Review by zhanghecuz

Reviewed: 08/01/05

A Futuristic Masterpiece


Wipeout Pure is a futuristic racing game in which hovering vehicles race along narrow tracks at ludicrous speeds. To be honest I am not even a huge fan of racing games but Wipeout is just an amazing game in all aspects. I honestly don’t think I could have made a better choice for my first PSP game.


The game has some very nice visuals, the tracks look spectacular and you can tell that the developers put a lot of time and effort into making everything that went into this game. The crafts all look great and each has a very distinct futuristic look with nice texturing and color. The game is very bright and looks fantastic on the PSP’s screen, you would be hard pressed to find a much better looking game.



Again I was surprised here, I don’t like techno, which is what the soundtrack is exclusively composed of, yet it fits SO well with the game, that I found myself thoroughly enjoying the music. The sound effects are great, from the scream of the engines to the sound the speed boost pads make, everything sounds great and fits the game perfectly. I honestly don’t think there is a better sounding game on the PSP and I find it easy to say that this game is a real treat for the ears especially if used with high quality headphones.



The game plays as well as it looks and sounds, the controls are tight and responsive using either the D-pad or the analogue nub. The core of the game is of course racing and this game does it well. There are several modes in which you can compete, single race, tournament, time trial, zone, and multi player. Single race is just that you pick a ship and a track and you go race for the gold medal. Tournament is just a series of races in which you get various amounts of points depending on how you place, and the person with the most points at the end wins the tournament. Time trial has you racing against the clock trying to beat set times to get medals. Finally there is zone mode which is defiantly the most original mode in the game. Here you go around one of four tracks while your speed steadily increases, the objective is to last as long as possible while not blowing up from colliding with the walls. This is a great concept and works very well, defiantly a great addition to an already great game. I don't know anyone else with a PSP and Wipeout so I have yet to try multiplayer. The racing is fairly standard except for the speed which requires fairly good reflexes and at later levels pretty much requires that you have the track memorized. I found that this game got quite hard by the fourth league, but there is something about the game that just makes you want to keep playing it, saying to yourself “just one more try”.



The hover vehicles are all well done and there is a large degree of difference between the craft so no two feel the same. You can race with just one craft and get good at using it but it is much more beneficial to get good with three or four of them because some tracks are much easier with a fast craft while others require extreme turning.



One word, breathtaking, they are by far the most gorgeous and fun tracks I have ever seen in a racing game. The developers really took their time to make each and every tack feel alive and very different from the others. From the awe inspiring views in Sol 2 to the jaw dropping indoor environments in Ubermall all of the tracks look and play great.



I must say that I have never had so much fun with a racing game and I think this game has an incredible amount of content. There is something like 160 gold medals to win and getting all of them would take in excess of 30 hours, I have 89 and I have been playing for 17 hours. So if the question is rent or buy, I say buy, I don’t think there is a better game out for the PSP at this point.



This is currently my favorite game for the PSP and has been since I bought it at launch, an absolutely fabulous game with very few flaws most of which are so minor that they don’t even matter. Wipeout is a great game that I would recommend to anyone who likes racing games and even to those who usually don’t.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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