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"An Amazing Exhibition of Speed and Style"

First of all, let me tell you that I've never played a WipEout game before this one. Now I'm hooked. At first, I found the machines difficult to control, and I thought the game was much too tough. After about half an hour I realised that that's why this game is great. Its got an amazing sense of speed, especially when you make it into the faster racing classes. I'll now break down the game so this review is easier on the eyes :)

Graphics: Absolutely stunning. These look better than PS2 graphics, and the flow rate is extremely smooth. Even when your tearing up the course with road melting weapons, the game doesn't slow down one bit. People will be amazed when they see you playing this, whether it is on the bus, at school, or at work. And its not all about actual animation, its also the style of which its presented. The ships look stylish and cool on their own, and when you add in the futuristic look and feel of the courses you'll be racing on, its pure gold. 9/10

Game Play: Without weapons, this would just be another ho-hum futuristic racer, but with all the missiles, bombs, mines and power ups, it's a blast. Tell me the targeting the craft in front of you with a missile just before he crosses the finish line, or speeding in front of your opponent and dropping a bomb or some mines and destroying his machine isn't fun. You'll simply love this game, no doubt about it.

After you're finished with the regular racing, try your hand at Zone mode, where it's just you and the track, and your race craft is moving ever faster until you explode. Or maybe you'd prefer to race against the clock in time trial mode. There's also a mode called Free Play, where its just you and the track for as long as you want, which is great for when you just want to hone your skills before you take on the next class of racing. 9/10

Overall: This game looks great, feels great, and is great. With the promise of new downloadable features like skins, race crafts and tracks, it can only get better. Also, there is a way to hack the games included browser that is used to download said features, to work as a regular Internet browser. However, I have not been able to try this yet because as of the time of writing I have no wireless Internet. So, in conclusion, this game rocks. If you're a fan of racing and own a PSP, you need this. 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/28/05

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