Review by DragoDracini

"Death Jr needs to send himself to the otherworld."

Here's my review of Death Jr. And believe me, it isn't pretty.

Game play:
The game is enjoyable... for a while. This game lacks many things, but none as important as... the non-repetitive game play. All you do is go to the levels, kill demons, open doors, jump, hover, and swing all over the place, the levels are impossible to get lost in, no free roaming at all. You will get frustrated easily with the game, you get tossed up with the Freeze Shot demons too early, thus killing you in 2 or 3 hits. The weapon updates are almost innoticible, except for the hamsters. ;p And the camera doesn't help the gameplay any, it gets hung up alot, and you always end up turning the wrong way as a demon attacks.

Not bad at all, though there are problems. Camera controls are a pain, the only attack you will ever use is square square square combo, even though there are upgrades. Everything but the camera is fine.

The sound is absolutly amazing, wonderful music, the few voiceovers are done really well, the demons make good noises, explosions sound good, and everything else just has the right mood for the game.

Now, the character designs are creative, Dead Guppy rules! And the demons are rendered wonderfully, particularly the bosses, they are really creative. Levels are wonderfully designed too, though a lot of them are the same level pretty much. It looks like a PS2 game.

While on a school field trip to a museum your friend(girlfriend?) Pandora decides to try to open a box, your stupid self uses your dad's scythe to open it. Moloch escapes the box, spreading demons over the museum, and stealing your friend's souls, you through exactly 2 training courses and 14 levels, not counting the boss fights which there are about 7 of. All of them are pretty simple. After every level except for the last one you get a piece of your friend's souls. It's just so simple...

Replay Value:
... Ok... here's what happens... you starts the game.. finish the game... end of story... after you finish the game just sell it if you have bought it already.

Overall the game is good at best. What the game really needs is a better story. And more replay value, this game has no replay value at all. The only options you have once you open the game is New Game or Load Game. No options menu, no nothing, you can't do anything but start a game. Everything is pretty good other than the flaws. The game runs very smoothly as well.

Game play: 7
Controls: 8
Sound: 8
Graphics: 6
Story: 3
Replay Value: 0
Overall: 5

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/06/05

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