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"Gran Turismo 4 in your pocket, but missing a key feature."


Gran Turismo PSP: We've all been waiting for it since it was announced in the Stone Ages, and now it's finally hit our portables.

The question most people will be asking is: How will it stand up against the console versions?

The simple answer is: Very well.

The game can be summarised as being exactly like Gran Turismo 4 in terms of gameplay and graphics (believe it or not). It misses one big feature though. The Gran Turismo mode.

There isn't much to say apart from praise for the game itself, but it doesn't feel complete without the main mode of past GT games.


The game is basically just an expanded Arcade Mode with the addition of earning Cr. to buy various cars. There is also a drift mode where you try and get points for long drifts, as well a Challenge mode where you perform 'license test' style missions. It lacks the tuning mode of past Gran Turismo games.

SOUND and GFX: 9/10

Looks exactly like the PS2 Gran Turismo games, and the car sounds are replicated as such. The car models are very good looking, with not block-like polygons here and there. The models look as if they are actually solid cars, unlike games such as Ridge Racer where the car models look hollow. The textures are impeccable. Stunning views in full 60fps goodness, but the lack of PSP hardware anti-aliasing does cause problems.

Unusual music, but you can use your own .mp3's after completing Challenge Mode - D.


The controls in this game are easy to pick up, but I feel that the default controls will be slightly unusual for seasoned GT fans. I personally preferred to have the shoulder buttons as the shift buttons, which are slightly different from default.
Before the game was released, I was slightly unimpressed that the game would not have analog acceleration and braking controls. This doesn't really affect the game at all! It runs very well, and more powerful cars will need at least one level of traction control.


The game is easy to pick up and play, even if you have never touched a GT or even any PSP game before. There are many difficulties ranging from D to S (Easy to Hard).


There are many challenges waiting for you in this game. With over 800 cars to collect, with around 70+ tracks, you can play over and over with different cars to even compare performances. The only drawback is that you may become bored after a while of the game. But it is still worth a 'pick up and play' session once in a while.


I would have loved to give the game a 9 or 10, but I feel that with the minor flaws (and the major disappearance of GT Mode), this game rightfully earns an eight rating. Easily recommended to anyone, even those who have never played a racing game.

Earns it's place as #1 racer on the PSP.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/12/09

Game Release: Gran Turismo (US, 10/01/09)

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