear door. To the right use
    the electric gun on the bear to raise platforms. Then proceed on the hooks. 
    There is an sliding wall that opens, collect the [Assist Extender].
    The next bear requires electricity to raise a platform to the zip lines.
    Dodge the lightning in the next room and, take a left and destroy the hidden
    wall for a [Weapon Widget]. Keep going down the hallways and take the 
    Eyedoor(50 Souls). Right in front at the top is a [Weapon Widget]. The next
    upcoming Eyedoor has a [Health Extender] to the left of it. Take the elevator
    shaft down to the laundry room. Take a left at the last Eyedoor for a [Health
    Extender]. Get [Pandora's Psyche] to end the level. Be prepared for a boss
    Electrical Demon
    -Begin by destroying all objects on the ground. The monster will turn into a
    spark of electrical ball. You must then destroy all 4 Satellites. Then Dj is
    able to finally hurt the monster. The flamethrower is quite effective on it.
    Collect [Pandora's Psyche] to end the level.
    [Downtown: Big Trouble in Little Downtown]
    o--Item Checklist -----------o
    |                            |
    | Weapon Widget(4)           |
    | Health Extender(2)         |
    | Assist Extender(1)         |
    | Weapon Widget(A+ Rank)     |
     Head to the theatre and drop in the newly formed hole. DJ will be in the
    sewers. Swing on the pipes for a [Weapon Widget] and take the first 
    Eyedoor(5 souls). Take a left in the new room for another [Weapon Widget].
    In the subway, go in the cavern where the enemy is taking cover for a [Health
    Extender]. Cross the lava to reach the other end of the subway and to a 
    Eyedoor(12 Souls). Travel through the cave to reach yet another Eyedoor
    (5 Souls). Head out to the streets and pick up the [Weapon Widget] in the
    corner. Eventually one of the streets collapses. Take the yellow zip line
    down to the eyedoor(5 souls) and an [Assist Extender]. Continue on, collect
    the [Weapon Widget] and open the eyedoor. Take the low road to find a 
    hidden [Health Extender]. Go into the last eyedoor and fight the huge Eyeball.
    [Downtown: Moving On Up
    o--Item Checklist -----------o
    |                            |
    | Weapon Widget(4)           |
    | Health Extender(2)         |
    | Assist Extender(1)         |
    | Weapon Widget(A+ Rank)     |
     Go down the street to the firestation, which contains a [Health Extender] and
    an eyedoor(13 Souls). Continue climbing the station and turn around when you
    exit for a [Weapon Widget]. Head through the huge eyedoor(7 souls). Take the
    yellow zipline down for another [Weapon Widget]. Freeze the fountain and 
    collect the [Weapon Widget] in the room. Continue going up stairs, and use the
    electrical platform up. On the roof ride the zip line for a [Assist Extender].
    Head to the bottom, pick up the [Weapon Widget] on the fountain and go through
    the Eyedoor. Head through the office, up the stairs and to another eyedoor.
    Head through the firerooms(right before the last will be a [Health Extender]
    hidden on top the stairs to the left) and to last Eyedoor to 
    [Pandora's Psyche].
    Flame Demon
    -Lure the demon in the circles and flip the switches to extinguish his flame.
    This will give DJ an opportunity to attack. Repeat this until he dies.
    [Downtown: Moving On Up
    o--Item Checklist -----------o
    |                            |
    | Health Extender(2)         |
    | Assist Extender(1)         |
    | Weapon Widget(A+ Rank)     |
     Fight your way through the many demons and pick up the [Assist Extender] 
    on the side of the house. Make your way to the eyedoor(14 Souls). The next
    Eyedoor will take you inside a house and out to a street. Pick up the 
    [Health Extender] at the top right, then hop across to the Eyedoor(4 Souls).
    Go through the office and to the arcade and you will wind up in some lockers.
    Go down them all and to the room on the left is a [Health Extender]. DJ will
    soon be in a "Rib Room", an alleyway and town. Nothing is there so move on to
    the "Asylum". There is not much here either. Kill the enemies, and head
    trough the many Eyedoors until you get to [Pandora's Psyche].
     Last boss of the game. Can shoot fire at you and claw attack. First destroy
    the rocks to the left and right.At phase 2 he blocks himself and the Scythe 
    must be used to hurt him. The Chain Gun works wonders on phase one. This boss
    can be very tough but don't give up, you can try as many times as possible.
     When he is defeated, enjoy the ending as it is finally over!.
    Eyedoors-They block passages and require souls from enemies to open up.
    Flying Bat- Flying bats that will try to ram you. Use the pistol for best
    Brown Demon- They run towards you and continue to circle around you. 
    Brown Demon Spiked-They can attack close, but prefer to use long range.
    Skinny Flame Demon-Runs around quickly charging. Also lays flaming mines.
    Big Brown Spiked Demon-Takes a lot more hits, use hamsters.
    Blue Spiders-A spider demon, easily taken care of.
    Large Blue Spider Demons-Bigger then the average spider demon.
    Ghost-High hp and launches blue volleys.
    Huge Red Ghost-Much higher hp than standard.
    Yellow Imps-Explode after you kill them.
    Big Yellow Spiked imps-Tougher then the standard ones.
    Red Imp-Lays mines and also explodes.
    Purple Imps-a little tougher, also explode upon death. They seem to try and
    kamikaze on you. 
    Purple spiked Skinny Demon-Run around quickly and have high health.
    Blue Standing Demon-shoots blue beams at a far range.
    Big Purple Demon-Takes a few more hits and shoots a white homing orb at you.
    Blue Crawling Demon-shoots homing blue orbs at you and crawls around.
    Yellow Crawling Demon-Shoots rapid fire yellow beams.
    4 Legged Red Crawling Demon-Huge hp pool.
    Blue Bulls-Lots of health and breathes fire. 
    Green turtle like Demon-High health,shoots huge fireballs.
    Things left to do:
    -Would like an offical name list for enemies. I don't have the instructional
    book so not sure if they even have any official names.
    -I've gotten every single powerup but my game data reads ony 94%.
    To my knowledge 94% is = to 100% complete in this game.
    9)Special Thanks
    Backbone Entertainment for making such an awesome game!
    10)Legal Stuff
    Death Jr. belongs to Backbone Entertainment©2005.
    Published by Konami.
    This Guide/FAQ may be posted on other sites with permission first and of 
    course with credit.[i.e. Created by caramelof]
    This guide/FAQ is Copyright 2010 Larry Boone.

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