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"A great futuristic racing game!"

Hi, this is my third review I'm making now, and it's the second one for the PSP (Metal Gear Acid was the first one for the PSP). Today I'm reviewing a great racing game on the PSP called... Wipeout Pure! It's a futuristic anti-gravity ship racing game, somewhat like F-Zero. It is a long game that might take days or months to complete it. It is slow and easy at first, but when you progress more the game gets faster, intense and harder. But now, let's review it's points.

Story - It is a racing game, meaning it has no story at all, but if you like racing games and/or don't mind the story part, don't let this get you away from it. And since it has no story, I won't even rate it...

Gameplay - This is the main jewel on the game! It is just so fun that it gets hard to explain! But I'll explain it just fine, don't worry. You have Single Player (for solo playing) and multiplayer (for playing with other people's PSP's). On Single Player, you have 4 modes. They are Single Race (you select a ship, then a course and play a race agaisn't the computer), Tournament (you choose a set of tracks, ship, and play each race and try to make it in the top 3 to win the tournament plus a medal), Time Trial (as the name suggests, you race agaisn't the clock), Free Run (the name describes the mode pretty much), and to finish, Zone (you can only choose a course on this one, the ship is a default one, and it is probably the fastest in the game). Now, I would love to say something about multiplayer, but I haven't and won't be given the chance to play it, since I don't know anyone with PSPs... But I have more to tell you about Single Player. There's the medal system. Each time you win a race/tournament (you don't win any medals on Free Run mode), you get a medal. There's 3 types of medals, bronze, silver, and gold. I think that, in my opinion, you won't get anywhere without getting a gold medal on every race. And to finish, there's the controls. They were well put, I assure you won't have any problems winning because of the controls. - 10/10

Graphics - The graphics are just... perfect... amazing! There's a lot of words out there that can describe how good the graphics are! They're simply great for a handheld console! They are one of the best out there, but from the games that I have, Metal Gear Acid has the best graphics. - 8/10

Sound - This turned me down a bit... The weapons attacks and blow ups and everything is great, but the music sucks... I really didn't like it a lot... Probably not the best they could put on a game... - 7/10

Play Time/Replayability - The game lasts for very long, you have a lot of medals to collect (around 170 I think) and you can try and make a good racing time record. Replayability isn't the best on my opinion, I only like to play racing games once, then I throw them aside and leave them in the dust. - 9/10

Final Recommendation - Buy it! Don't even bother renting it! Trust me, you will like it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/09/05

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