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"This game is a great port for all ages!"

Ape Escape: On the loose is basically a perfect port of Ape Escape for the PS1 which was released in 1998. This game is almost exact except for some tweaked graphics and minor control issues. I hope you enjoy my first review!

Story 8/10
This game has a really, really, awesome story. It may be somewhat juvenile, but I loved it, and I think ages all around can appreciate it. It goes like this:
Spike (the main character) and Jake (Spike's best friend and rival) were racing each other down a path to the Professor's lab.

When they arrive, they saw something that they definitely did not expect to see. They saw the Professor, and his granddaughter (Natalie) tied up and countless monkeys causing chaos in the lab. These monkeys are all wearing helmets which increase their intelligence. Among the monkey's, stands a much more noticeable white furred monkey, who is wearing a slightly different helmet which is much more advanced than the other's, who later becomes known as Specter. Specter and the other monkeys jump into a time machine that the professor had just finished and went back into time.

The professor explains later that if they don't do something about this, these mischievous monkeys, they could change that course of history permanently. So, the professor sends Spike, a 4th grader (WTF?), back into time as well to capture all of the monkeys and restore the present to the way it should be. So, you take control of Spike, using the Time Net, and numerous other gadgets to capture all of the monkeys and bring them back to the present. AWESOME STORY RIGHT?!?! You know it! And that's just the half of it.

Graphics 10/10
These graphics are amazing, not because of the texturing, and character models, but because it is just the same as the PS1 graphics. Which is a good thing too, trust me. If these graphics were altered, it would just take a lot of the fun and... happiness out of the game. This game has some of the most vibrant colors I've ever seen. When I first played this game, I went "woah".

The graphics in this game are absolutely perfect just the way they are and I'm very glad that they are no different from the original other than a few touch ups. Trust me, the PSP can produce much better graphics than this, but I wouldn't want them any better. It would take the "innocence" out of it. When I say 10/10, I don't mean that these graphics are perfect when compared to other games, I mean they are perfect for this game, and this game only.

Sound 9/10
The sound effects in this game fits right in with everything that goes on. When you get attacked, that "boinging" sound fits right in. When you capture a monkey, the congratulatory sound is great. I love the sound the monkeys when they spot you as well.

The music is great too, The right music plays at the right time, once again, it just fits right in there perfectly.

The voice effects in this game are very good. They may sound a little computerized, but I believe that's how they are meant to sound, and I'm glad that they do sound that way. The only problem is, that I've noticed that a few times during the game, a character model's mouth might move for a second or two longer than the voice does. It sort of overshoots a little bit, and that's basically the only reason I didn't give it a 10.

Gameplay/Controls 7/10
The controls are the biggest downfall of the game sadly. Don't get me wrong, the controls are great if you are new to the series, but if you've played some of the console versions, it may take a while to get used to them. I really miss that second analog stick for precision. There were numerous times in which I would be right next to a monkey, and would miss him because by the time I brought the analog stick over to that way, he would get back up and run off. I found myself after getting adjusted to the controls, spinning my analog stick with the net out in the general direction that the monkey is at in hopes of hitting him.

The gameplay is great, and it has a lot of longevity to it. Once you think you've beaten the game 100%, caught all the monkeys and specter coins (medallions that unlock mini-games) you then have to do a time trial for each course. My one problem with the time trials, is that while you're watching the 2-3 second long cutscene, of capturing the monkey, the clock is still ticking at a regular speed. Which ticked me off a lot because I would always miss first place by about 5 seconds, 5 seconds which were wasted watching a monkey being caught in slow-mo, or a door opening, or an activation of a bridge. They either should've slowed down the timer, or stopped it. Or and even better idea, just cut out the cutscene all together so you can just pick right up and go instead of getting "re-organized" again. If you're looking to just beat the game and be done with it, you could probably do it in a couple hours, maybe 3 or 4.

If you're looking to beat it 100%, it could take about a week if you're playing around life's daily activities. Because, I don't know about you guys, but I only have about an hour or two a day to play this, and in that time, I may only get a few gold medals on the time trials.

Replay 8/10
I wouldn't think that someone would want to pick up this game right away again and start playing it instantly, but maybe a couple months later or a year then you might want to. I love this game, but honestly, it's one of those type of games where you want to beat it and move on. But years down the road, I could still see myself popping this UMD into my PSP.

Overall (not average) 8/10
I love this game, and I always will, and I look forward to upcoming Ape Escapes

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/07/05

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