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"Not only is it the best racing game for the PSP, but it has the best graphics of any other launch title."

Wipeout Pure Game Review

Without a doubt, Wipeout is the best looking PSP launch game. Not only are the models, textures, and details extremely high, but the style and look of everything is great as well. For a racing game this may start out pretty slow, but it gets fast really quick and you had better be on the edge of your seat to keep up!


Wipeout is the best racing game thus far on the PSP. While it will not appeal to the fans of more realistic racing sims, anyone who loves to sit down and run through a race track at blinding fast speeds will have a hell of a time.

When you first start Wipeout you will only have a limited number of options in Single Player. Only two classes are available at the beginning, and only one league type within those. The idea is that you have to prove yourself from the bottom up, and trust me it is not as offending as it may seem.

Controlling your vehicle in Wipeout take a little getting used to at first, but you'll get the hang of it in no time and be wiping the floor with the other contenders of the lower classes and leagues. While the Analog Nub can be used, it is better to stick with the D-Pad for the tight turns you will be making. The L and R buttons control airbrakes installed on your vehicle, and are crucial to executing sharp turns. You will learn to use these as you go through the races as it is not a wise idea to let up on the acceleration. The trick is to maintain thrust and speed while still making it around the forty-five and ninety degree turns you may come across.

Single races are a great way of getting into the groove of Wipeout's competition, and after three or four of these you will be ready to take on the tournaments. Winning tournaments will unlock new classes and leagues to compete in, and they get faster and harder the higher up you go.

While the standard Time Trial Mode in included, one really fun mode in Wipeout is the Zone Mode. Here you start out at the standard speed of all craft in the lowest class, but the longer you run the track the faster and faster your vehicle moves! Essentially you go as long as you can before your ship exploded from getting beat on the walls too much.

Did I forget to mention that? Not only are the races in Wipeout fast and exhilarating, but there is the added layer of weapons and powerups you can pick up along the way to use to your advantage or disadvantage. It is very satisfying to be stuck in second place, close the finish, run over an item panel, and get a speed booster that throws you ahead for the gold medal.

These item panels are located in strategic positions along with speed panels. All you need to do is run over one of them and you'll either get a boost in speed, or you will get a random item to use.

All items take energy, and in turn take away more energy from those you hit with them. These include shields, boosters, missiles, and mines. If you find you're running low on power, you can absorb an item you picked up to increase your vehicle's power and stay that much farther away from destruction.


There's a lot to do in Wipeout. Classes, leagues, vehicles, new tracks, Zone Mode, there is just a lot to do and in a lot of different combinations. The fun gameplay will have you coming back again and again to try out something new.

Aside from the numerous classes and leagues you can unlock, there is also the outstanding multiplayer component as well as future downloads via infrastructure mode. Whether or not this will make online play available is to be seen, but many exciting things can be expected from this added component.

GRAPHICS - 10/10

They're stylish, highly detailed, and they just make you smile. The PSP's graphical capabilities are really shown off in Wipeout. You'll be playing through a variety of well designed and breathtaking areas such as standard racing tracks, cities, and they are all sharp and clear. Also to notice are some weather effects like rain that make drops on the PSP's screen as you move along.

SOUND - 9/10

The music is great, and really upbeat. Perfect for the sci-fi racing theme of Wipeout. The sound effects from the vehicle's thrust, weapons fire, explosions, and scraping along the wall are all clear and really give you the feel that you're in one of these races.

OVERALL - 9/10

Wipeout is a must have title for the PSP. If only to show off the graphics of the handheld, owning this game is a trip of its own. The races are thrilling, and mix-in of high speed combat adds a whole new layer to its already great formula.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/28/05

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