PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File07/08/06ArtVeryFly58K
100% Complete Cars 24/24 All Completly TRICKED OUT
Save Game File04/08/05Bakuryuuha62961K
100% Complete. Enjoy!
Save Game File07/10/05turknettsj58K
100% completion. 24/24 cars. new customizations
Save Game File04/19/05Roronoa_172358K
4/4 boss cars, 20 stock cars, everything else 100%
Save Game File03/26/05ViperYourMother59K
69% Done - All Basic and Pro, All but last Nitrous Run done. 10 cars, all level 3 upgrades
Save Game File03/31/05Skyline9558K
75% done - 19 cars, quick play battle completed, novice and pro completed, master has 64% done, car spec has 2% done, all parts except the bonus drivetrain part, rank is extreme
Save Game File04/08/05gigablade77308K
94% Complete, 20/20 standard cars, 3/4 Boss Cars, 100% Quick Play Battles complete, 100% Novice & Pro & Master Circuit Races, 70% Car Spec races.
Save Game File09/13/06Oak_Chair58K
About 50% done, All upgrades, few bonus parts...Noobalator
Save Game File02/03/06klausbaudelaire58K
All Bronzes, Silvers and Golds on everything. (All Quick Play Battles, All the Circuit Races including Car Spec) 24/24 Cars Unlocked, with Max Visuals And All Parts Unlocked. NFS Master Rank Achieved. Total Medals = 288
Save Game File08/26/12martin122658K
Game almost complete. Only a few races left in the Car Spec series. All cars unlocked.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File08/11/05Marshy58K
100% Enjoy!!!

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File04/12/06lesmagorda58K
100%, all cars, all boss cars, all tracks, cars tuned like some countries' flags
Save Game File04/11/06lesmagorda58K
23/24 cars (gt king's boss car remaining) cars tuned like some countries' flags, all performance and visual parts, all tracks, 98% (four races remaining) if i finish the last four races, i'll submit another game save.
Save Game File08/01/06tadger200558K
24/24 Cars Acquired, 4/4 Boss Cars Acquired All Gold Medals Acquired, all performance upgrades equipped on every car, NOT visually modified which allows visual customisation immdiately and easily
Save Game File04/10/07norness61K
99% every track completed, all events except for four, all cars

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