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"Nothing pure about this game"

First off, this review is for those who were never a fan of wipe out or futuristic racing game series. This game is your typical futuristic racing game with a few things added to it. A lot of different cool colorful looking tracks with a nice polished look and feel to them. If you're a fan of the wipe out series then you'll most likely love this game. And if your not a fan, will this game turn you into one? The answer is in the next few paragraphs.

Gameplay (5\10)
One word describes the gameplay. And that word is frustrating. I can see how most people would like this game because of the look, speed and feel to it, but what is the point of playing this game if you cant even go 3 seconds without bumping into the wall as well as completely putting your race car to a stop. What happened to using breaks? Well there aren't any breaks.. Theres really nothing much you can do but keep bumping into the walls and suck it up. For me it was enough to not want to complete the game nor ever pick up the game again. There are other perks like you're able to shoot missles, use shields and a boost feature but the missles are too far in between and and the boost is very fast and cool but the only downside to that is that if you use a boost you'll definitely run into wall and not enjoy the full speed of the boost feature. The games normal speed is actually very slow, you need to hover your craft arrow on the track to make your craft go faster and then hover over another arrow to go even faster and so on, but you'll end up crashing after the first arrow.

Graphics/Sound (8/10)
When it comes to graphics and sound this game is definitely up to par with the PSP standard. The visual and feel is what keeps you playing through this game and not the missile launching or speed. But after a bumping into wall after wall and not experiencing the rush that this game could have delivered, you realize the graphics cant hold you for that much longer..

Play time/replayability: (5/10)
After the pretty graphics and cool level design of gameplay time, I eventually completely stopped playing this game and don't plan on going back. The multiplayer could be fun, but again the frustration of not having any type of good break or power-sliding system intact makes this game only a few hours of solid gameplay and most likely you'll hope someone would buy it this game off you.

Final recommendation:
My final recommendation is to definitely rent this game before you buy it, especially if your not a fan. I prefer extreme G or F-Zero or even Mario kart any day over this game. You'll find it hard to enjoy this game because of the fact that you'll keep stopping and bumping into walls while turning around corners which will eventually make you put down the game for good. One thing for sure is that this game will not turn you into fan by no stretch of the imagination. Most of the time you're a racing alone and it can get quite boring at times. You only use your missiles a few times during each race but nothing really makes the game worth playing. If your looking for a racer game for your psp you're better off getting any car racing game rather then this game. This game had a lot of potential to be lots of fun but you'll seen realize that you wish you can go through a whole track without crashing but that's close to impossible.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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