Review by V A S H

Reviewed: 03/28/05

I play my Snake with 4000 ATTACK AND 3000 DEFENSE!

Well, the PSP finally launched and we get a few good launch titles. One of the more anticipated ones was Metal Gear Ac!d, and it may surprise you in a good way or a bad way.

The story has nothing to do with the previous Metal Gears. You're Snake and your job is to help find "Pythagoras" to prevent several flights from being blown up. There are a few surprising plot twists that had me going for some more, but if you're used to the usual MGS writing, then you'll be disappointed. Each part of the story is presented with "cut-scenes" of dialogue and illustrated avatars with its respective character. There is no voice-acting. It's still not THAT bad.

Recycled tunes with the usual Metal Gear feel to it. Nothing really special, and it sometimes does get on your nerves.

Really good, considering this is a launch game for the PSP. Things look crisp and really nice on the thing, but at times there are some slowdowns which is surprising since we're not doing much on the screen. At times, you see MGS1, 2, and 3 characters who make a few cameos. When you use the cards, you can view this special "sequence" they have where it shows clips from the MGS1/2/3 games, which looks pretty nice for the MGS2/3 cards.

Now here is where you'll either love the game or hate it. Instead of the typical tactical espionage action, you have tactical espionage action WITH CARDS! You use the cards that you have as either movement cards or you actually use the cards' effects. Some card effects include guns to attack, healing, "summoning" characters to attack, equipping things to yourself that let you do certain things such as evading or counter-attack, and cards that supplement you. You can use at least two cards per turn and a maximum of four cards per turn. Each move you make uses up a certain amount of cost. Cost determines how long it is until your next turn. You move on a grid-style map and you have certain mission objectives you have to clear. How well you do merits certain points and bonus cards that you can use to buy various packs, and eventually you can buy singles. There are also various packs throughout stages you go through. You can even backtrack to stages to do better on them, or get more points or get something you missed. It's a very interesting thing to see. Think of it as Front Mission/FFT meets cards, basically.

You'll either love it or hate it. At times, some thinking must be done to get through parts of the game. When your strategy DOES work, it's VERY satisfying. Other times, you may get bored of the game and want to throw it down. As for me, I found myself frustrated, but I continued to play and could not stop. It's a very interesting game and it does have its high points, as well as its low points.


For me, it was a definite buy. If you're getting this thinking it'll treat you the same way the MG/S games have treated you, then you'll be disappointed. However, if you come in open-minded, this game will be a treat for you. Be sure to pick this game up when you have the chance or you'll miss out a great, innovative game from the Metal Gear series.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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